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2 웹2 0미디어환경변화 플레시먼힐러드 박영숙

2 웹2 0미디어환경변화 플레시먼힐러드 박영숙

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  • 1. Web2.0 & PR 2008.6.25 © Copyright 2008 Fleishman-Hillard
  • 2. Agenda Web 2.0 PR PR 2.0
  • 3. © Copyright 2008 Fleishman-Hillard
  • 4. 1946 St. Louis (2001 ) 1 PR, PA 84 2,500 (1997 ) PR Reputation & 12 1 (Harris/Impulse ) , , Talent Development Reputation (Employee Satisfaction Survey 97% ) One-office (IMC) TNS & Risk management Kroll 2006 International Agency of the Year (The Holmes Report) 2007 PRWeek Campaign of the Year, PRSA Best of Silver Anvil 2007 Award 2007 Asia Pacific PR Award ‘ & CSR ’ 2007 PR ‘ PR ’
  • 5. AWARDS IN 2007 2007 The Holmes Report: Global PR Firms rankings PRWeek Fleishman-Hillard ranked No. 1: Campaign of the Year 2007 (Project E.R.A.S.E.) PRSA Best of Silver Anvil 2007 (Project E.R.A.S.E.) SABRE award Outstanding Program of the Year The Holmes Report Asia Pacific PR Award Fleishman-Hillard Korea 2 Certificate of Excellence in Crisis communication Campaign of the year CSR Campaign of the year 2007 한국PR대상 이미지PR부문 우수상 – 5대 가족 찾기 한국PR협회
  • 6. Our Vision Fleishman-Hillard is a leading global communications consultancy. Our success relies on the exceptional value we bring to our clients by: Hiring and retaining the best people Maintaining a best-in-class workplace dedicated to teamwork and to the growth, development, and retention of our people Working in partnership with clients to create value through the most innovative and effective communications programs Observing the highest ethical and professional standards Being the best-managed organization in our industry
  • 7. Our Mission To make ourselves as valuable to our clients as they are to us… ®
  • 8. Our People
  • 9. Fleishman-Hillard Worldwide Network Canada Europe, Middle East, Calgary Montreal Latin America and Africa Ottawa Mexico City Amsterdam Toronto Miami Berlin Vancouver San Juan Brussels Cape Town Dublin United States Edinburgh Asia Pacific Frankfurt and India Albany Minneapolis/St. Paul Johannesburg Atlanta New York London Beijing Austin Portland Madrid Guangzhou Boston Raleigh-Durham Milan Hong Kong Charlotte Sacramento Moscow Kuala Lumpur Chicago San Antonio Munich Manila Cleveland San Diego Paris Melbourne Dallas San Francisco Prague Mumbai Detroit Seattle Warsaw Seoul Houston St. Louis Shanghai Kansas City Washington, D.C. Singapore Los Angeles Sydney Tokyo
  • 10. Practice Group Approach B-to-B Marketing Food and Public Affairs Agribusiness B-to-C Marketing Retail Healthcare Corporate Social Impact Homeland Security Marketing Digital Innovation Sports Business Energy Internal Technology FH Boom Communications Transportation FH Hispania Litigation Support Travel and Tourism FH Out Front Multicultural Youth and Mobile Financial Marketing Communications *Active practice group in Korea in bold
  • 11. FH Digital “We serve more than 1,500 clients. And each one of them – from AT&T to Zillow.com – expect us to evolve the practice of Public Relations 2.0… “I’ve made a commitment to everyone at Fleishman- Hillard and all our clients that within three years, all 84 offices will contain zero people who don’t We are building on our theme of last year, understand PR 2.0 -- how to integrate it, how to "Switch On. Brilliance.," which marked our full- use it. The distinction between analog and digital will fledged commitment to bringing "digital" into every disappear. Digital will be just another aspect of our phase of our business. people’s skill set.” Going digital is still a major, ongoing initiative. Dave Senay, CEO We have only begun. “PR 2.0:” Dave Senay, CEO The Medill School, Northwestern Senior Leadership Conference University La Costa, California October, 2007 March, 2008
  • 12. fuseTM “Existing” and “New” communication ingredients “mix masters” Traditional PR Methodology fusing Digital Environment Developing fuse service model such as OPT press release and VNR Networking with key influencers, communities and web tech agencies Assisting account teams to offer effective digital communication programs Developing database of key bloggers and online communities Delivering digital communication services (OEO, SEO, website counsel, etc.)
