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Impact Mobile Social Media Developing Countries2
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Impact Mobile Social Media Developing Countries2


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presentation on mobile social media projects, starting from social media and evolving to in-depth examples

presentation on mobile social media projects, starting from social media and evolving to in-depth examples

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. the impact of Mobile Social Media in now-emerging countries Inge de Waard
    • 2. The mobile market is expanding in now-emerging countries
    • 3. Everyone is part of the mobile tribe But what are the consequences of this global trend? And what can we learn from each other? Mobile roaming Data per country Bangladesh: 2,5 million mobile users added in Jan 2008
    • 4. Is this the global knowledge revolution?
      • Human history has never before witnessed such a massive global content creation, this is a knowledge revolution boosted by technology .
      • It affects politics, economy, science ...
    • 5. Mobile + Web2.0 offers (informal) learning and per definition intrinsic motivation Informal learning + (personal) content production + community = mobile knowledge exchange Social Media gives everyone the means of production - Harold Jarche Think about the Zone of Proximal Development that was mentioned by Lev Vygotsky to put mobile community learning into a learning theory. Informal learning : definition by Jay Cross Mobile device ≠ 1 user
    • 6. Let’s focus on informal mobile learning projects and initiatives <= scientific cases => What is social media? the start of mobile possibilities
    • 7. What is social media?
    • 8. You write, you learn => the read and write Web
      • co design and co deploy
    • 9. Social Media = Connections
      • Sharing knowledge + sharing contexts + (global) network = benefits of Social Media
      You and your immediate peers Connecting to peers within other (similar) communities You within your global digital peer network
    • 10. Web2.0 = personal & collaborative growth &quot;A single ant or bee isn't smart, but their colonies are. The study of swarm intelligence is providing insights that can help humans manage complex systems, from truck routing to military robots.&quot; National Geographic learning is a process of becoming something (Stephen Downes on How the Net Works ). Wisdom of crowds The world is coming together right now.
    • 11. Basics for social media use
    • 12. Register for (perpetual) beta’s
      • Social Media is subscribing AND remembering username and password
      or use an openID
    • 13. Get your profile out there facebook LinkedIn cv Share bookmarks Wait a minute? THIS IS NOT MOBILE WEB2.0! Give us the REAL stuff! Microblog Twitter A quick subjective list: Use (meta)tags for easy retrieval
    • 14. Mobile social media…. YES!
      • Go open source and all the way:
      • Openmoko the world’s first integrated open source mobile communications platform
      • mobile2.0 messaging: funambol
      • develop your own mobile apps with betavine or
      • or jump into some crowdsourcing and test mobile applications (while even having the chance to earn money)
      • Meet Africa’s social media aggregator Afrigator
    • 15. Voice over IP => VOIP
      • Fring
      • Truphone
      VOIP enables audio learning
    • 16. Exchange txt, pictures, movies
      • http:// / index.htm
      • stream live video from your phone http:// /
      • video and picture community http:// /
      Get your context and knowledge out there for a multimedia learning experience
    • 17. The far end of mobile media
      • Locate friends with location based IM: http:// /
      • make a personal mobile walking tour http://
    • 18. The first mobile changes, knowledge goes global and rural Last_FM
    • 19. Mobile activism
      • Smartmobs Ukraine example
      • for social change
      Connecting for a cause = learning Mobile phones for civil action http:// /
    • 20. Elections brought to you by the voters Frontline sms was used during elections in Africa: Nigeria ( http:// ) and Zimbabwe ( http:// =474 )
    • 21. Consumer power in the Philippines Consumer power: one of the 1st millenium consumer breakthroughs thanks to Philippines txtpower
    • 22. Grain distribution humanized in Niger Impact of mobiles on economic growth and sustainability NYTimes article : Can the cell-phone help end global poverty
    • 23. Citizen’s connect
      • kabissa : space for change in Africa
      Sharing knowledge = learning = providing a better future
    • 24. Ushahidi keeps Kenya informed
    • 25. The real story as it unfolds itself
      • Sousveillance gives citizens the possibility to show what is really going on, a global hub example.
      • Citizen journalism , like CNN Ireport
      Wait a minute! THIS IS NOT MOBILE SOCIAL MEDIA IN SCIENCE! Give us the real treat!
    • 26. Shift in science and knowledge in and with now-emerging countries Africa is producing technology that fits all look at Afrigadget to really start dreaming!
    • 27. Research based on simple data exchange: FAMACHA anaemia The fight against worms
    • 28. analyze before setting up a mobile project Target Group Build on what exists Cost
    • 29. incorporate all the participants Sms Delimiters Sms: 8431,1,3,2,1,3,2,4,2 farmer cattle eye data
    • 30. Assure benefits for all Mobile data connection: great for statistical, rural research!
    • 31. Telemedicine website
    • 32. Be inspired by student centered learning and interactivity Active learning techniques benefit all
    • 33. Provide content which is cross platform A great mobile browser: Opera mini!
    • 34. connect and spread the message Mobile discussion fora: great for peer to peer knowledge exchange! Give those in need the tools to set-up a project
    • 35. eSCART online courses Different media suit different learners’ skills
    • 36. Redesign existing strong projects Javascript Html & CSS
    • 37. Make learning a multi-sensory experience
      • Natural Evolution HIV/AIDS
      Screen capturing (captivate, camtasia) Video editing (final cut, premiere) Audio editing (audicity = free) Asynchronous discussion +
    • 38. Make learning a multi-sensory experience
    • 39. Worldwide initiatives
      • Dgroups http:// /
      • Wireless Africa initiative
    • 40. Brosdi and Celac Busoga (Uganda) Rural open source and development project use Web2.0 tools to disperse information and knowledge. Celac Uganda : collecting and exchange of local agricultural content. Celac provides a blog with advice for rural farmers http:// /
    • 41. Youth connects for the environment Former eastern European countries get connected and act with Eurotope
    • 42. Women’s technology empowerment Women empower women in ICT
    • 43. Voices from Bolivia Web2.0 is giving rural and secluded areas a voice and access to information and knowledge website The importance of narratives
    • 44. This is the global knowledge revolution!
      • Human history has never before witnessed such a massive global content creation, this is a knowledge revolution boosted by technology .
      • It affects politics, economy, science ...
    • 45. Stay on track and up to date the easy way
      • Want to stay informed, keep track of speakers, topics at these conferences: (online conference in July 2008)
      • The first conference looking at web2.0 for development possibilities.
      • mobile projects in development countries
    • 46. My thanks to these Bloggers
      • Nicola Avery
      • Rudy De Waele
      • Juliana from Afromusing
      • Christian Kreutz
      • Ethan Zuckerman
      • Judy Brown
    • 47. Contact me Or connect: email: idewaard@ Blog: linkedIn: Twitter: Presentation: http:// / ignatia Come up to me and shake my hand, I am a friendly human being. Ask me for workshops on mobile learning and implementation, because I work for an educational institution I am cheap (professionally that is  ) .