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Nuclear Energy: A Legacy of American Hypocrisy
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Nuclear Energy: A Legacy of American Hypocrisy


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Nearly finished with this work in progress, I am still waiting for certain statistics and maps from certain Native American groups. But even so, the lack of their material in no way detracts from the …

Nearly finished with this work in progress, I am still waiting for certain statistics and maps from certain Native American groups. But even so, the lack of their material in no way detracts from the significance of this work.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Nuclear Energy Native American Genocide a Legacy of American Hypocrisy
  • 2. Boiling Water Using Nuclear Energy Kills Native Americans
    • Historic uranium mining still affects Native American communities.
    • Health crises, mainly diabetes, cancer and learning disabilities, on Native American reservations is caused by uranium mining.
    • The lack of adequate health and environmental studies on Native American reservations does not make nuclear energy a safe, clean, energy source.
  • 3. Nuclear Reactors, Actual & Proposed
  • 4. Nuclear Energy Industry sacrifices Native Americans
    • Previous slide clearly illustrates that nuclear reactors are located primarily in southeastern and northeastern US. Also the areas of greatest concentrations of coal-fired power plants.
    • Therefore, transition from coal to nuclear energy is desired as emerging health crises in Southeast and Northeast US is directly attributed to breathing smokestack exhaust.
    • Could climate change theory be subverted to force Americans to choose nuclear energy over coal?
  • 5. US Power Grid
  • 6. There is no electricity shortage, there is only extreme waste
    • The NASA satellite photo showing nighttime US clearly shows the waste of electricity.
    • Shows the population centers and urban concentrations.
    • Shows the Missouri-Mississippi rivers and Rocky Mountains as being the distinct boundaries between regions.
  • 7. US Power Grid
  • 8. US power grid inefficiencies causing current economic crises
    • Extreme concentration in eastern US power grid transmission system causes excessive inefficiency and dangerous instability.
    • Saudi Arabia of Wind, the Upper Great Plains, is deliberately isolated from major urban centers to keep rates artificially high for consumers.
    • Concentration also increases rates, needlessly forcing the poor to reduce consumption of computers, gaming consoles and televisions: all mediums of communication controlled to create poverty.
  • 9. Wind Energy Potential
  • 10. US Indian Reservations
  • 11. South Dakota Indian Reservations, the key to opening the clean energy door
    • Four reservations: Standing Rock, Pine Ridge, Cheyenne River and Rosebud.
    • Each reservation can produce the equivalent of two nuclear power plants with a 2,000 wind turbine farm.
    • As Americans, we must force Congress to establish these reservation wind farms in lieu of proposed nuclear power plants.
  • 12. Uranium in Upper Great Plains
  • 13. Uranium in Upper Great Plains
    • Issues
      • Jurisdictional
      • Water Regulation
      • Pollution Prevention
      • Hazardous Ranking Analysis
    • Solutions
      • Round Table Stakeholder Discussions
      • Comprehensive Surface and Ground Water Quality Analysis
      • Federal-State-Tribal-Public Consultations
  • 14. Canadian Uranium Projects in Wyoming
  • 15. Uranium on Great Sioux Nation
  • 16. Uranium on Great Sioux Nation
    • American Indian Movement failed to protect us
    • US Government promotes uranium mining
    • State governments historically hostile to the Great Sioux Nation
    • Without comprehensive round table discussions by stakeholders, uranium will be mined, polluting water and environment
  • 17. Wake Up America to Hypocrisy
  • 18. Wake Up America to Hypocrisy
    • Only realistic solutions are acceptable to affected communities
    • Rock Creek (Bullhead, SD) will not allow any group or person to use community for fund raising or malignant publicity purposes
    • Extreme health crises suffered by Rock Community demands respect and relevant consideration
  • 19. Lakota Family in Radioactive River
  • 20. Facts
    • US Forest Service spent nearly $1 million on studies proving nothing except that the Riley Pass abandoned uranium mine shouldn’t be camped in for more than a twenty hour period in a year.
    • Downstream communities on Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation are experiencing increasing cancer and diabetes rates caused by drinking contaminated water as well as having to swim in the Grand River during hot summer months
  • 21. Additional Resources
    • Defenders of the Black Hills