03 Jim Ayala: The Universe Story


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This talk is about the story of the unfolding universe (13.7 billion years) and how we, as a species, on the Earth (6.7+/- billion years old), are very, very recent arrivals in the "story". Our presence on Earth is the result of billions of years of very specific activities in the cosmos. If this activity had not taken place, in the way that it did, we, and countless other species wouldn't be here; ironically, the "story" is not about US. We play a unique and vital role as part of the natural wonder on this planet. So what is the "story" about? What is our purpose here on Earth? What does it matter that we are literally born out of "star stuff"? How can we relate to this bizarre, seemingly sci-fi story about the cosmos? These and other questions will be answered in this talk. Source information is based on cosmology work done by Brian Swimme, Tomas Berry and others. Because of the talk is so brief, it will be visually humorous, laced with irony and consist of generally mind-blowing information about who we are and how we fit into the Universe Story.

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03 Jim Ayala: The Universe Story

  1. 1. The Universe Story… by Jim Ayala Feb 2009 … or, how in the heck did we get here? Andromeda Galaxy “It is our story, the human story, the life story, the earth story, all wrapped into one sacred whole. “ - Brian Swimme
  2. 2. The story begins. Once upon a time in a place that didn’t exist… … all hell broke loose!
  3. 3. The big bang theory… Accelerating expansion Expanding Universe 1st stars/galaxies are born Hot gas expanding Atomic elements appear Big Bang Pop! Expanding Universe
  4. 4. The big mystery… x! The Universe came from nothing? o ad ar Get over it dude! P
  5. 5. The Hubble telescope Edwin Hubble 1919 The Milky Way was considered the known universe! 1922 Hubble discovers galaxies beyond the Milky way. Bloody hell! Gathers data proving the movement of the galaxies away from each other. The universe expands!
  6. 6. Back to the story… The Sun born within a cloud of gas in a spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy Cloud of gas and debris swirling around new star
  7. 7. Our solar system is born! Completed without email or text messaging!
  8. 8. Home!! Portland
  9. 9. Project Universe Present time Deliverables and timelines Universe (still expanding) 13.7 +/- billion years Big Bang Earth 4.7 +/- billion years Humans 200,000 - 300,000 +/- years
  10. 10. OMG! The humans are here! We only just arrived! ng 11:58 ! Ba g Bi 12 1 11 ..we’re here! 2 Look out.. 10 3 9 4 8 5 76
  11. 11. Universe Intelligence A few human micro trivia: - 1 trillion cells in the body - 100 billion brain cells - Nerve cells travel 170 MPH - consists of atoms which are 99% empty space - has overrun the planet Earth - drinks coffee - eats chocolate - sleeps a lot Yale School of Medicine
  12. 12. Universe Intelligence Macro trivia: big gets bigger and weirder Solar System Sun Earth Sun Sirius Pollex Arturo's
  13. 13. The context of our existence: The Big Bang is the birthplace of all natural wonder. Big Bang Humans There’s a thread from the Big Bang to us.
  14. 14. The story continues through us. We emerge from the creative intelligence of the universe As unique, conscious, self aware beings.
  15. 15. We are not the story. We play a unique role in the story,… ...we are the universe looking at itself.
  16. 16. Well… “And, tell me, why should I care? “… In a few centuries, we have changed the planet in its physical structure and in its life functioning on a scale that formerly took hundreds of millions of years.” - Thomas Berry
  17. 17. Endangered Species Poverty Fuel Crisis quot;Any nation that plunders its own resources for economic gain, to War Global Warming the detriment of the larger context of the geological or biological systems of the earth, is endangering all the nations, including itself.quot; -Thomas Berry
  18. 18. We can face any challenge. We have the incredible ability to reinvent ourselves! I change colors, therefore….
  19. 19. The future. We will, and already are, playing a significant role in the next chapters of the Earth story, the human story, our story.
  20. 20. The Universe Story By Jim Ayala jimayala@q.com I am a feather on the bright sky. I am the blue horse that runs the plain. I am the fish that rolls, shining, in the water, I am the shadow that follows a child… I am the hunger of a young wolf. I am the whole dream of things. You see, I am alive, I am alive. - Scott Momaday Native American Poet