Web 2.0 Social Applications v1.1


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Web2.0 social_applications_v1.1
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In this version 1.1, there are 23 Web 2.0 services added including free webpage creating tools, YouTube videos download services, etc. And they are with a background color.

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Web 2.0 Social Applications v1.1

  1. 1. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.1No. Category Web  Address Content 1 Blogging http://blog.com/ Free  blogging  site 2 http://edublogs.org/ Free  blogging  site 3 http://technorati.com/blogging/ Free  blogging  site 4 http://twitter.com/ Free  blogging  site 5 http://twoday.net/ Free  blogging  site 6 http://www.blogger.com/ Free  blogging  site 7 http://www.blogpulse.com/ Free  blogging  site 8 http://www.blogs.com/ Free  blogging  site 9 http://www.blogsome.com/ Free  blogging  site10 http://www.blogster.com/ Free  blogging  site11 http://www.coveritlive.com/ Free  blogging  site12 http://www.livejournal.com/ Free  blogging  site13 http://www.posterous.com/ Free  blogging  site14 http://www.thoughts.com/ Free  blogging  site15 http://www.tumblr.com/ Free  blogging  site16 http://www.typepad.com/ Free  blogging  site17 http://www.wordpress.com/ Free  blogging  site18 http://www.wordpress.org/ Free  blogging  site19 http://www.weebly.com/ Free  website  or  blog20 http://www.pageorama.com/ A  webpage  (website)  at  a  time21 http://checkthis.com/ Webpage  (website)  creating22 http://www.wix.com/ Webpage  (website)  creating  (Flash  and  HTML5)23 http://webgen.rubyforge.org/ Webpage  (website)  creating24 http://www.webs.com/ Webpage  (website)  creating25 https://www.yola.com/ Webpage  (website)  creating26 https://sites.google.com/ Webpage  (website)  creating27 http://www.schoolrack.com/ Webpage  (website)  creating28 http://www.webnode.com/ Webpage  (website)  creating29 http://www.smore.com/ Webpage  (website)  creating30 Wikis http://www.wikispaces.com/ Free  wiki  collaboration  site31 http://www.wikidot.com/ Free  wiki  collaboration  site32 http://www.editme.com/ Free  wiki  collaboration  site33 http://www.wiki.com/ Free  wiki  collaboration  site34 http://www.wiki.org/ Free  wiki  collaboration  site35 http://Wikia.com/ Free  wiki  collaboration  site36 http://www.wikimatrix.org/ Free  wiki  collaboration  site37 http://www.wikispace.com/ Free  wiki  collaboration  site38 http://www.mediawiki.org/ Free  wiki  collaboration  site39 http://atwiki.com/ Free  wiki  collaboration  site40 http://pbworks.com/ Free  wiki  collaboration  site41 Social  network http://www.classroom20.com/ Build  your  own  social  networking  site42 http://www.ning.com/ Build  your  own  social  networking  site43 https://mightybell.com/ Mightybell  brings  together  people44 http://www.nature.com/scitable Social  networking  site  for  science45 http://www.edmodo.com/ Education  2.0  -­‐  Free  Private  Microblogging  in  the  Classroom46 http://school20.ning.com/ School  2.0  is  a  social  network
