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Web2.0 social_applications_v1.2


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Web2.0 social_applications_v1.2 …

Web2.0 social_applications_v1.2
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In this version 1.2, there are 30 Web 2.0 services added including free webpage creating tools, group text services, etc. And they are with a blue background color.

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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  • 1. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.2No. Category Web  Address Content 1 Blogging Free  blogging  site 2 Free  blogging  site 3 Free  blogging  site 4 Free  blogging  site 5 Free  blogging  site 6 Free  blogging  site 7 Free  blogging  site 8 Free  blogging  site 9 Free  blogging  site10 Free  blogging  site11 Free  blogging  site12 Free  blogging  site13 Free  blogging  site14 Free  blogging  site15 Free  blogging  site16 Free  blogging  site17 Free  blogging  site18 Free  blogging  site19 Free  website  or  blog20 A  webpage  (website)  at  a  time21 Webpage  (website)  creating22 Webpage  (website)  creating  (Flash  and  HTML5)23 Webpage  (website)  creating24 Webpage  (website)  creating25 Webpage  (website)  creating26 Webpage  (website)  creating27 Webpage  (website)  creating28 Webpage  (website)  creating29 Webpage  (website)  creating30 Wikis Free  wiki  collaboration  site31 Free  wiki  collaboration  site32 Free  wiki  collaboration  site33 Free  wiki  collaboration  site34 Free  wiki  collaboration  site35 Free  wiki  collaboration  site36 Free  wiki  collaboration  site37 Free  wiki  collaboration  site
  • 2. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.2No. Category Web  Address Content38 Free  wiki  collaboration  site39 Free  wiki  collaboration  site40 Free  wiki  collaboration  site41 Social  network Build  your  own  social  networking  site42 Build  your  own  social  networking  site43 Mightybell  brings  together  people44 Social  networking  site  for  science45 Education  2.0  -­‐  Free  Private  Microblogging  in  the  Classroom46 School  2.0  is  a  social  network47 Create  a  Website,  Build  Websites  With  Social  Network,  Forum  &  Blog48 Worlds  Largest  Professional  Network  |  LinkedIn49 Facebook  is  a  social  utility  that  connects  people  with  friends  and  others50 Myspace  is  the  leading  social  entertainment  destination51 Friendster  is  the  social  gaming  destination  of  choice52 Find  your  community53 Open  source  social  networking  site54 Open  source  social  networking  site55 Open  source  social  networking  site56 Open  source  social  networking  site57 Open  source  social  networking  site58 Open  source  social  networking  site59 Social  Networking  Site  with  your  customers60 Social  bookmark Pinterest  is  an  online  pinboard.  Organize  and  share  things  you  love.61 collect,  organize  and  share  your  favorite  images,  videos,  documents62 Online  Bookmarking  and  Annotation63 Keep,  share,  and  discover  the  best  of  the  Web64 social  bookmarking  for  introverts65 One  List  Everywhere  You  Are66 Save  interesting  web  pages  for  reading  later67 Easily  Publish  Gorgeous  Magazines68 A  place  to  collect,  organize,  discover  and  share  everything  you  like  on  the  web69 A  magazine-­‐like  start  page70 Collaborating  and  sharing  spaces71 Free  bibliography  maker72 Tree  style  social  bookmarking73 Visual  social  bookmarking74 Online  Favorites  and  Social  Bookmarking
