Broadcast and watch live video on facebook with justin tv


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Broadcast and watch live video on facebook with justin tv

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Broadcast and watch live video on facebook with justin tv

  1. 1. Broadcast and Watch Live Video on Facebook with is the largest online community for people to broadcast, watch and interact around live video. is the leading live video site on the Web, enabling users to create real-time connections with others around the world. Recently they have announced you can broadcast and watch live video from Facebook. Their “Live” Facebook application allows you to broadcast live video to the world with just a few clicks. You can produce and stream your very own live content, then send it out to Facebook and “Live” gets your friends in on the action by letting them know what you’re up to through status updates, sharing capabilities and news feed links to your broadcast. Setup Login to Facebook and search for, Click on Applications, 1
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. Click on Live (by, Click on <Go to Application>, Click on the Broadcast tab, Click on <Allow>, 3
  4. 4. Add Live as a Tab From your profile page, Click on the plus (+) symbol, then click on Live, 4
  5. 5. Refresh your page then you will see the Live tab has been added to your profile page, The Live application by can now be accessed any time from your tabs, 5
  6. 6. Broadcast Live Video To broadcast live video to the world click on the Broadcast tab, Then click on Click To Broadcast, 6
  7. 7. Give your Broadcast a title, then click on <Okay>, When the Adobe Flash Player Settings pop-up displays, click on <Allow> to allow this application to access your camera, 7
  8. 8. You should now see yourself on your screen.. if you don’t then your webcam isn’t setup right, 8
  9. 9. Click on <Start Broadcast> to go live to the world straight away, Watching Live Video To watch live video being broadcast click on the Watch tab, 9
  10. 10. Click on one of the channel selectors displayed in the ribbon of screenshots to watch the live stream, The channels from the live video streams are currently being broadcast by your Facebook friends, members of your Facebook networks, and a random selection of featured live video directly from 10
  11. 11. Currently you can’t add channels to your channel selector.. but will be implementing that feature soon. If you want to view a broadcast that is not in your channel selector, you will need to obtain the Live URL of that channel open it in a browser. Live URL During a broadcast you can email or tweet to your friends the URL to your live feed.. so they can watch your broadcast, Once your friends open the URL in a browser they can see your broadcast live, even if they aren’t signed into Facebook, Chat The chat box is shared by all users of the Live application. You can talk with people watching any channel, share links to interesting video, chat with your friends, and tell everyone about your own broadcasts on Live. 11
  12. 12. To access the chat functionality click on the Justin.TV link, which will take you to Justin.TV, From there you can chat to other people.. viewers of your broadcast don’t need to be logged in to talk in the channel, This application is very straight forward and integrates well with Facebook and does the job of streaming live video well. As the internet evolves towards more real time, so too will the development of real time video streaming. Enjoy! 12
  13. 13. The Social Media Guide The Social Media Guide provides helpful advice and tips on connecting you to others, through the use of social media and social networks. The Social Media Guide is an authoritative source on current and emerging social media tools and platforms. The current explosion in social media technologies has made it easier than ever to connect with friends, groups, customers and networks with similar interests, from all around the world. Businesses can benefit greatly by using social media to market their product, strengthen brand recognition and attract new customers. My aim is to show you how social media can be used, to connect with more people faster, by providing clear and simple solutions. The Social Media Guide will show you how to extend your reach deeper into the social web, and connect with more people. This material may be shared with everyone, not sold for profit and not modified in any way. Regards, Matthew Tommasi www: email: twitter: @socialguide facebook: 13