  2. 2. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.147 http://www.socialgo.com/ Create  a  Website,  Build  Websites  With  Social  Network,  Forum  &  Blog48 http://www.linkedin.com/ Worlds  Largest  Professional  Network  |  LinkedIn49 http://www.facebook.com/ Facebook  is  a  social  utility  that  connects  people  with  friends  and  others50 http://www.myspace.com/ Myspace  is  the  leading  social  entertainment  destination51 http://www.friendster.com/ Friendster  is  the  social  gaming  destination  of  choice52 http://www.tribe.net/ Find  your  community53 http://communityengine.org/ Open  source  social  networking  site54 http://buddypress.org/ Open  source  social  networking  site55 http://www.boonex.com/dolphin Open  source  social  networking  site56 http://www.elgg.org/ Open  source  social  networking  site57 http://www.onesite.com/ Open  source  social  networking  site58 http://www.smallworldlabs.com/ Open  source  social  networking  site59 Social  bookmark http://pinterest.com/ Pinterest  is  an  online  pinboard.  Organize  and  share  things  you  love.60 http://zootool.com/ collect,  organize  and  share  your  favorite  images,  videos,  documents61 http://www.diigo.com/ Online  Bookmarking  and  Annotation62 http://www.delicious.com/ Keep,  share,  and  discover  the  best  of  the  Web63 http://pinboard.in/ social  bookmarking  for  introverts64 http://www.readitlater.com/ One  List  Everywhere  You  Are65 http://www.instapaper.com/ Save  interesting  web  pages  for  reading  later66 http://www.scoop.it/ Easily  Publish  Gorgeous  Magazines67 http://www.pearltrees.com/ A  place  to  collect,  organize,  discover  and  share  everything  you  like  on  the  web68 http://www.feedly.com/ A  magazine-­‐like  start  page69 https://posterous.com/ Collaborating  and  sharing  spaces70 http://www.easybib.com/ Free  bibliography  maker71 http://magzinr.com/ Tree  style  social  bookmarking72 http://www.wonderpage.com/ Visual  social  bookmarking73 http://www.linkagogo.com/ Online  Favorites  and  Social  Bookmarking74 http://www.netvouz.com/ Netvouz  is  a  social  bookmark  manager75 http://www.startaid.com/ Social  bookmark  manager  that  allows  you  can  use  tags  or  categories76 http://www.mister-­‐wong.com/ With  Mister  Wong  you  can  search  for  the  best  websites77 http://ekstreme.com/socializer/ Free  automatic  social  bookmarking78 Media  sharing http://www.uploaderbox.com/ Sharing  large  files  and  folders79 http://ge.tt/ Easy  sharing  files80 http://minus.com/ Minus  is  the  simplest  way  to  share  galleries  online81 http://letscrate.com/ Crate  makes  sharing  files  with  your  friends  and  family  ridiculously  easy82 http://www.filedropper.com/ Online  Storage;  Upload  Mp3,  Videos,  Music.  Backup  Files83 http://www.dropitto.me/ DROPitTOme  -­‐  Securely  receive  files  from  anyone  to  your  Dropbox84 https://wetransfer.com/ WeTransfer  is  a  free  service  to  send  big  or  small  files  from  A  to  B85 http://embedit.in/ embedit.in  is  the  easiest  way  to  embed  any  document  or  any  webpage86 http://justbeamit.com/ Big  File  Sharing87 http://bayfiles.com/ serious  intertube  cloud  storage88 http://www.spideroak.com SpiderOak  is  an  encrypted  data  backup,  share,  sync,  access  and  storage  service89 http://www.zumodrive.com ZumoDrive  is  the  hybrid  cloud  storage  for  all  of  your  media90 http://www.sugarsync.com SugarSyncs  online  backup,  file  sync  and  sharing  service91 http://www.syncplicity.com/ Syncplicity  provides  easy  file  management  in  the  cloud92 https://droplr.com/ File,  Memo,  Note,  Screen  Capture  Sharing93 http://gethopper.com/ File,  Memo,  Note,  Screen  Capture  Sharing
