What Is Ignite?


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What Is Ignite?

  1. 1. What isIgnite? Raven Zachary
  2. 2. The format• If you had five minutes on stage what would you say?• A broad range of topics• 20 slides / 15 seconds / 5 minutes• The train has left the station...
  3. 3. Audience participation• This is your show! Speakers are here to entertain and inform.• Clap, laugh, yell, boo...but no Q&A• Be respectful of speakers - no side conversations, talk to them during breaks• If you don’t like what you hear, go to the lobby
  4. 4. Show of hands • First Ignite? • All three Ignite Portland events? • Ignite Portland speaker?
  5. 5. History• Founded by Brady Forrest @ O’Reilly Media• Started with Ignite Seattle• Boston, Paris, Portland, Philadelphia, Helsinki, etc.• ignite.oreilly.com
  6. 6. We heard from you... • Ticketing system (for 500) • Efficient line, registration buh-bye! • Less intro talk • More bartenders
  7. 7. Badges
  8. 8. Agenda• 7pm: Presentation Wave I• 7:45pm: Break and Networking• 8:10pm: Door Prizes• 8:15pm: Presentation Wave II• 8:50pm: Break and Networking (minors must leave at 9pm, OLCC regulation)• 9:30pm: Go Home (or go to the party)
  9. 9. Tonight’s topicsCheap cars, carbon offsets,social brains, cranes, boilingwater, noodles, fear, robots,ecolabels, startups, trash,freight trains, making videos!
  10. 10. Sponsorships• Free events require sponsorship• Great sponsors, thank you!• Talk to Todd or Raven about sponsoring future events
  11. 11. Legion of Tech• Oregon non-profit dedicated to growing and nurturing the Portland tech community• Event production• Dawn Foster, Raven Zachary, Todd Kenefsky, Audrey Eschright, Adam Duvander, Selena Deckelmann, Justin Kistner, Paul Biggs, Josh Bancroft• legionoftech.org
  12. 12. The events• Ignite Portland (roughly quarterly)• BarCamp Portland (annually)• Startupalooza (annually)• Legion of Talk (whenever)• LoT Happy Hour (monthly)
  13. 13. Bagdad Theater • We love our venue!• Treat with respect • Food and drinks in the lobby
  14. 14. If there is a fire...• Do not block the walkways, no sitting in the aisles - seats first, then standing along the sides• Do not duck and cover!• Walk, don’t run to an E X I T sign• Beer will aid in escape (but not too much)
  15. 15. Thank you!• Sponsors• Staff and volunteers• Speakers• Igal Koshevoy @ AutomateIt.org
  16. 16. Tagging • Encourage photos and videos • Flickr,YouTube, etc. • Tag: igniteportland • Thank you, A.J. (a.k.a. Linuxaid)
  17. 17. Be a speaker!• Start thinking about topics to present• Stay tuned for announcement on Ignite Portland 4• Thanks to everyone for submitting this time - 51 great ideas, only had room for 13• If you’ve spoken before, sit out two events
  18. 18. Feedback• We want to hear from you!• What can we do better next time?• Post reply to wrap-up blog entry soon on www.igniteportland.com
  19. 19. Twitter:igniteportland www.igniteportland.com