  • 3. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.2No. Category Web  Address Content75 Netvouz  is  a  social  bookmark  manager76 Social  bookmark  manager  that  allows  you  can  use  tags  or  categories77 http://www.mister-­‐ With  Mister  Wong  you  can  search  for  the  best  websites78 Free  automatic  social  bookmarking79 Media  sharing Sharing  large  files  and  folders80 Easy  sharing  files81 Minus  is  the  simplest  way  to  share  galleries  online82 Crate  makes  sharing  files  with  your  friends  and  family  ridiculously  easy83 Online  Storage;  Upload  Mp3,  Videos,  Music.  Backup  Files84 DROPitTOme  -­‐  Securely  receive  files  from  anyone  to  your  Dropbox85 WeTransfer  is  a  free  service  to  send  big  or  small  files  from  A  to  B86  is  the  easiest  way  to  embed  any  document  or  any  webpage87 Big  File  Sharing88 serious  intertube  cloud  storage89 SpiderOak  is  an  encrypted  data  backup,  share,  sync,  access  and  storage  service90 ZumoDrive  is  the  hybrid  cloud  storage  for  all  of  your  media91 SugarSyncs  online  backup,  file  sync  and  sharing  service92 Syncplicity  provides  easy  file  management  in  the  cloud93 File,  Memo,  Note,  Screen  Capture  Sharing94 File,  Memo,  Note,  Screen  Capture  Sharing95 Share  Send  /  The  Easy  Way  to  Share  Files96 Nakido  is  a  free  online  file  sharing  service97 Transfer  Big  Files  Free  -­‐  Email  or  Send  Large  Files98 Easy  file  sharing99 Share  files  fast100 Browser  to  Browser  File  Sharing101 Online  Media  Sharing  "Cubby"  5GB  FREE102 Idea  building  (Concept  Mapping) Making  mind  maps  together  (Wike  mind  map)103 Concept  map/Mind  map104 Online  mind  mapping  and  brainstorming105 Online  mind  mapping106 Online  mind  mapping  with  YouTube,  Images,  and  Audio  attached107 Collaborative  mind  mapping108 Converting  text  to  mind  map109 Visual  thinking  web  application110 Online  collaborative  mind  map  web  application111 Idea  sketch,  mind  mapping
  • 4. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.2No. Category Web  Address Content112 Online  mind  mapping  and  brainstorming113 Idea  building  (Flow  Chart) Design  online  flyer  and  posters114 Design  online  flyer  and  posters115 Project  Draw116 Flow  Chart117 Loosestitch118 Online  Chart119 Online  Chart120 Create  chart,  diagram,  flow  chart121 Create  chart,  diagram,  flow  chart122 Create  chart,  diagram,  flow  chart123 Draw  and  share  maps124 Idea  building  (Sketch/Drawing) Flame125 Scribble  Too126 Flash  Point127 Odo  Sketch128 Sketch  Swap129 Draw.To130 Penolo131 Canvastic132 Queeky133 Online  Sketch  Site  134 Sketch  Pad135 Viscosity136 Doink137 Flock  Draw138 My  Oats139 Draw  Things140 Draw,  paint,  collaborate,  and  share141 Paint,  brush,  draw  for  mac  osx142 Paint,  brush,  draw  online143 Record  sketching,  share,  and  embed144 Work  together  for  image  and  docs145 Art  Pad,  paint,  brush,  and  drawing146 Digital  Story  Telling  with  art  works147 Online  drawing/Collaborative  sketch148 Online  drawing/Collaborative  sketch
  • 5. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.2No. Category Web  Address Content149 Visual  infographics150 create  flame-­‐like  textures151 Online  Drawing152 Flash  Painting/Drawing153 Online  Sketch  Pad154 Online  Drawing  and  Sketch155 Online  Simple  Drawing156 Online  Sketch/Drawing157 Online  Sketch/Drawing158 Online  Sketch/Drawing159 Online  Sketch/Drawing  Pad160 Collaborative  Documentation Online  Collaborative  Documentation161 Online  Collaborative  Documentation162 Online  Collaborative  Documentation163 Online  collaborative  word  processor/document164 “Entri”  Simple  and  Free  web-­‐based  Document  Tool165 Online  document/pdf  highlighter/Marker166 Online  Webpage  Highlighter/Maeker/Markup167 Collaborative  Writing168 Collaborative  documenting169 Video  collaboration Watch/Collaborative  Video  collaboration170 Watch/Collaborative  Video  collaboration171 Collaborative  web  surfing,  browsing.172 Collaborative  online  video  editor173 “Web  cam  video”174 “Anymeeting”  Collaborative  Video  Conferencing175 Ready  Talk176 Vyew  Visual  Collaboration177 Quick  Screen  Share/Collaboration178 Video  Conference  and  Collaboration179 Collaboration  Management Organize  Group  Tasks180 Collaborative  Work  Spaces181 Collaborative  Project  Management182 Collaborative  Group  Work  Management183 Group/Team  Collaboration184 Collaborative  Annotation Document  (PDF)  Annotation,  Highlight185 Document  (PDF)  Annotation,  Highlight