  • 13. Fleishman-Hillard Blogroll www.nextgreatthing.com A wireless communications agency positioned as a global hub within Ominicom and Fleishman-Hillard for mobile communications, trends, and research. Aims to help brands deliver relevant, compelling, made-for- mobile advertising to consumers when and where they want it.
  • 14. Fleishman-Hillard Blogroll http://www.outfrontblog.com/ The full spectrum of gay and lesbian communications This objective of this blog is to stimulate discussion on gay and lesbian communications issues. The focus is on issues related to gay and lesbian marketing and communications and the challenges and opportunities associated with communicating by, for, with and to this growing audience. The bloggers are the co-chairs of FH Out Front, the first global gay and lesbian communications practice group at a major communications firm. The contributors are members of the FH Out Front practice group.
  • 15. Fleishman-Hillard Blogroll http://www.theboomerblog.com/ A blog run by the practitioners at FH Boom℠, Fleishman-Hillard’s leading-edge marketing-to- boomer initiative. The Boomer Blog captures thoughts, discoveries and growing intelligence of a multi-generational team as they grapple with, report on and respond to the barrage of daily research, case histories and news that is rushing to catch up with this fast-moving generation. Many of those at FH Boom who are themselves, 42+, are additionally seizing this opportunity to give voice to their own opinions, experiences and insider perspective on all things boomer.
  • 16. Fleishman-Hillard Blogroll http://www.eyeonfda.com/ RX for pharma industry communications and planning Eye on FDA is published by Mark Senak of Fleishman- Hillard's Washington, D.C. office. An authority on regulatory aspects of communications and medical products, with particular emphasis on pre- approval communications; strategist to help pharma and biotech companies prepare best case for advisory committee approval; issues and crisis management.
  • 17. Fleishman-Hillard Blogroll http://www.csrresults.com/ Rethinking Corporate Social Responsibility: A U.S. Perspective Fleishman-Hillard and the National Consumers League, the nation's oldest consumer organization, present the second national research study looking at corporate social responsibility (CSR) through the eyes of the American public. This is a blog that openly looks at and invites discussion on the topic of CSR and the survey findings in general.
  • 18. Fleishman-Hillard Blogroll http://navigatecommunications.com/ Navigate communications is published by David Bradfield of Fleishman- Hillard's New York office. The thoughts and ideas in this blog are inspired by his work in managing the digital communication group.
  • 19. Fleishman-Hillard Blogroll http://johnarmato.com/blog/ Think Inside the Box: Essays on the creative process, communications, and a life of ideas. A blog run by John Armato, a senior partner, creative strategist, and past Global Co-Chair of the Consumer Marketing Practice Group at Fleishman-Hillard International Communications
  • 20. Fleishman-Hillard Blogroll http://fhcsr.typepad.com/wandered/ A personal blog run by David Lowey, Senior Vice President at Fleishman-Hilliard St. Louis. David specializes in online communications at Fleishman-Hillard, but also works extensively in design, video, event production and branding capacities. He has spoken publicly regarding the issues of social networking, knowledge management, and online marketing communications.
  • 21. Fleishman-Hillard Blogroll http://soitgoes.typepad.com/so_it_goes/ This is a personal blog run by Jeff Weintraub, co-leader of Fleishman- Hillard’s public affairs group in Washington, D.C.
  • 22. Fleishman-Hillard Blogroll http://e2beard.wordpress.com/ Run by a recruiter with Fleishman-Hillard ~ Current positions are posted and the blog serves as a forum where Betsy can network with qualified professionals as well as to share views on recruiting, interviewing, and attracting top talent.
