Engaging Marketing & Sales to join forces
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Engaging Marketing & Sales to join forces

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Just as every sphere of life constantly changes, the B2B sphere evolves as well, affected by the major trends in Internet, Mobile, Social Network, and Customer Behavior. Moreover to new business......

Just as every sphere of life constantly changes, the B2B sphere evolves as well, affected by the major trends in Internet, Mobile, Social Network, and Customer Behavior. Moreover to new business models for software, B2B marketers realize the importance of content marketing strategies, and invest more and more in online marketing, supporting the complete transfer of B2B into the digital world. In order to stay afloat, B2B sphere has to walk hand in hand with the progress. Forging the common responsibility features we suggest a novelty approach. Blending sales and marketing forces together into a Hybrid model leveraging their performance through only 4 basic steps action plan. Learn how to leverage you company inside Sales REPs into professional Trusted Advisor.

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  • 1. Engaging Marketing & Sales to Join Forces Revital Libfrand, Co-founder Ignite Cloudware
  • 2. Big Bang Theory in the B2B business sphere The B2B business sphere has changed in the last years due to major trends that impacted the way companies are doing business these days. The major trends are: Internet • Business shifts online • Software moves to cloud Mobile • Wireless devices become essential object attached to people along the day Social Networks • Personal: people spend most their time online • Professional: B2B marketers generate new leads through social networks Customer Behavior • Research prior to purchase • Consumers are more demanding and look to get the best value for money 2
  • 3. Impact on Marketing and Sales in B2B sphere • New business models for Software transferring license based to other subscription type models (freemium/premium) • Low CAC (customer acquisition cost) becomes essential As the average deal size is getting lower, the CAC must be justified, new sales & marketing models must be adopted • Marketing is shifting to the digital world o Higher investments in companies websites and apps o Content marketing strategies are adopted by many B2B marketers. 3
  • 4. Impact on Marketing and Sales in B2B sphere • Marketers engage customers through social networks*: o 90% on Facebook, 53% on Twitter, 47% on LinkedIn and 33% on Blogspot o 61% of marketers use social media to increase lead-gen o 41% of B2B use Facebook for generating leads o X2 leads/months using Twitter o 67% more leads/ month using active blog • Sales teams are moving from field sales into inside sales model**: o reduces cost-of-sales by 40-90% relative to field sales o reduces sales force cost-per-contact o increases number of contacts per day o increases response times for customers, increases effectiveness o becomes more flexible o makes coaching and development easier *http://blog.insideview.com **http://blogs.hbr.org/2013/07/the-growing-power-of-inside-sa/ 4
  • 5. Let’s check how those trends impact the scope of responsibilities on sales and marketing positions… 5
  • 6. Sales & Marketing Responsibilities in SaaS B2B Online Marketing- Major responsibilities: Inside Sales- Major responsibilities: - Create brand awareness -Identify sales opportunities within leads - Generate enough leads for Sales - Convert leads into customer How marketing achieve its target? How Sales achieve its target? - Create present in digital channels: website, webinars, blogs, social networks, forum - Initiate sales processes by engaging customers in all virtual ways: chat, phone, social networks, webinars ,etc - Create and Broadcast professional content with informative information about the product and market trends - Have professional knowledge about the product, the market trends and customer’s challenges 6
  • 7. Looks like sales & marketing activities have something in common… don’t they? 7
  • 8. Stop the Traditional Eternal War… Sales Vs Marketing 8
  • 9. Introduce your teams a Hybrid model leveraging marketing and sales performance Join forces Model 9
  • 10. Ready? Set… ACTION PLAN! 10
  • 11. Action Plan Concept Define What? • Our target is to Help our inside Sales REPs to become professional and act as “trusted advisor” with our leads and customers • We have lot of professional content created by our marketing for our leads and customers, let your marketing team work together with your inside sales team to reach the company target Define How? • Marketing assistance to Sales would eventually help marketing achieving their goals- Creating strong professional brand awareness Define why? 11
  • 12. Action Plan Tactics: A simple 4 steps action plan will leverage you company inside Sales REPs into professional trusted advisors: • Step I: Create a professional profile in relevant social networks • Step II: Join relevant professional groups in social networks • Step III: Maintain ongoing relationship in any available media and channel • Step IV: Contribute & Share content with your network 12
  • 13. Step I: Create a professional profile in Social networks • Suggest your Sales REPs which Social networks are the most relevant for them to be active • Create captivating professional profile o Help your Sales REP creating a professional profile that will address the right messages you wish to communicate your leads and customers o Include summary about how can the REPs help their customers, what’s issues and challenges they could solve using the company product and services • Include a decent photo o ensure the profile includes a nice picture of the sales REP 13
  • 14. Step II: Expand your professional network • Map relevant professional groups in Social networks o As part of the marketing plan research, map relevant professional groups that would be relevant for your Sales REP o Analyze group activity and choose in accordance with your sphere of work, or closely related to it • Prepare a list of recommended professional groups for your Sales REPs to join 14
  • 15. Step III: Maintain Ongoing network contacts • Instruct your Sales REPs to leverage & expand their professional social network • Invite every lead/prospect you are in touch with to connect • Propose people you met is a group discussion to join your professional network 15
  • 16. Step IV: Contribute & Share content with your network • Encourage your Sales REP invest 20 minutes per day to review & contribute to professional discussions in the groups • Encourage your sales REP to Post or comment regularly • Update your Sales REP with any new marketing content you created so they would be able to share it with their network • Sustain the image of an active, sharing and involved sales persona, “strike” purposefully 16
  • 17. Outcome of sales and marketing collaboration Professional Sales affects your company brand and assist marketing work with: • contributing to lead nurturing process • spreading content virally • assisting contacts with potential audience • sharing professional information • getting relevant, interesting information • building an active sales team that would eventually become trusted advisor by the customer 17
  • 18. www.ignitecloudware.com +972-72-2116601 revital@ignitecloudware.com Ask me how to build an optimized go-to-market plan for your SaaS business 18