  • 6. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.2No. Category Web  Address Content186 Document  (PDF)  Annotation,  Highlight187 Document  (PDF)  Annotation,  Highlight188 Presentation  Creating/Sharing Live  presentation  tool189 The  best  online  presentation  software190 Fresh  presentation191 Photoshow192 Online  presentation  tool193 Photo  Slideshow  Creating194 Photo  Slideshow  Creating195 Photo  Slideshow/  Audio  Creating196 Presentation  App197 Online  Presentation  App198 presentation  sharing  (PPT,  PDF)199 Audio  presentation  with  Text  Reading200 Share  Presentations  without  the  Mess  (PDF)201 presentation  sharing  (PPT,  PDF)202 presentation  sharing  (PPT,  PDF)203 Online  presentation  sharing204 Record  your  presentation205 Interactive  presentation  creating  tool206 Online  presentation  creation  &  sharing  site207 authorStream  online  PowerPoint  sharing208 Online  slide  sharing209 Create  and  Share  online  presentation210 Note-­‐taking/Whiteboard/Memo “Primary  Pad”  Web-­‐based  Word  Processor211 “Titan  Pad”  Web-­‐based  Word  Processor212 Keep  your  thought,  note,  and  text  in  real  time213 notes  and  memo  and  sharing  the  URLs214 note  taking  for  students215 note  taking  and  memos216 Online  sticky  note/memo217 Online  note-­‐taking218 A  Web  Whiteboard  (AWW),  A  collaboration  work219 Whiteboard  reinvented220 Online  sticky  notes  collaboration221 Openstudy_Study  together222 Studyblue_Study  together
  • 7. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.2No. Category Web  Address Content223 Learn  words  and  languages  together224 Online  Notepad_No  Sign  Up  Required225 Response/Poll/Survey Real  Time  class  participation  and  feedback226 Real  Time  class  participation  and  feedback227 Instant  feedback228 Online  Polls  and  Survey229 Instant  audience  response  system  (Feedback)230 Collecting  audience  feedback231 Student  response  system232 Real  time  connecting  system  (Back  channel)233 Real  time  involving  audience  system234 Online  Polls/Audience  Response235 Group  Messages  and  Texting236 Group  Messages  and  Texting237 Group  Messages  and  Texting238 Group  Messages  and  Texting239 Group  Messages  and  Texting240 Group  Messages  and  Texting241 Group  Messages  and  Texting242 Group  Messages  and  Texting243 Group  Messages  and  Texting244 Group  Messages  and  Texting245 Video/Audio  Creating Online  Documentary  Video  SIte246 Learning  through  Video  (WatchKnowLearn)247 Learning  through  Video  (Khan  Academy)248 Online  Video  and  Audio  Editing  Application249 Watch  and  Discuss  Together(★★★★★)250 Create  content  with  photos  and  videos251 Muvee  Cloud_Online  movie  creating252 Save  YouTube  to  Dropbox253 Create  your  own  video  online  for  free254 Create  your  own  video  online  for  free255 Instant  screencast,  screen  recording  by  click  and  record256 Collaborative  online  video  creation257 Free  Music  Archive258 Free  Sound  Clip259 Premier  Voice  Recording  Site
  • 8. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.2No. Category Web  Address Content260 Image,  Audio,  Music,  Photo  Creating261 Audio  editing262 Instant  voice  and  video  conference  (Hangouts)263 Online  Q&A  board264 Image  interacting  (tagging)  tool265 Cloud  collaborative  A/V  conferencing  tool266 Instant  voice  and  video  conference  (Hangouts)267 Cloud  collaborative  A/V  conferencing  tool268 Audio  Recording Vacaroo269 Audioboo270 Voice  Thread271 evoca272 voki273 voice  base274 voxopop275 Audio  recording  and  sharing276 Audio  Pod  Casting277 QR  voice_Tranforming  text  to  speech278 Video  and  Screen  Recodring Online  Video  Library  (VidCaster)279 Record  audio  and  video  recorder280 Flash  video  recorder281 Web  cam  video  recorder282­‐recorder/ Web  cam  video  recorder283 Create  animation  and  video284 Screen  Capture Jing  by  TechSmith285 Show  me  what  is  wrong286 Screen  recording287 Screen  Capture  and  Image  Editing288 Sketch  Cast289 Awesome  Screen  Cast290 Web  Screen  Capture291 Web  Screen  Capture292 http://www.screencast-­‐o-­‐ Screencast293 Screenr294 Screencastle295 Search/Find Search  Engine  for  students296 Educational  Search  Engine