  3. 3. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.194 http://sharesend.com/ Share  Send  /  The  Easy  Way  to  Share  Files95 http://www.nakido.com/ Nakido  is  a  free  online  file  sharing  service96 http://www.transferbigfiles.com/ Transfer  Big  Files  Free  -­‐  Email  or  Send  Large  Files97 http://www.senduit.com/ Easy  file  sharing98 http://www.getcloudapp.com/ Share  files  fast99 Idea  building  (Concept  Mapping) http://www.wikimindmap.com/ Making  mind  maps  together  (Wike  mind  map)100 http://www.spicynodes.org/ Concept  map/Mind  map101 http://www.mindmeister.com/ Online  mind  mapping  and  brainstorming102 https://bubbl.us/ Online  mind  mapping103 http://www.mindomo.com/ Online  mind  mapping  with  YouTube,  Images,  and  Audio  attached104 http://mind42.com/ Collaborative  mind  mapping105 http://www.text2mindmap.com/ Converting  text  to  mind  map106 http://www.wisemapping.com/ Visual  thinking  web  application107 http://go.comapping.com/ Online  collaborative  mind  map  web  application108 http://popplet.com/ Idea  sketch,  mind  mapping109 http://www.spiderscribe.net/ Online  mind  mapping  and  brainstorming110 Idea  building  (Flow  Chart) http://www.smorepages.com/ Design  online  flyer  and  posters111 http://www.glogster.com/ Design  online  flyer  and  posters112 http://draw.labs.autodesk.com/ Project  Draw113 http://flowchart.com/ Flow  Chart114 http://loosestitch.com/ Loosestitch115 http://www.lucidchart.com/ Online  Chart116 http://charts.hohli.com/ Online  Chart117 https://cacoo.com/ Create  chart,  diagram,  flow  chart118 http://www.lovelycharts.com/ Create  chart,  diagram,  flow  chart119 http://www.richchartlive.com/RichChartLive/ Create  chart,  diagram,  flow  chart120 http://scribblemaps.com/ Draw  and  share  maps121 Idea  building  (Sketch/Drawing) http://www.escapemotions.com/experiments/flame/ Flame122 http://www.zefrank.com/scribbler/scribblertoo/ Scribble  Too123 http://www.flashpaint.com/ Flash  Point124 http://sketch.odopod.com/ Odo  Sketch125 http://www.sketchswap.com/ Sketch  Swap126 http://draw.to/ Draw.To127 http://penolo.com/ Penolo128 http://canvastic.net/ultraprimary/net_up.html Canvastic129 http://www.queeky.com/ Queeky130 http://www.onlinesketchpad.com/ Online  Sketch  Site  131 http://mugtug.com/sketchpad/ Sketch  Pad132 http://windowseat.ca/viscosity/ Viscosity133 http://www.doink.com/ Doink134 http://flockdraw.com/ Flock  Draw135 http://www.myoats.com/ My  Oats136 http://www.bored.com/drawthings/ Draw  Things137 http://flockdraw.com/ Draw,  paint,  collaborate,  and  share138 http://paintbrush.sourceforge.net/ Paint,  brush,  draw  for  mac  osx139 http://www.psykopaint.com/ Paint,  brush,  draw  online140 http://sketchcast.com/ Record  sketching,  share,  and  embed
  4. 4. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.1141 http://www.conceptboard.com/ Work  together  for  image  and  docs142 http://www.art.com/asp/artpad/ Art  Pad,  paint,  brush,  and  drawing143 http://www.artofstorytelling.org/ Digital  Story  Telling  with  art  works144 http://www.drawitlive.com/ Online  drawing/Collaborative  sketch145 http://flockdraw.com/ Online  drawing/Collaborative  sketch146 http://visual.ly/ Visual  infographics147 http://www.escapemotions.com/experiments/flame/#top create  flame-­‐like  textures148 http://www.zefrank.com/scribbler/scribblertoo/ Online  Drawing149 http://www.flashpaint.com/ Flash  Painting/Drawing150 http://sketch.odopod.com/ Online  Sketch  Pad151 http://www.sketchswap.com/ Online  Drawing  and  Sketch152 http://draw.to/ Online  Simple  Drawing153 http://penolo.com/ Online  Sketch/Drawing154 http://canvastic.net/ultraprimary/net_up.html Online  Sketch/Drawing155 http://www.queeky.com/ Online  Sketch/Drawing156 http://mugtug.com/sketchpad/ Online  Sketch/Drawing  Pad157 Collaborative  Documentation http://docs.google.com/ Online  Collaborative  Documentation158 online.thinkfree.com/ Online  Collaborative  Documentation159 http://www.zoho.com/ Online  Collaborative  Documentation160 http://sync.in/ Online  collaborative  word  processor/document161 http://entri.co/ “Entri”  Simple  and  Free  web-­‐based  Document  Tool162 http://marker.to/ Online  document/pdf  highlighter/Marker163 http://markup.io/ Online  Webpage  Highlighter/Maeker/Markup164 http://www.boomwriter.com/ Collaborative  Writing165 http://substance.io/ Collaborative  documenting166 Video  collaboration http://www.synchtube.com/ Watch/Collaborative  Video  collaboration167 http://watch2gether.com/ Watch/Collaborative  Video  collaboration168 http://channel.me/ Collaborative  web  surfing,  browsing.169 http://www.wevideo.com/ Collaborative  online  video  editor170 http://webcamvideo.us/ “Web  cam  video”171 http://www.anymeeting.com/ “Anymeeting”  Collaborative  Video  Conferencing172 http://www.readytalk.com/ Ready  Talk173 http://vyew.com/ Vyew  Visual  Collaboration174 http://quickscreenshare.com/ Quick  Screen  Share/Collaboration175 Collaboration  Management https://www.pegby.com/ Organize  Group  Tasks176 http://teambox.com/ Collaborative  Work  Spaces177 http://www.enterthegroup.com/ Collaborative  Project  Management178 http://wiggio.com/ Collaborative  Group  Work  Management179 https://andbang.com/ Group/Team  Collaboration180 Collaborative  Annotation http://www.crocodoc.com/ Document  (PDF)  Annotation,  Highlight181 http://a.nnotate.com/ Document  (PDF)  Annotation,  Highlight182 http://www.pdfescape.com/ Document  (PDF)  Annotation,  Highlight183 http://www.pdffiller.com/ Document  (PDF)  Annotation,  Highlight184 Presentation  Creating/Sharinghttp://www.prezi.com/ Live  presentation  tool185 http://www.sliderocket.com/ The  best  online  presentation  software186 http://photopeach.com/ Fresh  presentation187 http://www.photoshow.com/ Photoshow
  5. 5. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.1188 http://www.empressr.com/ Online  presentation  tool189 http://www.kizoa.com/ Photo  Slideshow  Creating190 http://www.slideroll.com/ Photo  Slideshow  Creating191 http://www.fotobabble.com/ Photo  Slideshow/  Audio  Creating192 http://www.9slides.com/ Presentation  App193 http://www.knovio.com/ Online  Presentation  App194 http://www.slideshare.net/ presentation  sharing  (PPT,  PDF)195 http://www.helloslide.com/ Audio  presentation  with  Text  Reading196 http://www.speakdeck.com/ Share  Presentations  without  the  Mess  (PDF)197 http://www.scribd.com/ presentation  sharing  (PPT,  PDF)198 http://www.issuu.com/ presentation  sharing  (PPT,  PDF)199 http://www.slideserve.com/ Online  presentation  sharing200 http://present.me/ Record  your  presentation201 http://projeqt.com/ Interactive  presentation  creating  tool202 http://slidesix.com/ Online  presentation  creation  &  sharing  site203 http://www.authorstream.com/ authorStream  online  PowerPoint  sharing204 http://www.slideboom.com/ Online  slide  sharing205 http://280slides.com/ Create  and  Share  online  presentation206 Note-­‐taking/Whiteboard/Memo http://primarypad.com/ “Primary  