Emergence in Business by Kevin Tate
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Emergence in Business by Kevin Tate






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  • Hi – KT from SCG Going to talk about Emergence. Emergence is one of main ideas of Complexity Theory, which I Got into a few years ago, and it changed how I look at the world.

Emergence in Business by Kevin Tate Emergence in Business by Kevin Tate Presentation Transcript

  • Emergence In Business Kevin Tate StepChange [email_address]
  • Me != Scientist Photo from Cleverdomain.org
  • Complexity Theory in 30 seconds or less Geometry Chaos Theory Photos from IMDB, Wikipedia With the right equations and enough time, we can describe anything! Never mind – if that butterfly flaps his wings, we’ll all be eaten by dinosaurs.
  • Complexity Theory Mold of an ant colony! Photos from IMDB, Wikipedia Hmm…in some types of complex environments , structures, behaviors and properties seem to emerge , even though there’s no blueprint, for individual agents to follow
  • Emergence in Nature Photos from Wikipedia Individual agents self-organizing in an environment to form complex behaviors . Shape of a Hurricane Termite Mounds
  • Emergence in Society Photos from Wikipedia, vanenschot.com Individual agents self-organizing in an environment to form complex behaviors .
  • Emergence in Communities Pictures from seekingalpha.com, prblog.com Agents = People Environments = Markets Social Networks Games Workplaces Emergent Behaviors = Working Together Buying Things Contributing Emergent Properties = Fun Popular Successful Productive
  • An Emergent View of Enterprise Productivity: Collaboration
    • Personal Productivity (1990)
    Document Creation Group Productivity (2000) Linear Workflow Social Productivity (2008) Co-Creation & Collaboration
  • In companies, new “non-linear” behaviors are emerging … Blogs Wikis IM RSS Forums Docs 1 2 3 4
  • … and one of the important emergent properties is that of roles (aka Agent Profiles) CONNECTOR SEEKER INFLUENCER EXPERT (Maven) Blogs Wikis IM RSS Forums Docs
  • … and the most valuable emergent outcome is High Productivity
    • Faster Product Development
    • More Efficient Operations
    • Better Customer Service
    What will be the equivalent of “Six Sigma” for emergent enterprise Productivity Systems?
  • An Emergent View of Consumer Markets
  • Emergent Market Adoption Models: Virality
  • Emergent success requires a different approach to Market Engagement
    • Acquisition
    • Conversion
    • Retention
    1 2 3 THEN NOW Product Iteration Market Dialogue Customer Evangelism Viral Growth
  • … hence the rise of the Online Beta to kick-start viral market success… >200 Betas launched per month in ’07 ! Product Managers Development Teams Marketing Teams Tech Support New Markets Target Customers Early Adopters Evangelists
  • … and new approaches to designing games and communities…
    • Online gamers are a another type of self-organizing agents
    • Emergent properties of game environments:
      • Fun
      • Challenging
      • Cooperative
      • Competitive
  • … and new marketing systems built specifically for viral adoption…
  • … and the largest environment for self-organizing , online agents (so far)
    • 225K new users/day, doubling every 6 months
    • Over 50% of users return every day
    • ~60 billion pgviews/day (#6 most-visited site)
    • FB Photos more popular than other all photo sites combined
    • FB Events is roughly 3x as popular as Evite
    Stats from “Graphing Social Media” conference and O’Reilly
  • So that’s Emergence… Individual agents self-organizing in an environment to form complex behaviors .
  • And if you’re interested in learning more… [email_address]