How to Buy a Car for Under $1000
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How to Buy a Car for Under $1000






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  • Nice information. Very well organized and pretty insightful tips.

    I would however never try Craigslist. Since their popularity started to grow, spam is rampant over there. Also, you'll have a hard time elucidating which vehicles are really good and which ones aren't.

    I always recommend for this to attend either repo or government car auctions. These are much safer marketplaces to buy a used car, and you can check all potential vehicles at the same place.

    Here's some info on bank repossessed cars for sale

    and tips specifically on repossessed car auctions .

    Thanks for sharing and hope this is useful too.
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  • Bravaso ... buenas cañas ... !!!
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  • Very useful info and tips! tnx
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How to Buy a Car for Under $1000 How to Buy a Car for Under $1000 Presentation Transcript

  • How to buy a car for under $1,000 By: @KevinFox
  • Now you can spend $1k on...
  • ... for today's purposes “People often overlook some of the best features that a vehicle has to offer merely because it looks different than the most popular cars on the road,” - Mark Simmons, purchasing manager for CarMax.
  • You may be thinking.... No way can I get something decent....
  • But you are wrong! Of course decent is relative, we are talking $1,000 or less here...
  • A word on New Vs. Used ● Depreciation ● Costs ● Warranty ● Condition ● Insurance ● History ● Reliability ● At the end of the day...
  • Let's get to it ● Getting Started – (go local!) ● ● search by price (aim high, you can bargain!) – Ebay is less helpful for cheaper cars but worth a look sometimes
  • Sorting through it all ● What to look for – Minivans (not just for soccer moms... for realz) – Compacts (with gas prices these just make sense) – Boxy Cars (cars do not have to look like jelly beans) ● What not to Look For – Exotic Foreign Cars (especially with high mileage) – Anything Broke down (the car has to run, no rollers) – Stay away from dealerships (umm ya....)
  • Look for keywords... ● easy project car = completely disassembled, bring many boxes ● only 59,000 miles = actually 359,000 miles ● rare model = one of 500,000 made ● must sell = before law finds seller ● only driven Sundays = Sunday is race day ● trans. rebuilt = fine sawdust used to make it quiet ● family owned = driven by 6 teenagers
  • Apply the Rules ● Search local, by price – Check Mailing lists / Forums ● Do not ever pay over $1,000 – Good tags for a while a plus! – Do not leave a deposit ● Car must run w/o need for maintenance ● Stay away from dealerships ● Always arrange a test drive and buy during day – Loud knock from the engine is bad thing
  • I Did... ● 1989 Plymouth Voyager SE – $700 – Good tags – Runs Great – 218k Miles
  • It has been great ● Road trip to Reno AND back – Now has 232k ● Good gas mileage ● Cheap Insurance ● 12 second quarter mile? ● People love a family man...
  • What is out there now ● Always lots to choose from on Portland Craigslist – 1991 Chevrolet Blazer S-10, 4.3L V-6, 4x4 - $550 – 1989 Chevy Astro Van - reduced price - $800 – 1988 LeBaron Coupe - $900 – 1991 VW Jetta - $850 ● I even found a few gems when I visited Tulsa... – 1990 Chevy Astro Van w/ TV and A/C - $1000 – 1993 Mazda 929 - $800
  • Example #1 ● An example of a good boxy car ● The 4.3L V6 is a good, reliable motor (same as Astro Van) ● Some actual maintenance records are posted ● Easy to contact ●
  • Example #2 ● The Vans... – Voyager/Caravan – Astro Van/Safari (AWD) – Windstar – Conversion Vans
  • Example #3 ● True American luxury people ● $900 w/ new tires and turbo motor!! ● ● Found this on a list.... definite plus
  • Example #4 ● $850 Jetta ● Tags good till 09 ● Decent tires ● 35mpg+ ● Would also suggest – Volvo – Mercedes Diesel – Porsche?
  • What I like... ● The hunt ● Good People / Stories ● 4x4 or AWD for the mountain ● Lots of leg room ● A/C for the summer... or convertible ● Cop Car ● Possible Veggie Oil conversion
  • Resources out there... ● Mailing Lists – NW-SDAC ● For enthusiasts of Dodge vehicles inspired by Carol Shelby – Check Google for your favorite brand/car ● Lots of online communities out there to help ● Forums – Volvo ● IPD Website ●
  • The End...