Pad”  Web-­‐based  Word  Processor207 http://titanpad.com/ “Titan  Pad”  Web-­‐based  Word  Processor208 http://tinypaste.com/ Keep  your  thought,  note,  and  text  in  real  time209 http://notes.io/ notes  and  memo  and  sharing  the  URLs210 http://www.evernote.com/ note  taking  for  students211 http://willyou.typewith.me/ note  taking  and  memos212 http://primarywall.com/ Online  sticky  note/memo213 http://www.myschoolnotebook.com/ Online  note-­‐taking214 http://awwapp.com/ A  Web  Whiteboard  (AWW),  A  collaboration  work215 http://www.dabbleboard.com/ Whiteboard  reinvented216 http://www.edistorm.com/ Online  sticky  notes  collaboration217 http://openstudy.com/ Openstudy_Study  together218 http://www.studyblue.com/ Studyblue_Study  together219 http://nabbber.com/ Learn  words  and  languages  together220 http://kl1p.com/ Online  Notepad_No  Sign  Up  Required221 Response/Poll/Survey http://gosoapbox.com/ Real  Time  class  participation  and  feedback222 http://www.socrative.com/ Real  Time  class  participation  and  feedback223 http://www.polleverywhere.com/ Instant  feedback224 http://www.quizsnack.com/ Online  Polls  and  Survey225 http://www.polleverywhere.com/ Instant  audience  response  system  (Feedback)226 http://textthemob.com/ Collecting  audience  feedback227 http://www.socrative.com/ Student  response  system228 http://todaysmeet.com/ Real  time  connecting  system  (Back  channel)229 http://backchan.nl/ Real  time  involving  audience  system230 http://www.blogpoll.com/ Online  Polls/Audience  Response231 Video/Audio  Creating http://documentaryheaven.com/ Online  Documentary  Video  SIte232 http://www.watchknowlearn.org/ Learning  through  Video  (WatchKnowLearn)233 http://www.khanacademy.org/ Learning  through  Video  (Khan  Academy)234 https://www.filelab.com/ Online  Video  and  Audio  Editing  Application
  6. 6. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.1235 http://www.watch2gether.com/ Watch  and  Discuss  Together(★★★★★)236 http://www.screencast.com/ Create  content  with  photos  and  videos237 http://cloud.muvee.com/ Muvee  Cloud_Online  movie  creating238 http://videodropper.ep.io/ Save  YouTube  to  Dropbox239 http://www.stupeflix.com/ Create  your  own  video  online  for  free240 http://www.masher.com/ Create  your  own  video  online  for  free241 http://www.screenr.com/ Instant  screencast,  screen  recording  by  click  and  record242 http://www.wevideo.com/ Collaborative  online  video  creation243 http://freemusicarchive.org/ Free  Music  Archive244 http://soundbible.com/ Free  Sound  Clip245 http://vocaroo.com/ Premier  Voice  Recording  Site246 http://www.aviary.com/ Image,  Audio,  Music,  Photo  Creating247 http://www.aviary.com/tools/myna/ Audio  editing248 http://bit.ly/kxclpi Instant  voice  and  video  conference  (Hangouts)249 https://piazza.com/ Online  Q&A  board250 http://www.thinglink.com/ Image  interacting  (tagging)  tool251 http://voicethread.com/ Cloud  collaborative  A/V  conferencing  tool252 http://www.caffein.tv/ Instant  voice  and  video  conference  (Hangouts)253 http://www.anymeeting.com/ Cloud  collaborative  A/V  conferencing  tool254 Audio  Recording http://vocaroo.com/ Vacaroo255 http://www.audioboo.fm/ Audioboo256 https://voicethread.com/ Voice  Thread257 http://www.evoca.com/ evoca258 http://www.voki.com/ voki259 http://www.voicebase.com/ voice  base260 http://www.voxopop.com/ voxopop261 http://soundcloud.com/ Audio  recording  