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January 2012 News
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January 2012 News


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Our POV on today's news shaping tomorrow's healthcare communication industry.

Our POV on today's news shaping tomorrow's healthcare communication industry.

Published in: Business, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. January 2012
  • 2. What’s the big deal?• The show and its wares were significant for the healthcare industry because: – PC-based offerings like the new “Ultrabook” movement will attempt to compete with Apple’s iPad for “mobile” dominance, opening the space – Increased miniaturization coupled with exponential health app growth will soon make mobile health THE healthcare communications channel – Pharma will have to respond to this trend toward non-localized digital personalization with custom content suitable beyond the point of care
  • 3. What’s the big deal?• The development is vitally important to the healthcare industry because such Search/Social integration: – Is not a question of “if” but “when…?” – changing user behaviors, expectations, and the way Pharma communicates to targets – Will potentially make paid Pharma ads less prominent and intersperse results with information un-authoritative and subjective data – Can make sensitive healthcare and pharma- related conversations glaringly public in ways that preclude Pharma social participation
  • 4. What’s the big deal?• Nonetheless, the fresh FDA guidance is important for the healthcare industry because: – For the first time provides exact direction on how to safely handle off-label information comments online about pharma products – Although not specifically designed for social media per se, the guidance makes pharma participation in the social space easier and less risky – The document might be a harbinger for guidance addressing a safe and digitally efficient way to
  • 5. What’s the big deal?• Disruption to WebMD is important to for the healthcae industry because this double-shocker reveals: – Competition is closing in on their once monopolistic content syndication model – Pharma is less willing to pay premium as large content platforms fragment and social channels become more prevalent and important – Mobile health is exploding to the point physicians and doctors start relying on health apps more than large unwieldy websites
  • 6. What’s the big deal?• SOPA is important to keep an eye on for the healthcare industry because the legislation in its current form could: – Give government unprecedented control of content creation and distribution – Restrictively redefine proprietary content in ways that could significantly preclude sharing (e.g., much of YouTube could go dark) – Add further restrictions to an already over- regulated pharmaceutical communications rule book