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  • 1. KEY NOTE Aaron Newbigging Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 2. Type/Typography/Font Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 3. My analysis of App Store icons Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 4. Flappy Bird Icon Analysis I have put these lines across the image in order to determine the center of the image, using the lines I can see the center of the image is also the center of the “Flappy Bird”, being the center of the image it draw immediate attention to it, also we now know that this bird is the main character of the game from this. This can also speak for the gameplay, it hints to the player that during the game the bird will be in the center of the screen most of the time. The colour palette for the Flappy Bird logo is very simple, containing 10 main colours, the bird itself is very simple in colours as it is pixel art, there are about 4 colours in the bird. The background is the more complex part, if you look at the tall hills in almost right at the back there seems to be a gradient created. If you look at the bird itself its facial expression seems to be very worried or depressed, which says a bit about the game, that itʼll be a hard challenge and that youʼll likely fail. The style of this logo is pixel art, which means it is a bitmap rather than a vector, a vector would have smooth edges so that is the best way to tell. Because the logo is styled in this way it lets you know that the game will also be in the style. We know it is pixel art due to the big pixels present on the screen which are just big squares. The bird is very simplistic in its design, using a minimum amount of colours, no gradients are used. But there is some very simple shading going on here, the top of the bird is white which is the highlight of the bird and it gets darker as you look down the bird. The shading is simple yet effective as it sticks to the simple colour palette of the logo yet gives off a good effect. Around the bird is all negative space, which tells the player that youʼll spend most of this game in the air rather than being on the ground, also since there are no objects around the bird it hints towards the fact that you must avoid touching things in the game. To further back up the point of the negative space hinting towards the inability to touch objects, notice how there is a strong drop shadow under the bird, clearly showing it as not being part of the background, it separates it from anything else so itʼs not touching any objects. The drop shadow also backs up the fact that the player will be flying in the game rather than being on the ground as it creates the effect that the bird is floating in front of the background. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 5. Five things which make a good app store icon The platformer logos where good as it was easy to show the core mechanics of the game within the logo, such as having boxes you can hit to break and also having the main character in the centre of the logo looking like they are about the break the boxes or hit them. This shows that having elements from the game shown in the logo works well. • The best logos I have seen are ones that effectively use the colour wheel theory as they look a lot better than others that do not use it, such as the skateboarding game logo, it looks nice and the complimentary colours is pleasing to the eye. • Having the main character in the logo has proven effective, especially for the platformer and shooting games. This almost instantly sets up a connection with that character and also people may recognise the character, for example if someone made an app and in the centre of the app was Mario they’d instantly know what kind of game it is because of that character. • Simplistic logos with the title of the game on them works well as well, especially the “2048″ logos, this game has become quite popular and just seeing that number tells many people what the game is about almost instantly, this could work well with other games that have similar short titles that could easily fit and be visible in the logo. • The art style is important in the logo, some of these logos are obviously vector art so in theory the game should be in a similar style to that, then others are a bitmap images and you expect the game to be a bit more cartoony and old fashioned with a different style of graphics than others. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 6. Three things that make a bad app store icon One thing I noticed is people trying to make logos that are so simple that it’s impossible to tell what the game is about, this seems to happen a lot with card games I’ve noticed, as all the card game apps I have seen just have images of cards rather than actual gameplay or something saying what kind of card game. • The objectification of women doesn’t work well for logos, it doesn’t accurately depict what kind of game it would be, the example we have below it doesn’t really suggest a card game. • Sometimes the logo will be to vague and not give people the impression it should be, an example of this is the construction game logo, where all you see is a bridge and really nothing suggesting construction. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 7. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 8. Why those games are placed in those locations on my graph EVE was placed in the top left being more of a Niche and Core game because it has a very small target audience, due to the complexity of the game. It’s not the kind of game you can pick up and start playing straight away. Titanfall is in the top right being a Mainstream and Core game because of its vast target audience, it’s the kind of game you can pick up and start playing without much thought, which contributes to its popularity. Don’t Tape The White Tile is a Niche and Casual game, it’s a musical game where you play a piano but you can only touch the black notes, due to the difficulty curve in this game and its small target audience appeal it is a Niche game, but it is the kind of game you can pick up and start playing straight away so it is a casual game. Dragoncity is a Mainstream and Casual game, it’s a social game which can be played on Facebook which contributes to its popularity making it more mainstream, it’s mechanics are similar to that of Farmville and other Facebook games, it is simple and easy to use and people usually play it in their spare time, making it a casual game. Squidiverse is a Niche and Casual game, but is almost into the core category. The style of gameplay and the mechanics makes it more of a casual game than a core one, though it can be quite difficult it is mostly played casually, it is more of a Niche game than a Mainstream game due to its odd themes such as sci-fi themes which aren’t very Mainstream. It is close to the core category due to the difficulty of the game, it’s not to difficult but some may class it as more of a core game because of it though. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 9. 5% 20% 10% 65% Achievers Killers Explorers Socialisers 5%5% 60% 30% 70% 5% 25% I’ve created 3 pie chart above to compare my game to other games currently in the market, Titanfall is a Mainstream Core game and Dragon City is a Mainstream casual game. If you look above you can see how Squidiverse is different from these two games in the type of audience that it attracts, Squidiverse mainly attracts achievers and also some explorers, whereas Titanfall attracts more killers and also some achievers as well, Dragon City attracts mainly Socialisers and some achievers also. Squidiverse is more appealing towards achievers as the main objective is to complete the level no matter what it takes, unlike the other two games here you must complete a level, advance to the next and complete that one and continue that cycle, this appeals to achievers because the drive themselves to achieve well at a game. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 10. How would could increase Killer and Socialiser interest in our game As seen in the graph on the previous slide the game doesn’t really appeal very much to both socialisers and killers, below are two ways we could appeal more to killers and socialisers: To appeal to killers we would have to get some sort of scoring system into the game and have a leader board to display the highest scores, this is probably one of the biggest attractions for a killer as it allows them to become much more competitive and challenge their friends and also people online. To appeal to socialisers we could have Facebook and Twitter integrated into our game which could allow you to share you scores or share what level you got up to so maybe your friends could give you some tips on how to pass that level, we could also have rare collectables which possibly give you a power up for a little while which you can also share to your friends on Facebook or Twitter, similar to the Facebook game “Bejeweled Blitz” which allows you to share your power ups with your friends. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 11. I have created this mock up of an iPhone home screen to show what apps our potential target audience may have on their iPhone, these are mainly casual games, shopping apps, apps for watching videos and apps for fun such as the songify app and the xbox smartglass app. Our potential audience is likely to be casual gamers so I have found some of the most popular casual games on the iPhone app store, including: Angry Birds, Temple Run, Tetris, Minecraft and Doctor Who. Minecraft is a casual game and for a while was quite Niche before its popularity drastically improved, though tetris was a very popular game on the app store it is quite Niche as not many people have it on their phone, so this can relate to our game. Many of the apps on the homescreen point towards a geeky character, with the Marvel and DC apps and also the Doctor Who app, our game is mainly aimed towards sci-fi fans so it only makes sense that our potential audience would have these kind of apps on their phone. Also our target audience is geared more towards the younger audience, so games such as Angry Birds and Minecrafft fit well into the image of our target audience as these are games that younger audiences enjoy. Since our audience will typically be into sci-fi it only makes sense to have apps for watching videos and movies such as Netflix and YouTube, Netflix can be used to watch movies and TV shows, this app is quite mainstream because it has a wide variety of content which can suit many people with different interests. YouTube is very mainstream and hosts a large variety of content also. Since our target audience may typically be into sci-fi they likely collect items from sci-fi shows, this is why there are Amazon and eBay apps on the home screen, they’re likely to want to keep up to date with anyone they are wanting to purchase so these apps work well for them. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 12. Little White Lies Cover Analysis The main cover-line on this cover is completely different to the one which is on the Total Film one, this one is small but as the background is matte black it stands out and looks a lot more neat a sophisticated. The Total Film main cover-line was very cluttered and a lot bigger. The Little White Lies masthead is always the same on all issues, it is in the center in a circle with the barcode on it, what theyʼve done is taken the most unattractive part of the cover and stuck it in the logo so thereʼs more room on it for the amazing design they have. This logo is well recognized by many people, especially big fans of the magazine so it makes sense for them to make it noticeable and easy to see and consistent, on the Total Film cover Superman was covering a lot of the logo, almost half of it whereas on this one he is only covering a small part of it, this is because the cover is less crowded and they have gone for a simplistic design over a cluttered one which appeals to the target audience. This cover has a simplistic design compared to the Total Film cover, the Total Film cover is cluttered and full of advertisements trying to draw the reader in to buy their magazine and a lot of the time that work, but Little White Lies has gone for a simplistic design to appeal to more artistic people, both magazines have different target audiences, hence the different designs. This magazine has an artistic design and direction, on the cover is a design of Superman, it is an abstract design which appeals to the target audience, whereas the Total Film cover has an image probably from a photo shoot or a still from the film, which is more for the regular consumer. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 13. Hunger Games Poster Analysis 1 The character here in the poster stands out from the background behind here and her face is also well lit, the way she is posing and the way she stands out from the background shows that she is strong and also shows that she may be crucial to the plot of this sequel and is one of the main protagonists in the film. The way this poster is styled kind of makes it look like a drawing to me, the textures that are on it and the overall feel look and look of it gives me the impression that this may have been drawn. This could show that the movie will be artistic and creative or the textures and the colors used could show that she is a hero within a dark world as the cliff she is standing on is lit where she is standing where the other side is dark which could symbolize this. The logo is small but it stands out within the poster as it is placed on the part of the cliff which is darkened and is brightly colored. This catches the viewers eye quite quickly and they then know that it is a poster for the hunger games and then will look at the poster in a different light as they will know what it is referring to. Notice how at the bottom the date is the most visible part of the text, this is obviously like this so that the viewer can easily see when itʼs coming out and it stands out from the dark background and all the crowded text around it as it is bold, bigger and lighter colored. The color scheme that has been picked here could match the theme and tone that the movie will be, at first glance I see use of the colors red, brown, orange and yellow which to me could symbolize corruption or a world gone wrong, and the fact that she is also holding a bow and arrow this could show that there will be an epic fight somewhere in the movie and this also goes with the color scheme. This color scheme could also hint towards the genre being an action or adventure story possibly with a slightly darker tone to it, someone had never seen the first movie (like me) theyʼd imagine it having an epic fight in it somewhere and some sort of fight for survival. At the top appears to be a quote possibly from the movie, the quote is most probably from the character we currently see on the poster and may refer to her sense of strength and will to fight no matter what against those who do wrong or challenge her. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 14. Hunger Games Poster Analysis 2 Again in this one we have the same color scheme to it which is; red, yellow, orange and brown. There is a lot of fire in this poster which foreshadows fighting a lot more than the other. This points towards the protagonist in this poster here having to fight for something and could also show her ʻburningʼ passion for something and her willingness to fight for what she believes in. Again this also hints the genre to the viewer as an action adventure movie, the use of the color scheme and the fire also hints to it being more action packed than the other. The logo in this poster is very different to the other one, it clearly shows that it is a Hunger Games sequel and they want the audience to know that, this could be because it is targeted towards a different demographic, the date on this poster is november 21 instead of 22 like the other one, so I assume this poster was made for Americans. The logo here is very big and it has to be since it is the only way to catch the eye away from the epic design that the poster has, so it makes sense fro them to make the logo much bigger. Also note that the title of the sequel is much bigger than the part announcing itʼs a hunger games sequel, this shows they want people to know itʼs a new movie. Again in this poster we see her with her bow and arrow which seems to be creating a trademark for her as her primary weapon and is symbolic of the way she is, notice how she isnʼt holding a gun or a sword or anything, the bow and arrow is a light weight weapon which speaks for her personality which could mean she started as a normal girl in the first movie but is being forced to do things she is not wanting to do to survive. In this poster we have a different sort of quote at the top, I say sort of as it seems to be a more of a tagline this time than a quote, I could imagine that being on top of the DVD cover or something, but it also hints to the possibility of her or another protagonist within the movie becoming corrupt and possibly fighting against the others, it is also very mysterious and will draw viewers in to think as to what it could be referring to and it is also interesting. Similar to the other poster you can see that the date of release is much bigger than the text surrounding it, this is to make sure the audience knows when it will be out and to make sure that they remember that it is on this date, this is also the same font and color as the logo so it kind of fits together with that and makes it more memorable. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 15. Book Cover Analysis 1 I love the abstract feel and look this cover has, with such a simple design. The red in the leaves obviously represents fire but in a subtle way and the red leaves really contrast against the green within the eye and also her skin. Unlike the American cover this cover does not contain The Hunger Games logo which is odd as in the other cover it was the main focus of the cover and this one itʼs not even here. It still has a similar color scheme to the other with the inclusion of red seeming to be one of the main focuses of the cover. This cover is very vibrant in its colors, all the colors are very saturated and stands out against each other, we also seem to have two maybe three light sources, from the left and right of the model and also there seems to be one straight in front of our viewing angle of her to really brighten her up and add brightness and contrast to the image without photoshopping it. ʻDie Tribute Von Panemʼ means ʻThe Hunger Gamesʼ and it stands out against the background and is very large in size, the the section below that is the name of the book which is substantially smaller than the title itself, theyʼre trying to bring in more people with itʼs unique design and the title is very large so people whoʼve heard of the series will see it and recognize it. The color scheme which is used here can represent a few things, for instance the red in the leaves could represent fire which is a major theme in this book or it could even represent rebellion, then the green in her eye could show the games themselves as it takes place in a lot of forest terrain so it could represent that. Compared to the American cover it is much more cluttered, as the American one has a very simple design this one is slightly more complex, this could show how the different demographics react to a certain cover design, also comparing it to the American cover we have many more colors used such as the skin tone and the green in her eye where the other one was mainly red and representing fire. Another thing to compare to the American cover is the different font and style used on the text, on the American cover it was very bold and silver, on this one it is a lot less bold and looks more sophisticated than the other. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 16. Book Cover Analysis 2 What I really love about this design is its simplicity, itʼs a very minimalistic design which really makes it stand out against other books that have a cluttered design which nowadays I think just puts people off buying the book sometimes Another thing to note is how the name of the series ʻThe Hunger Gamesʼ is very small and doesnʼt even catch your eye and the ʻCatching Fireʼ part is very big and bold and stands out from its background, this is because the logo which is on the book under the ʻCatching Fireʼ part is very well known already and people who see that instantly know itʼs the Hunger Games, this gives artists more space to work on a lovely design. Also the authors name is in a similar style to the title of the book, this is so people who recognize the author will likely be interested in this book, chances are this isnʼt her first series of books she has done so people who some how may not of heard of this series but liked her previous works maybe interested. The color scheme used for this book cover represents fire, in the center of the logo which represents The Hunger Games is a bright yellow or the heart of the flame. Then it slowly blends to a firey red as we reach outside of the flame which is a great effect to match the mood and themes of the book. Compared to the German cover it is a lot more simple, we have The Hunger Games logo accompanied with some nice pattern designs which gives it a very strange and unique design, also ʻThe Hunger Gamesʼ is very small compared to the German cover shifting more focus towards the ʻCatching Fireʼ part of the book rather than the name of the series. Also to note is the simplicity of the color scheme compared to the German cover, with the main theme being a gradient from yellow to red to create the effect of fire, the main colors here are yellow and red, on the German cover we have many different main colors such as red Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 17. Total Film Cover Elements Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 18. Total Film Cover Analysis The pull quote is big and stands out, this is most likely to be one of the first things to catch the readers eye. This is a quote from inside the magazine and it will interest the reader and make them want to read it to find out what it is referring to. The Masthead is the first thing that will catch the readers attention, it is important that this is big and catches the attention of the reader as it advertises a well known brand name and letʼs the read know that it is reliable and what they like. The Qualifier is also important as it shouts to the reader that is is the worldʼs best movie reviews, not just good reviews or best in the UK, itʼs the best in the WORLD. The main cover-line tells the reader what the magazine will be about and what they can expect inside of the magazine and also pulls in people who would be interested in the movie and want to find out some more information about it. The top section could possibly be the first part of the magazine a reader may see, if it has other magazines in front of it this will be the visible part, and it lists a lot of popular characters which will also attract potential The additional content is there to give readers a little more insight into what this magazine could possible hold for them, it advertises the other articles. The splash interests the reader usually by showing some sort of exclusive that only this magazine contains, it normally has some bold text to bring the reader in, in this case it is the ʻ100ʼ. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 19. Bioshock Infinite Analysis This cover follows the standard Xbox 360 game case conventions, the Xbox 360 logo stands out at the top, in a bunch of games stacked up this is the first thing you see, you know itʼs an Xbox 360 game from this when youʼre in a store. The logo, like the on all game covers is big and stands out and it follows the colour scheme of the cover, itʼs just above the main image of the character so it doesnʼt interfere with it and doesnʼt crowd the page. The main image is carefully placed and stands out from the background, this is typical on most game cases. Notice how his arm holding the shotgun is just a few pixels away from the ESRB rating, as to not seem to cluttered and packed together. The image is well designed in the fact you can see itʼs a first person shooter, with the inclusion of a shotgun and the mid-shot of the main character. You also know from this image that you will play as this character, being the main focus of the cover and the only person on the cover. The rating is big but tucked away into this small corner, this is standard on all video game cases as this is where people look to see the rating, if it were not there people may start thinking the game could be a fake copy. The M lets the person know that it is rated mature, and above the M is a “MATURE 17+” so people know this game is not suitable for children. The developer and publisher logos are also quite big and tucked away into the right hand corner, this again is like this on all game covers, itʼs common now for people to look in this position of the cover to see who has developed and published the game. From the logo you can get an idea on some of the themes of the game, the logo appears to be rusted and has an old timey feel to it, the colours used again reflect the old time feel, there is a gradient going on where the colour is more saturated and vibrant on the right of the word “BIOSHOCK” and fades to the left, which again adds to the feel of the game possibly being set in the past or maybe even a forgotten city. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 20. Game Box Art Breakdown Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 21. Banner ad initial ideas This was my first idea, the logo is centred and has a graphic of Squid jumping to the left, to the right of it will be a “CLICK HERE TO PLAY” button which I have noticed in many banners so I shall use this concept. This is my second idea, it will have Squids had in the centre with the logo to the left of it and a tagline to the right of it, this is going on a different style of banner ad, drawing more attention to the iconic and symbolic Squid head rather than the logo. I have two designs in mind for my banner ad, to quickly get them down I just got the pen tool out in Photoshop and drew them up, I shall refer back to these when designing my banner, I shall make two designs and then based on the feedback I’ll get from them I shall choose the design I shall continue working on. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 22. Banner Ad Rough Draft 1 I have made a rough draft of the banner that will go on websites I found during my research. Currently I have the logo, Squid’s head and the tagline which is “Underwater… but in space” to try draw in the audience and peak their interest with the interesting tagline. I decided to colour correct it as I felt with the original colours the design seemed kinda washed out and not as pleasing to the eye, so I colour corrected it so there is more red in the design and after that it looked much more pleasing to the eye. Original Colour Corrected I’ve made Squids head close to the centre as to draw as much attention to it as possible, because of this people will know that somehow Squids head is symbolic and iconic for the game. What I need to do now is get feedback on my design and improve it based on that feedback. I did some research into the standard size of a banner ad and found this graphic online listing the correct sizes of different web elements. I have decided to create my banner at the full banner size which is 468×60 so this is the resolution that I have made my banner. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 23. Banner Ad Rough Draft 2 This is my second design which could potentially go on the websites found during my research. With this design I put a bit more thought into the actual style of it, trying to create something a bit more eye catching as I want people to just stop for a second and be like “whoa what’s that?” I first put everything where I wanted it to be, unfortunately due to the size of the “CLICK HERE TO PLAY” I can’t have the Squidiverse logo as centred as I’d like so it’s slightly offset to the left. This is my initial design, I basically just got everything laid out as I wanted, it’s currently very dull and isn’t anything to special or pleasing to the eye. I had the idea to create smoke behind the text on the banner so I made a new layer above the normal background and rendered clouds onto it and set the blending mode to colour dodge, I decided wanted it slightly offset from the right, meaning it won’t be the main focus of the ad but it’ll create a nice effect. I also noticed it affected to much of the image, so I create a mask and created a circular gradient on it from white to black so only the part offset to the right was most present and slowly faded out from that centre point. I then decided I want to give the smoke a bit more character and also make it kinda of highlight the logo a bit more, I added an outer glow to the logo at a opacity of about 40% and a size of 27px which surprisingly gave the smoke a really nice lens flare like effect to it and had a really nice trail going across the text which works really well and looks really nice. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 24. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 25. Banner Ad 1 Response To Feedback I’ve altered banner ad 1 based on the feedback I received from the client, it was mentioned that the one problem with design was that the tagline should stand out a bit more and be of a different font and possibly a different colour, so I played around with some fonts and decided on “Stone Sans Sem ICT TT” which fit quite well with the design and doesn’t stand out to much. I also used the colour wheel theory to play around with some colours for the font: I used analogous colour wheel theory and decided I should use blue for the text so it’ll contrast with the purple nicely creating a nice underwater/space theme. Green is part of the triad for the colour theory of purple, yellow is as well. I didn’t feel like this fit as well as the blue one. Yellow is the other part of the triad in the colour theory, again this does not portray the themes as well as I’d like I experimented using a gradient from blue to purple on the font here, I think it works pretty well but I may get client feedback on both this and the blue design to see which they like best. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 26. Banner Ad 2 Response To Feedback Above is updated banner I have created, as you can see the glow is a lot less subtle now and starts with Squid and ends on “Squidiverse”, this is so there is not as much attention on the SE as there was before, I have also added a subtle gradient to the “Squidiverse” text to help it blend in with the glow around it which I think worked effectively. Now my design looks a lot more professional and more eye catching which is important. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 27. After speaking with the client we decided that we would use the gradient design as it better reflected the themes of the game and looked more effective. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 28. T-shirt Research 1 Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 29. T-shirt Research 2 Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 30. T-shirt Niche/Mainstream Comparison Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 31. Squidiverse Draft Hoodie Designs For the Niche design I have chosen to use the rocket from the game, this is Niche as only people who have played the game or have an active interest in it will recognise this iconic design. The Mainstream design is a lot more in your face with advertising the game, it clearly has the logo display in the centre and just below this is Squid’s head which would be more well known than the rocket ship. Both designs can be seen as indirect advertising, especially the niche design as someone may get the hoodie because they like the design or for another reason and they could potentially see someone playing the game and see them get into the rocket and be like “Hey I got a hoodie with that rocket on” which may encourage them to play the game. Niche Mainstream Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 32. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 33. Niche Hoodie Response To Feedback I’ve made changes based on the feedback response to my niche hoodie design, a few things that were looked down upon were; Having a bright glow behind the rocket ship as it ruined the simplicity of the design, also to have some stars to get across the outer space theme. I’ve made these changes by sharply reducing the glow to make it very minimal, it’s just there not to give some light to the stars that are currently present within the design, and like I just said I’ve added stars that are mainly based around the rocket ship but fade out as the distance from the ship increases. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 34. Mainstream Hoodie Response To Feedback I received the feedback for my mainstream hoodie design and altered it based on the feedback, first of I centred everything up as the feedback suggested as it was indeed slightly off centre. I then redrew Squid so that he was looking directly at you rather than looking to the right, this was suggested in the feedback as it seemed odd and didn’t fit so well, so I changed it and it works much better now. Also the font colour brought into question, I tried a few different colours but nothing other than purple really fits, I changed the font to blue as that seemed to fit best out of the colours other than purple. I’ve also done it in purple, I’ll get some feedback to see which is preferred. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 35. Further Feedback On Mainstream Hoodie Design After having a meeting with the client we decided that we would use the mainstream hoodie design, I have received final feedback on the design. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 36. Gameplay/ScreenshotCharacter/Action Iconic Language-as-Image Title-as-Text Symbolic/Thematic Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 37. Gameplay/ScreenshotCharacter/Action Iconic Language-as-Image Title-as-Text Symbolic/Thematic Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 38. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 39. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 40. I’ve decided to use this logo as my final design. Certain improvements that need to be made are: Removing the stroke around Squid, adding to the background to make the logo a bit more interesting and change Squid’s stance or add a rock to show that he is throwing an item and to show the core mechanic of the game. I’m choosing this design as it clearly shows the character to a potential audience and also sets the moods and themes of the game effectively. This design was very well received during the feedback. I may get the glow from the other design I got feedback from since I made that glow separately rather than using the blending tools and use that instead, as it looks a lot nicer and stands out more than the subtle one I have right now. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 41. App Store Ratings Preschool Playmat: Farm Fun Battle Monkies Battle Supremacy The Mystery Of The Opera Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 42. Drugs There are no drugs or references to show in our game. Imitable Behaviour Squid throws rocks at crabs killing them, rock are easy to get hold of and throwing this is easy to imitate. Falling from heights has no consequences in the game Language There is no bad language in our game. Nudity There is no nudity present in our game, Squid wears a hoodie and jeans and the other characters in the game are sea creatures. Sex There are no references to sex or sexual behaviour in our game. Threat The plot is threatening as Squids father has been kidnapped, this can be troubling for younger audiences. There is also the threat of death if you fall off the map, though death is not shown and you have multiple lives. Violence There are situations in the game where violence is needed, such as throwing a rock at a crab to progress through the level, the violence is at a cartoonish level and there is no detail. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 43. 1 2 3 4 Before making my colour design I’ve made some grayscale versions of what my potential design could be, I used Squid in different poses to try find the right one which looked the pest and for each one I tried him in a few different position on the grid. Designs 1 and 2 are of him in his idle pose, it’s not very exciting and that was probably my biggest problem with it, for a logo it needs to be exciting and reflex the gameplay and if I were to stick with that design people would think the gameplay is boring, though I still put him in two different places on the grid, from this I have deduced that it looks best when Squids eyes are within the inner circle, and that I need a more exciting pose for Squid. For Designs 3 and 4 I went for the original pose I used for my draft design, this pose is a bit more exciting and reflects the gameplay a little better, the problem is that if I were to use this model I’d have to fit a rock somewhere into the design which would be quite hard to see as a small icon on the iPhone home screen, despite this I did some more tests on the positioning of Squid and decided that the position of his eyes in design 4 is a lot more eye catching and looks more in place. After much thought I decided to use the jumping pose instead, it looks a lot better as an icon and also reflects that the game is a platformer and makes the game look a lot more exciting because of this. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 44. 5 6 7 8 Once I found a pose I liked I made 4 different versions of the same pose, putting Squid into a different position on the canvas for each one and making him different sizes, the idea was that doing this I could compare all 4 of them and using the grid I’d find the one that worked the best and was the most eye catching. Design 1 was my initial design idea, again I had the same issue with the eyes not be within the inner circle which is something I wanted in my design, though this design was pretty much in the centre of the grid which is what I wanted, I decided to experiment and try making Squid bigger to see if it were more eye catching. After making Squid bigger in design 2 I noticed it was more eye catching than the first design, but when I overlaid the grid onto it the eyes were not in the position I had wanted, I wanted his eyes to be in the inner circle completely and if I moved him down he wasn’t centred enough. So I decided to make him a bit smaller and move him into a position where his eyes were within the inner circle, he was also as centred as I wanted him to be, none the less I decided I’d see what the design looked like if I made it a similar size to the original, doing so I noticed it was a lot more eye catching than design 3, even though it was smaller than design 3 it was more in the centre of the grid and didn’t come out of the white background. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 45. Colour wheel theory Using the colour wheel theory I’ve used yellow as the background as it compliments purple, the logo looks good as the colours compliment each other, but the yellow is a bit overpowering, the biggest problem though for me in this colour scheme is that it really doesn’t reflect the themes of the game as much as I’d like. For this design I used the triad theory, using three colours that are of a equal distance away from each other, I’ve used orange, green and purple, the colours works well together but not with the black background, if i were to choose this design I’d have to have a more colourful background so it doesn’t look to out of place, again not reflecting the themes of the game that much. This design also uses the triad theory here but the green is more dominant this time, this works better than the other design as orange really doesn’t fit a space theme very well, this design fits a lot better than the other but I still feel like it doesn’t fit very well for the space theme, though it is more appealing and eye catching than the other colour tests, I don’t think this is the right colour scheme for my design, though it is close to what I want. This design using the analogous theory, it’s the idea of using 3-4 colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel, it is thought that this type of colour scheme is more pleasing to the eye. This is more of the colour scheme I was going for, the colours work well together and convey a space theme effectively, the green glow works well with the blue backdrop and the blue backdrop stands out well from the black background. This will be the colour scheme that I will use for my final design. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 46. From the tests I did in the grayscale designs and the colour wheel tests I’ve created a colour design, I made it from design 8 as I deduced that was the best design from my tests. The logo I’ve created follows the colour scheme and themes from the game and feature various improvements over the original design I got feedback on, for one I’ve removed the stroke from Squid so it doesn’t have the cut out feeling, I’ve also added the new glow behind Squid, it doesn’t use the blending options, I’ve used lighting effects within Photoshop to create a glow instead and works a lot more effectively, it makes the logo more unique rather than using the normal generic glow, also it gives it a more spacey feel than the old one. I have also added some more stars into the background, though they are subtle, I’ve made them so it looks like they’re only visible because of the glow around Squid and this works well. I’ve used a different pose for Squid, a jumping one. I’ve done this to give the impression that this game is a platformer and to make it looks like he is floating in space to give the idea that he is lost, which hints towards the fact he must find clues in order to rescue his father in the game. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 47. The colours are more faded Squid has a stroke around him Looks like Squid is throwing a rock Plain black background Colours are more vibrant The glow is overlapping over Squid Squid pose is a jumping one Stars in the background Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 48. Feedback From Client I have received feedback from my design I had made, the feedback was mostly positive which I am happy about, the colour scheme is liked so that shows all my colour wheel tests paid off. There are two things I need to change, the first being that the client felt that the glow was in the wrong position, so I’ll have to move the glow so it covers Squid’s head a bit more, also there is a white patch behind Squid which makes the design look messy and unprofessional so that will need to be corrected also. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 49. I have now updated my design to what should now be the final version of the design, I have removed the white bit behind Squid’s head that was making the design look messy and looking at it now, it just catches your eye when it shouldn’t do. I have also moved the glow but in a certain way, I tried moving it but I didn’t like how it looked when it was offset from the centre, I then tried smudging the glow more towards Squid’s head but that didn’t look very good either, in the end I just duplicated the glow, added a mask to it with a radial gradient from white to black from that certain area, this proved to be the most effective way to move the glow into that position. Another thing changing the glow allowed me to do was to make the glow a little less intense where his hand is, if you look at the old design you can see the glow looks very harsh there compared to the rest of the glow, using some masking has allowed me to lessen the glow around that area and spread it out a bit more. All these changes have really improved my design for the better, I’m very happy with how it looks now and I think it is an effective app icon. Old New Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 50. This logo works well as it clearly represents the themes present within the game, this is done by effectively using a colour scheme to reflect these themes. Also the design of the logo plays a key part in this process, the main character ‘Squid’ is right in the centre of the design drawing more attention to him, which makes the design a bit more eye catching. Also another thing that makes this design more eye catching is that the part that stands out the most is Squid’s head, it is the only purple in the design and it is quite central also, this is effective in making the design work well. Below is approximately the size that the icon will be on the iPhone home screen, it is still effective as the purple stands out and makes it easy to see what the logo is. I’ve made Squid big enough so that anyone looking at the logo will know what it is. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 51. Schedule App Logo Concept and Ideas - 2014/06/01 Banner Ad Initial Ideas - 2014/06/01 Initial Hoodie Designs - 2014/06/03 Banner Ad Rough Draft 1 - 2014/06/03 Banner Ad Rough Draft 2 - 2014/06/03 Feedback on Hoodie Designs - 2014/06/05 Feedback on Banner Designs - 2014/06/05 App Logo Draft - 2014/06/06 Banner Ad 1 Response To Feedback - 2014/06/06 Mainstream Hoodie Response To Feedback - 2014/06/09 Niche Hoodie Response To Feedback - 2014/06/09 App Logo Feedback - 2014/06/10 App Logo Response To Feedback - 2014/06/11 Banner Ad 2 Response To Feedback - 2014/06/11 Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 52. Evaluation Designs Compare and Contrast Professional Products One thing to notice is how both my design and the Angry Birds design have used a grid in order to see which Squids head, on the Angry Birds design it is the beak, sign it to be more eye catching and also choose where the main focus of the design will be. Also both designs use the colour wheel effectively, in my design I used both analogous and also triad and it works well, the Angry Birds logo uses Triad with the primary colours of yellow, red and blue. One thing which is comparable is how both my banner colourful fonts in order to draw in the eye, my design has a lot of purple to represent Squid and I have blue to order to represent death. My design has a dark background to reflect the outer earth in a lighter environment. Both my design and Minecrafts design depict the style of the game, Minecraft is a world made of blocks and the design on the hoodie depicts this, the game is also 3D and the 3D elements of the design depict this. My design reflects Squidiverse as it is an 8bit 2D game which is depicted in my design, also it brings focus to the main character of the game. Though one difference to note is that the Minecraft hoodie does not have a logo on it, this is because it is an established franchise and a mainstream game, whereas mine is a niche game and also a brand new game, hence why the logo is on it as a form of advertising the game to grow our audience. Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 53. Evaluation Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 54. Evaluation Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 55. Evaluation Wednesday, 25 June 2014
  • 56. Evaluation Wednesday, 25 June 2014