and  sharing262 http://flapcast.com/ Audio  Pod  Casting263 http://qrvoice.net/ QR  voice_Tranforming  text  to  speech264 Video  and  Screen  Recodring http://www.vidcaster.com/ Online  Video  Library  (VidCaster)265 http://recordr.tv/record/ Record  audio  and  video  recorder266 http://hdfvr.com/ Flash  video  recorder267 http://nimbb.com/ Web  cam  video  recorder268 http://www.coffeecup.com/video-­‐recorder/ Web  cam  video  recorder269 http://www.doink.com/ Create  animation  and  video270 Screen  Capture http://www.techsmith.com/jing/ Jing  by  TechSmith271 http://showmewhatswrong.com/ Show  me  what  is  wrong272 http://www.screenr.com/ Screen  recording273 http://www.aviary.com/ Screen  Capture  and  Image  Editing274 http://sketchcast.com/ Sketch  Cast275 http://awesomescreenshot.com/ Awesome  Screen  Cast276 http://www.bounceapp.com/ Web  Screen  Capture277 http://www.shrinktheweb.com/ Web  Screen  Capture278 http://www.screencast-­‐o-­‐matic.com/ Screencast279 http://screenr.com/ Screenr280 http://screencastle.com/ Screencastle281 Search/Find http://www.sweetsearch.com/ Search  Engine  for  students
  7. 7. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.1282 http://www.instagrok.com/ Educational  Search  Engine283 http://www.19pencils.com/ Educational  Search  Engine284 http://www.yolinkeducation.com/ Yolink  education-­‐Smart  Search  for  students285 http://www.jstor.org/ Online  Journal  Articles  Search286 http://philica.com/ Online  Journal  Articles  Search287 http://www.similarsitesearch.com/ Similar  site  search288 http://www.moreofit.com/ Similar  site  search289 http://www.wolframalpha.com/ Computational  Knowledge  Engine290 http://www.sweetsearch.com/ Search  engine  for  students291 http://twurdy.com/ Search  engine  with  showing  readability  levels292 https://www.abettercalculator.com/ Visual  calculator293 https://duckduckgo.com/ Clean  Search  Engine294 http://www.noodzy.com/ Social  Networking  Search  in  one  browser295 Converter http://www.pageflip-­‐flap.com/ Flipping  effect  for  documents296 http://www.youblisher.com/ Pageflipper  for  creating  and  sharing297 http://ebook.online-­‐convert.com/convert-­‐to-­‐pdf/ Online  ebook  converter298 http://www.epub-­‐to-­‐pdf.com/ Free  Online  ePub  to  PDF  Converter299 http://www.convertfiles.com/ Online  ebook,  epub,  and  others  converter300 http://www.pdftoword.com/ Online  pdf  to  word  converter301 http://magazinify.com/ Bookmarks  converter  to  pdf302 http://dotepub.com/ Web  pages  to  epub  converter303 http://www.moglue.com/ Moglue-­‐Create  Interactive  eBooks  for  iOS304 http://littlebirdtales.com/ Ebook  creation305 http://www.zooburst.com/ Ebook  creation306 http://www.myebook.com/ Ebook  creation307 http://simplebooklet.com/ Ebook  creation,  Simple  web  booklets308 http://www.bookrix.com/ Online  ebook  for  creating,  publishing,  and  sharing309 http://www.mixbook.com/edu/ Digital  storytelling  application  for  teachers310 http://www.pandamian.com/ Ebook  (Epub)  Creating  Website311 http://www.cometdocs.com/ Free  online  file  converter312 http://www.docspal.com/ Free  online  file  converter313 http://www.online-­‐convert.com/ Online  Media/File  Converter314 http://kraken.io/ Online  Image  Converter315 http://www.web-­‐books.com/Publishing/epub.htm E-­‐publishing  site316 http://www.web-­‐books.com/Publishing/Word2EPUB.htm Convert  Word  to  EPUB317 http://calibre-­‐ebook.com/ E-­‐Publishing  Tool  