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  • ----- Meeting Notes (04/02/13 15:11) -----Briefly introduce Abiquo - Aims to fit in any infrastructure----- Meeting Notes (04/02/13 15:41) -----Do not ask for chef
  • ----- Meeting Notes (04/02/13 15:41) -----Ask for Chef
  • ----- Meeting Notes (04/02/13 15:11) -----Nodes in the cloud - What is inside each node?
  • ----- Meeting Notes (04/02/13 15:11) -----Private Chef - Multi-tenancyApi to manage recipes, cookbooks, databags, etc
  • ----- Meeting Notes (04/02/13 15:11) -----Runlist -> Just a list of strings


  • 1. Cooking the cloudManaging configuration with Chef, andHow Abiquo uses it to provision nodes Ignasi Barrera Senior Software Engineer
  • 2. We will talk about… The need for configuration management Quick overview of Chef and its different flavors What the jclouds-chef project is How we can combine it with jclouds How Abiquo integrated Chef inside the platform
  • 3. Configuration management Centralization of the configuration Automation in large infrastructures Ease of maintenance Automatic provisioning
  • 4. How does it look like in Chef Cookbooks  Recipes  Ruby scripts  Templates  Configuration attributes Nodes  Maintain the configuration of each node Databags
  • 5. Pick your favorite flavor  Community Chef (Open source)  Hosted Chef (PaaS, free limited account)  Private Chef (Opscode Chef inside the firewall)ChefContext chefContext = ContextBuilder.newBuilder( “chef|hostedchef|privatechef”) .credentials(client, certificate) .build();chefContext.getApi(); // Returns the typed API
  • 6. The Chef service  Stores bootstrap configuration The configuration is stored in the Chef Server and is accessible for jclouds and the nodesupdateBootstrapConfigForGroup(runlist, config, group);  Generates the bootstrap script The script can be executed with the ComputeServicebootstrap = createBootstrapScriptForGroup(group);compute.runScriptOnNode(id, bootstrap);
  • 7. The Abiquo approach Software provisioning should be a simple process Users should be able to provision and configure software when they need it Each tenant should be able to configure custom software packages
  • 8. Tenant management  Each tenant can configure the access to a custom Chef server  The tenant will be able to manage the cookbooks and recipes in the Chef server
  • 9. Node configuration The list of recipes available in the tenant’s Chef server is presented to the user The user can select which recipes and roles will be applied to the node Supports live configuration!
  • 10. Resources http://www.abiquo.com http://www.opscode.com http://www.jclouds.org
  • 11. Follow us! Me: https://twitter.com/IgnasiBarrera Abiquo: https://twitter.com/abiquo Abiquo Engineering: https://twitter.com/abiquolabs Jclouds: https://twitter.com/jclouds
  • 12. Thank you!