Finding the most popular lists on twitter


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Finding the most popular lists on twitter

  1. 1. Finding The Most Popular Lists on Twitter What are the most popular lists on Twitter? What are the most popular lists in a specific genre, on Twitter? Listorious is a user-powered directory containing the best and most popular Twitter lists. Twitter’s list feature allows anyone to create a list on any given topic and put people (whether you follow them or not), into that list. It’s a great way to organise whatever you want, into a list of your choosing. For example, you could create a list called social media and put all those who tweet about social media into that list. Currently each Twitter account can create up to 20 lists and each list can include up to 500 users.. so potentially there is room for up to 10,000 people on your lists. The Listorious 140 As well as creating your own lists, you can also follow lists other people have created. To find the best Twitter lists to follow, head over to Listorious and click on Login, Click on <Allow> to allow Listorious to connect to your Twitter account, 1
  2. 2. The best place to start with finding the most popular lists on Twitter is with The Listorious 140, The Top 140 Lists on Twitter shows exactly that.. the top 140 lists (by followers) currently on Twitter. To follow a list just click on that list’s name, Then click on Follow, 2
  3. 3. You are now following that particular list, You can double check this by clicking on View on Twitter, 3
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. Twitter confirmation, Tags An alternate way of searching for lists is via Tags, Just click on a tag to display Twitter lists that have been assigned with that tag, 5
  6. 6. To follow any of these lists simply click on that list’s name (as mentioned above), Members of Lists As you know by now, members of a particular list have some sort of authority or are generally seen to be ‘experts’ in that genre or list. 6
  7. 7. It may also be worth your while drilling down into a list and following those people who you may not already be following. Knowledge is power. Add a List You can also add any list from Twitter that you think would be useful to others.. whether you created it or not. Click on Add List, Enter the URL of that Twitter list (or choose a list from the drop-down menu).. add a description and tag.. then click <Add list>, Done! This list has just been added to Listorious for others to follow. 7
  8. 8. Other Twitter Lists Resources  Another post of mine that you may find useful is Finding Influential People on Twitter  Twitter Lists 2 RSS You can easily subscribe to Twitter Lists through RSS by using a free service called Twitter Lists 2 RSS. If you have heard about RSS but don’t know too much about it, please check out my post called The Ultimate Google Reader Guide. Firstly, you need to enter the URL of a twitter list.. then click on the <Get an RSS Feed> button, And an RSS feed (of this Twitter list) get produced, Please refer to my post The Ultimate Google Reader Guide on how to subscribe to this feed using Google Reader.  HOW TO: Use Twitter Lists  Twitter Lists: Frequently Asked Questions and Strategies 8
  9. 9. The Social Media Guide The Social Media Guide provides helpful advice and tips on connecting you to others, through the use of social media and social networks. The Social Media Guide is an authoritative source on current and emerging social media tools and platforms. The current explosion in social media technologies has made it easier than ever to connect with friends, groups, customers and networks with similar interests, from all around the world. Businesses can benefit greatly by using social media to market their product, strengthen brand recognition and attract new customers. My aim is to show you how social media can be used, to connect with more people faster, by providing clear and simple solutions. The Social Media Guide will show you how to extend your reach deeper into the social web, and connect with more people. This material may be shared with everyone, not sold for profit and not modified in any way. Regards, Matthew Tommasi www: email: twitter: @socialguide facebook: 9