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  1. 1. Strengths The interface is very nice and inviting, it doesnʼt take long to get used to it and once you do you end up spending ages playing with it, the drag and drop UI is very nice and simple to use, I havenʼt had any problems with it, also the fact that all the attributes are already there for you to select from is very helpful. Once I get used to the interface I found my workflow to be faster than most programs I use as when creating a rule you can type in straight away which attribute you want and it will come up almost instantly, this makes it easier to transform ideas in your head into actual coding with Gamesalad quickly while itʼs still fresh in your mind. You can control the music with the game really well and easily, this is done by using attributes to change the volume of sounds or music, with the music attribute, also when one piece of music is playing, when the next start it will stop the other first, but if itʼs a sound they can overlap, which is quite nice. It doesnʼt require a high speced computer in order to run, making it easier to run the software on lower end computers, which is always helpful and convenient. You can choose whether to preload the graphics or not, this can be helpful depending on the kind of scene youʼre creating, if it doesnʼt have a lot of graphics at once or the graphics are small in size you can untick it so the level will load almost instantly, and if there are a lot of graphics present you can tick preload. Weaknesses/Problems One of Gamesaladʼs biggest problems is the inability to move the project from Windows to a Mac, we tried this a number of times and failed every time, this made it harder to work on the game as we could only work on it at home. Another problem is how it wasnʼt really made clear that anything that we had turned off would actually turn on when exported, which meant we had to go back and delete everything we had turned off, which was quite a challenge, because of this problem there may still be something that was turned off in the code which is now turned on and we wouldnʼt even know it. Sometimes when I had coded something it seemed like it would work and it wouldnʼt work for whatever reason and there is really no way to see what is happening behind the scenes when itʼs running, itʼd be nice to see something like “Now spawning actor ʻBallʼ running rule...” and so on, but you donʼt get anything like that, which would be useful for fixing these bugs. One of the most annoying things in Gamesalad is the fact you cannot zoom in on your work area, making it hard to put thing in precise locations as you need to move it pixel by pixel and keep testing to see if it works, rather than just zooming in and getting it into the right location. The timer attribute doesnʼt seem to always work 100% of the time, sometimes when something in theory should work with the timer it doesnʼt for no reason at all, this is annoying as sometimes I can rely on it to work and other times it just does nothing or does what I want it to do wrong. What was good? Gamesaladʼs community is really good and helpful, there was a few within the project where I had to post on the forums to get help with something and within a day both times I got a helpful response detailing what I had to do which is really nice. Also there is a ton of tutorial videos on YouTube which are insightful and helpful. Also surprisingly it is a free program which is really nice for anyone who wants to start coding for video games, it basically teaches you the core things you need to know in order to begin coding. There is a paid version you can get which allows you to publish it to more platforms and allows to you make profit from the game. Gamesalad Evaluation