The game is an FPS (First person shooter) but with some exciting new game mechanics
which makes the game stand out...
able to feel like you properly own the game. The benefit for Origin is that this very hyped
and popular game is exclusive ...
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  1. 1. Product The game is an FPS (First person shooter) but with some exciting new game mechanics which makes the game stand out a bit more from the competition, it’s Unique Selling Point is the fact you can get into these giant robots and start playing the game in them from a different perspective and on a different scale. The game is also only playable as an online multiplayer game, making the game a lot more competitive and more social. A lot of people nowadays actually skip the storyline of the game and just play online with their friends, this way Respawn was able to spend more time making a really good multiplayer experience and the consumer can see this. Many people like the game for the great mechanics, but many see it as what could revive the Xbox One after all the negative press it got when announced and released, this has defiantly improved the Xbox One’s image and this pleases fans of the console. Price The price is set around £40 for the game alone, but more popular than buying the game on its own is buying the Xbox One/Titanfall bundle, what is so attractive about this offer is that the price of the bundle is only about £20 more than buying the console alone, this attracts people as you’re getting the newest console out but also the most hyped game for the console currently. Also for a whopping extra £75 you can buy the exclusive Titanfall branded Xbox One controller, and for £119 you can buy the Titanfall branded headset, this stands out to people who are big fans of the game, also people who want a cool design on their controller and headset rather than the default black colour Microsoft gives people, it’ll also stand out to collectors who keep these items boxed as a bundle and hope for their value to increase if the game becomes a classic. Place The game can be either purchased physically which has the benefits of being able to buy a special edition which gives you extras, but you can also buy the game online from the Xbox Live market place or from Origin on the computer. The benefits from getting a digital version of the game is that you don’t have to leave your house in order to obtain the game, many people especially the younger demographic enjoy getting the game this way as their parents may not want to take them out to get the game, so it is convenient for them. Though there are benefits for buying a physical copy of the game, many see it as being more exciting to go out and buy a physical copy of the game and to be
  2. 2. able to feel like you properly own the game. The benefit for Origin is that this very hyped and popular game is exclusive to them on PC and gives them a strong advantage over the competition, being Steam. This may convince people to move to Origin and start using it over Steam, it also take potential customers away from Steam, making Origin more popular. Promotion The game is heavily promoted, one that really stands out is if you go to the xbox website right in the middle of the page is a massive Titanfall advert, it’s impossible to miss. This is because Titanfall is exclusive just to the Xbox One and Windows PC, both of which are owned by Microsoft, it makes sense for Microsoft to heavily promote possibly the best game on their newest system to boost already poor sales on the console. Also going back to the Titanfall branded controller and headset you can see how heavily promoted this game has been, these accessories are way more expensive than the standard ones, but because they’re Titanfall branded they are sold for very high prices, people already engulfed by Titanfall’s marketing campaign are likely to buy these accessories, also people who don’t like the game may still buy these as they look really nice and appeal to many people, even non- gamers. The promotion also expands to different markets, there are Titanfall branded energy drinks, made for people who plan on playing a lot of Titanfall and needing something to keep them awake, there is also toys which have been branded by Titanfall, such as the K’nex, where you can build your own Titan. The Xbox One console bundled with Titanfall also has the unique Titanfall design on it making it stand out and look a lot nicer than the default box, it’s doesn’t cost much more than getting the console on it’s own and also boosts sales of the game and the console, it’s a good way of promoting both the console and the game, saying “Hey look at me, want to play Titanfall? you can on me”, it makes people know that this is an exclusive game. MSI created a bundle where if you purchased one of their laptops you would get a free copy of Titanfall included, thus advertising both Titanfall and MSI saying that if you want to play this game at its best you need to on this laptop, also on the advert is a Nvidia logo, Nvidia is well known for supplying some of the best graphic cards for PC’s, so to people who recognize this it is a big selling point for them. These sorts of bundle have really gotten Titanfall’s name out there and built up a ton of hype for the game, it isn’t a surprise that it did so well.