  • 23. Web2.0 & PR © Copyright 2008 Fleishman-Hillard
  • 24. PR PR = Stakeholder Relationship Management • Building relationships between an organization and its stakeholders through engagement and interaction to drive positive awareness, influence attitudes and impact behaviors - Finding influencers (people and communities) with influence and credibility … who impact perceptions, attitudes and action telling them the story … and letting them tell the story to others - Using a variety of tools in the communicator’s toolkit to find the right people…at the right time… with the right message - Identifying … finding … engaging … connecting -- achieving measurable impact on business performance …
  • 25. “ ”
  • 26. PR 1.0 + PR 2.0 Podcasting Folksonomy Facebook Web 2.0 Blogs Media relations Tagging Wireless Promotions RSS Search engine Grassroots marketing Pitching YouTube Press Fact reporters sheets Online editorial outreach releases User- generated Publicity Reputation Public affairs content management Viral Citizen Employee marketing journalism Special Coalitions events communications Social networking Branding IR Buzz Direct Mobile DVRs marketing Third party outreach Metaverses Flogs Social MySpace Advergaming networking Flickr Wikis Content optimization Syndication Twitter
  • 27. PR 1.0 + PR 2.0 Media Buying Advertising Direct Marketing Branding Promotions Experiential Traditional PR Digital $6 billion $1 trillion 5% 95%
  • 28. ... public relations is unique among marketing disciplines in having skills and capabilities to dominate in a network-based world. Jeffrey Rayport
  • 29. Enterprise 2.0 Fast service & communication Demassification (service, media etc.) Value added services Organizational creativity Soft competency Risk management capability & CSR
  • 30. PR - 2008 Digital Influence Index ( ) http://www.fhdigital.net/influenceIndex/ - : TV 2 , 8 - , social media, - , - , , (28% ) - ( : , : SNS) Fleishman-Hillard Europe & Harris Interactive 2008.6 12 5,000 , , , , , , , , ( / )
  • 31. PR Web 1.0 ~ 3.0 Early Web Behaviors Behaviors Examples People consume content on the Read information on Research internet to find information that politics and current helps them make decisions or as events entertainment. Communication Web 1.0 People use the internet to Use instant messaging communicate with other people. Commerce People use the internet to purchase goods and services or actively Make purchases online manage finances. Publishing People use the internet to express Rate products and Web 2.0 themselves by generating content. services, RSS subsribe Mobility People are free from the fixed Surf the internet- Web 3.0 points and use internet technologies mobile device while on the go. Source: Digital Influence Index Study Advanced Behaviors 2008.6, Fleishman-Hillard Europe & Harris Interactive
  • 32. PR • • • TV Of the nearly 1,000 consumers Nielsen Radio has interviewed, only a third could recall any TV spots they had seen Internet (source: Media Daily News, Aug.8, 2007) Newspapers Magazines Video Games Cell Phones Direct Mail Yellow Pages Video-on-demand Out-of-Home Cinema
  • 33. PR Inner Media
  • 34. PR
  • 35. PR Influencers ( , , , …) B2C C2C (community to community):chase to being “found” Internal communications vs External communications Virtual vs Reality , Reality program CRM to CMR(Customer Managed Relationships) Activism ( , , ) Control vs Uncontrollable vs Predictable Return on Impact
  • 36. © Copyright 2008 Fleishman-Hillard
  • 37. PR PR 2.0 Communication Conversation Community FH 3Cs SM Communication = producing and placing content that is easily accessible and digestible by target audiences Conversation = enhancing communication by sparking conversations and creating dialogue Community = turning content and conversation into a common bond around which people gravitate
  • 38. PR PR 2.0 Point of View Integration Optimization Crisis 2.0
  • 39. PR 2.0 DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS • Advertising • Online editorial outreach • Optimized press release • Social media • Mobile marketing • Search Engine Optimization • Virtual world marketing • Loyalty programs • Digital influencer analysis CONTENT TECHNICAL • Digital News Hub • Content optimization • Web development • Web writing, editing and • Database design multimedia production • Application development • Podcast/vodcast production • Wireless implementation • Quality assurance testing CREATIVE DESIGN • Identity development • Digital video • Web design • Graphic production • Flash / multimedia • Usability testing
  • 40. PR 2.0
  • 41. PR 2.0 © Copyright 2008 Fleishman-Hillard
  • 42. PR 2.0 PR 2.0 (WEB , ) , / , ( / , , , / )
  • 43. PR 2.0 & WOMMA Code of Ethics: http://www.womma.org/ethicscode.htm Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/buspubs/coppa.htm
  • 44. PR 2.0 & fuseTM Ethics Guidelines
  • 45. Q&A - yvonne.park@fleishman.com / 02-2016-7260 fuseTM - fuse22@fleishman.co.kr © Copyright 2008 Fleishman-Hillard