Site  (EPUB)318 http://ebookling.com/ E-­‐Publishing  Tool  Site  (EPUB)319 https://kdp.amazon.com/ E-­‐Publishing  Tool  Site  (EPUB)320 http://www.e-­‐junkie.com/ E-­‐Publishing  Tool  Site  (EPUB)321 http://www.abc2mp3.com/ Text  to  Speech  (Audio)  Tool322 http://www.festvox.org/voicedemos.html Text  to  Speech  (Audio)  Tool323 http://vozme.com/ Text  to  Speech  (Audio)  Tool324 http://www.spokentext.net/ Text  to  Speech  (Audio)  Tool325 http://zamzar.com/ Text  to  Speech  (Audio)  Tool326 http://keepvid.com/ Download  Streaming  Videos327 http://saveyoutube.com/ Online  Video  Downloading328 http://keep-­‐tube.com/ YouTube  Video  Downloading
  8. 8. Web  2.0  Social  Applications  v1.1329 http://www.savevid.com/ Download  Online  Videos330 http://www.zamzar.com/ Free  Online  File  Downloader  and  Converter331 Other  tools http://www.symbalooedu.com/ Personal  Learning  Environment332 http://appitic.com/ Educational  Applications333 http://www.tumblecloud.com/ Collaborative  Digital  Storytelling334 http://simplebooklet.com/ Simple  web  booklets  creating  tool335 http://www.vocabahead.com/ Vocubulary  videos336 http://www.wordia.com/ Bringing  words  to  life337 http://wordstash.com/ Learning  vocabulary  with  flashcards338 http://www.knoword.org/ Great  words  with  games339 http://www.myvocabulary.com/ Vocabulary  games340 http://css-­‐tricks.com/examples/ThePrintliminator/ Print  Friendly  Application  "Printliminator"341 http://joliprint.com/ Print  Friendly  Application  "Joliprint"342 http://www.evernote.com/clearly/ Print  Friendly  Application  "Clearly"343 http://www.printfriendly.com/ Print  Friendly  Application344 http://bit.ly/GG6dGV Snapify345 http://bit.ly/GH6tGi Webpage  Reading  Tool  (SpeakIt)346 http://bit.ly/GDCxv3 Speech  Recognizer  (Speech  Recognizer)347 http://clea.nr/ Browser  extension  "Cleaner  Video  Watching  (A  Cleaner  Internet)"348 http://awesomescreenshot.com/ Online  Screen  Annotation349 http://bit.ly/gaDg2K/ MagicScroll  (Chrome-­‐based  ePub  Reader)350 http://www.epubread.com/ EPUBReader  (Firefox-­‐based  ePub  Reader)351 http://www.vocabahead.com/ Vocubulary  videos352 http://www.wordia.com/ Bringing  words  to  life353 http://wordstash.com/ Learning  vocabulary  with  flashcards354 http://www.knoword.org/ Great  words  with  games355 http://www.myvocabulary.com/ Vocabulary  games356 http://www.grooveshark.com/ Online  free  music  listening357 http://music.google.com/ Cloud  Music  Sharing358 https://www.spotify.com/ Online  free  music  linstening  and  sharing359 http://last.fm/ Cloud  music  and  radio  service360 http://www.watermarquee.com/ Watermark  on  images  and  photos  (Water  Marquee)361 http://www.compareninja.com/ Comparison  Tables  within  the  form  of  HTML  or  CSS362 http://tablegen.nfshost.com/ Creating  Table  with  HTML  codes363 http://www.bagism.com/tablemaker/ Creating  Table  with  HTML  codes364 http://tableizer.journalistopia.com/ Creating  Table  with  HTML  codes365 http://www.somacon.com/p141.php Creating  Table  with  HTML  codes366 http://www.2createawebsite.com/build/table_generator.html Creating  Table  with  HTML  codes367 http://www.phpform.org/ Free  html  form  builder,  Table368 http://www.owidig.com/ Online  Webpage  Image  Downloader  and  Image  info  Grabber  (OWIDIG)369 http://qrvoice.net/ QR  voice_Tranforming  text  to  speech Created  by  Kangdon  Lee Email:  iglassbox@gmail.com Blog:  http://iglassbox.thoth.kr/