WebKitGTK+: current status and roadmap (GUADEC 2012)
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WebKitGTK+: current status and roadmap (GUADEC 2012)



By Mario Sánchez Prada. ...

By Mario Sánchez Prada.

In this talk we will discuss about WebKitGTK+[1], the port of the WebKit web rendering engine[2] to the GNOME platform, based on technologies such as GObject, GTK+, libsoup, cairo, gstreamer and ATK, among others.

A lot of things have happened since the last Desktop Summit, so we will try to focus on the most notorious ones, such as its integration with GNOME and GTK+3, increased support of the HTML5 standard and several improvements on the multimedia, rendering and accessibility layers.

We will also cover the integration with WebKit2[3] and its split-process model, as well as the design of the new API being developed for WebKit2GTK+, which we expect to be ready for the next stable version of the port. Once it's stable, it will allow to port nearly any application already using WebKitGTK+, such as Yelp or Epiphany, to the new multi-process architecture.

Last, we will prepare some nice demos to show you in a better way what WebKitGTK+ is already capable of, which kind of awesomeness it can bring to your application and how easy it is to embed and use.

The talk should be interesting for embedders and for those considering integrating web technologies in their products in some other ways (e.g. HTML5-based user interfaces).

[1] http://www.webkitgtk.org
[2] http://www.webkit.org
[3] http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/WebKit2



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    WebKitGTK+: current status and roadmap (GUADEC 2012) WebKitGTK+: current status and roadmap (GUADEC 2012) Presentation Transcript

    • WebKitGTK+: Current status and roadmap Mario Sánchez Prada  <mario@igalia.com> WebKit and WebKitGTK+
    • What is WebKit?
    • What is WebKit?
    • What is WebKitGTK+?  
    • Who is using WebKitGTK+? WebKit2
    • What is WebKit2?
    • WebKit2: API & Process Boundaries
    • WebKit2: API & Process Boundaries
    • WebKit2: State of the art WebKit2 announced back in April 2010 Apple and Qt already released WK2 browsers Epiphany with WK2 support in GNOME 3.6 WebKit2GTK+ stable API to be released soon Cross­platform C API exists, internally used Most challenges of multi process model solved Tests running, need to deploy more test bots WebKitGTK+: Current Status Previously in WebKitGTK+... Migrated to GTK+ 3.x. Kept GTK 2.x support. Independent JavaScriptCore library Improved HTML5 support WebGL support (not enabled by default) GObject bindings for the DOM On­disk network cache Spell checking APIs Improvements in accessibility support Basic support for WebKit2 (WebKit2GTK+)
    • Stable release (1.8) Improvements in performance (backing store) DFG JIT compiler enabled in JavaScriptCore HTML5 history APIs WebGL support built by default Initial support for Accelerated Compositing Experimental support for WebAudio Geolocation API built by default Preliminary version of WebKit2GTK+ API Enabled accessibility support in WebKit2GTK+ WebKitGTK+: Roadmap WebKitGTK+ Roadmap WebKit1 In maintenance mode from GNOME 3.6 on Epiphany no longer using WK1 after 3.8 Other apps could start migrating as well WebKit2 Beta version of WebKit2GTK+ API for GNOME 3.6 New development will happen in WebKit2GTK+ Parallel installable with WebKit1
    • Next stable release (1.10) Support for Accelerated Compositing WebGL enabled by default Support for HTML5 Fullscreen and WebAudio Multimedia layer ported to GStreamer 0.11 Support for the Low­Level Interpreter in JSC Beta version of the WebKit2GTK+ API: Context menus, Web Inspector, on­disk cache HTML5 fullscreen, cookies, geolocation Favicons, spell­checking, print support Documentation, GI annotations More tests running and passing (also for WK2) Upcoming releases (2.0, 2.2...) First stable API of WebKit2GTK+ for 2.0 Stabilization of the WebKit2GTK+ API Add more API to WebKit2GTK+ as required HW accelerated Video Rendering Integration of the cairo­gl backend Port more apps to WebKit2GTK+ (yelp, ephy...) Wrapping up
    • Conclusions Mature port of WebKit, used everywhere Released regularly (every 6 months) Suitable for writing modern browsers Great option for embedders Lots of improvements during the previous months WebKit1 in maintenance mode since GNOME 3.6 WebKit2GTK+ beta API since GNOME 3.6 Stable WebKit2GTK+ API expected for 3.8 Epiphany with WK2 by default expected for 3.8 Reporting bugs and Contributing www.webkit.org bugs.webkit.org www.webkitgtk.org trac.webkit.org/wiki/WebKitGTK/WebKit2Roadmap Mailing lists: webkit­gtk@lists.webkit.org webkit­dev@lists.webkit.org IRC channels on irc.freenode.net: #webkitgtk+ and #webkit Thanks!