Flappu bird analysis


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Flappu bird analysis

  1. 1. I have put these lines across the image in order to determine the center of the image, using the lines I can see the center of the image is also the center of the “Flappy Bird”, being the center of the image it draw immediate attention to it, also we now know that this bird is the main character of the game from this. This can also speak for the gameplay, it hints to the player that during the game the bird will be in the center of the screen most of the time. The colour palette for the Flappy Bird logo is very simple, containing 10 main colours, the bird itself is very simple in colours as it is pixel art, there are about 4 colours in the bird. The background is the more complex part, if you look at the tall hills in almost right at the back there seems to be a gradient created. If you look at the bird itself its facial expression seems to be very worried or depressed, which says a bit about the game, that itʼll be a hard challenge and that youʼll likely fail. The style of this logo is pixel art, which means it is a bitmap rather than a vector, a vector would have smooth edges so that is the best way to tell. Because the logo is styled in this way it lets you know that the game will also be in the style. We know it is pixel art due to the big pixels present on the screen which are just big squares. The bird is very simplistic in its design, using a minimum amount of colours, no gradients are used. But there is some very simple shading going on here, the top of the bird is white which is the highlight of the bird and it gets darker as you look down the bird. The shading is simple yet effective as it sticks to the simple colour palette of the logo yet gives off a good effect. Around the bird is all negative space, which tells the player that youʼll spend most of this game in the air rather than being on the ground, also since there are no objects around the bird it hints towards the fact that you must avoid touching things in the game. To further back up the point of the negative space hinting towards the inability to touch objects, notice how there is a strong drop shadow under the bird, clearly showing it as not being part of the background, it separates it from anything else so itʼs not touching any objects. The drop shadow also backs up the fact that the player will be flying in the game rather than being on the ground as it creates the effect that the bird is floating in front of the background.