  • 9. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.2No. Category Web  Address Content297 Educational  Search  Engine298 Yolink  education-­‐Smart  Search  for  students299 Online  Journal  Articles  Search300 Online  Journal  Articles  Search301 Similar  site  search302 Similar  site  search303 Computational  Knowledge  Engine304 Search  engine  for  students305 Search  engine  with  showing  readability  levels306 Visual  calculator307 Clean  Search  Engine308 Social  Networking  Search  in  one  browser309 Bilingual  Search  Engine  (Two  Language  Search)310 Personal  Research  Repository,  Assistant,  Information  Gathering311 Personal  Research  Repository,  Assistant,  Information  Gathering312 Converter http://www.pageflip-­‐ Flipping  effect  for  documents313 Pageflipper  for  creating  and  sharing314­‐­‐to-­‐pdf/ Online  ebook  converter315 http://www.epub-­‐to-­‐ Free  Online  ePub  to  PDF  Converter316 Online  ebook,  epub,  and  others  converter317 Online  pdf  to  word  converter318 Online  pdf  to  word  converter319 Bookmarks  converter  to  pdf320 Web  pages  to  epub  converter321 Moglue-­‐Create  Interactive  eBooks  for  iOS322 Ebook  creation323 Ebook  creation324 Ebook  creation325 Ebook  creation,  Simple  web  booklets326 Online  ebook  for  creating,  publishing,  and  sharing327 Digital  storytelling  application  for  teachers328 Ebook  (Epub)  Creating  Website329 Free  online  file  converter330 Free  online  file  converter331­‐ Online  Media/File  Converter332 Online  Image  Converter333 http://www.web-­‐ E-­‐publishing  site
  • 10. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.2No. Category Web  Address Content334 http://www.web-­‐ Convert  Word  to  EPUB335 http://calibre-­‐ E-­‐Publishing  Tool  Site  (EPUB)336 E-­‐Publishing  Tool  Site  (EPUB)337 E-­‐Publishing  Tool  Site  (EPUB)338 http://www.e-­‐ E-­‐Publishing  Tool  Site  (EPUB)339 Text  to  Speech  (Audio)  Tool340 Text  to  Speech  (Audio)  Tool341 Text  to  Speech  (Audio)  Tool342 Text  to  Speech  (Audio)  Tool343 Text  to  Speech  (Audio)  Tool344 Download  Streaming  Videos345 Online  Video  Downloading346 http://keep-­‐ YouTube  Video  Downloading347 Download  Online  Videos348 Free  Online  File  Downloader  and  Converter349 Online  Photo  Editing  Tool  (Instagram  of  PC)350 Other  tools Personal  Learning  Environment351 Educational  Applications352 Collaborative  Digital  Storytelling353 Simple  web  booklets  creating  tool354 Vocubulary  videos355 Bringing  words  to  life356 Learning  vocabulary  with  flashcards357 Great  words  with  games358 Vocabulary  games359 http://css-­‐ Print  Friendly  Application  "Printliminator"360 Print  Friendly  Application  "Joliprint"361 Print  Friendly  Application  "Clearly"362 Print  Friendly  Application363 Snapify364 Webpage  Reading  Tool  (SpeakIt)365 Speech  Recognizer  (Speech  Recognizer)366 Browser  extension  "Cleaner  Video  Watching  (A  Cleaner  Internet)"367 Online  Screen  Annotation368 MagicScroll  (Chrome-­‐based  ePub  Reader)369 Chrome  Extension_Text  to  Phone  from  Browser_Text  This  To  Me370 EPUBReader  (Firefox-­‐based  ePub  Reader)
  • 11. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.2No. Category Web  Address Content371 Vocubulary  videos372 Bringing  words  to  life373 Learning  vocabulary  with  flashcards374 Great  words  with  games375 Vocabulary  games376 Online  free  music  listening377 Cloud  Music  Sharing378 Online  free  music  linstening  and  sharing379 Cloud  music  and  radio  service380 Watermark  on  images  and  photos  (Water  Marquee)381 Comparison  Tables  within  the  form  of  HTML  or  CSS382 Creating  Table  with  HTML  codes383 Creating  Table  with  HTML  codes384 Creating  Table  with  HTML  codes385 Creating  Table  with  HTML  codes386 Creating  Table  with  HTML  codes387 Free  html  form  builder,  Table388 Online  Webpage  Image  Downloader  and  Image  info  Grabber  (OWIDIG)389 QR  voice_Tranforming  text  to  speech390 Online  Password  Generator391 Online  Password  Generator392 Online  Password  Generator393 Online  Resume  Builder394 Better  Travel  Planner  Search395­‐to-­‐extension/ Bookmarks  Generator396 Bookmarks  Generator397 http://w-­‐­‐combiner/ Bookmarks  Generator398 Bookmarks  Search399 Bookmarks  Search Created  by  Kangdon  Lee Email: Blog: