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Saiful hidayat    surfing in the digital broadband era thru being creative thinker - it and education based for economic creativity development - csr telkom-republika, bagimu guru kupersembahkan - serang banten-16072010

Saiful hidayat surfing in the digital broadband era thru being creative thinker - it and education based for economic creativity development - csr telkom-republika, bagimu guru kupersembahkan - serang banten-16072010






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    Saiful hidayat    surfing in the digital broadband era thru being creative thinker - it and education based for economic creativity development - csr telkom-republika, bagimu guru kupersembahkan - serang banten-16072010 Saiful hidayat surfing in the digital broadband era thru being creative thinker - it and education based for economic creativity development - csr telkom-republika, bagimu guru kupersembahkan - serang banten-16072010 Presentation Transcript

    • IT and Education Based for Economic Creativity Development CSR Telkom-Republika, Bagimu Guru Kupersembahkan, Telkom-Republika, Kupersembahkan, Serang Banten, 16-07-2010 Banten, 16-07-
    • who am i ? Saiful Hidayat AVP IT Service Strategy Directorate of Information Technology PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia saifulh@telkom.co.id Blog : www.namakuIful.com
    • Outline Digital Technology Trend Why Should Educator Care Why Should Student Care Indigo: Creative Nation
    • Seperti apakah masa depan itu ? Dan bagaimana kita akan mempersiapakannya ? Inovasi dalam teknologi TIK (ICT) terkadang jauh lebih cepat dari dugaan kita Star Trek vs. Real World Communication Star Trek Launch Real World Launch Year Year (Handheld) voice communication Communicator/ devices used by many species for person-to-person, person -to- 2260 Mobile Phone 1983 Combadge ship, and intership - Mobile Phone 1983 communications Audio/visual device that allows Enterprise for face-to-face conferences Videophone 1992 2150 Videophone 1992 Viewscreen (two-dimensional) Allows two parties to converse Holo as if in the same room by sending holograms of each other 2373 Holo Phone Holo Phone ~2012 ~2012 Communicator (three-dimensional) Implanted device used by Borgs Neural to connect directly to others ’ 2375 Neuro Headsets Neuro Headsets ? ? Transceiver minds Used to convert a person or object into an energy pattern, Remains to be Transporter then "beam" it to a target, where 2121 Remains to be ? invented ? it is reconverted into matter – invented beam me up, Scotty! Source: Star Trek; A.T. Kearney
    • Nostalgia : Internet 10 Tahun yang lalu
    • Peran Teknologi Informasi : Transformasi Kapabilitas (unleash, democratize, empower) Flexibility Adaptibility of Change Speed Real-time process Knowledge Freedom: Cost Efficiency Sharing Media Transaction, Energy, & Time, Place, Operational Form Creativity Coverage Open Collaboration Borderless on new ideas
    • Impact of Digital Technology Power Bandwidth Network Diversity Moore’s Law Gilder’s Law Metcalfe’s Kao’s Law Impact says that says that Law says that says that Of = computing X Telecom BW X the value of a X creativity rises Technology power doubles triples network is the exponentially every every square of its with 18 months 12 months nodes diversity X1.3 pa X3 pa xnxn x exp (d) Source: Peter Fisk, Marketing Genius
    • Trend in Information Technology
    • What is Media convergence? Media convergence is the process by which different types of media content are evolving into a single media infrastructure/platform through the internet. The media infrastructure includes all of the communication companies and channels of communications such as radio, television, newspapers and magazines.
    • The Convergence of Network and Media lead to The Convergence of Digital Economy Adopted from : “Gerd Leonhard” media futurist
    • Now : Content service is in the cloud
    • The Convergence Device One Screen Covers All Application
    • All Goes Digital Teknologi digital akan banyak mengubah gaya hidup kita melalui berbagai macam layanan digital, termasuk untuk music, video, games, books, magazine Source: The Future of Media, Gerd Leonhard, 2009
    • Digital Book
    • Connecting Any where WiMAX GSM 3G/2.5G/HSPA WiFi CDMA 1.x/EVDO Office, Hotel, Airport, Campus, Cafe Home WiFi On the Move WiMAX + WiFi + 3G/2.5G+4G/LTE devices enable a powerful Telkom Hotspot at Destination communication service platform
    • Seamless Mobility - TIME Location, Time and Device Agnostic Find Child’s GPS Location on TV Watch Shows on Demand, Download the Answer Video Latest Tunes Call on TV Work Watch TV on from Home Train, Program DVR for Tonight Make Wait Time Schedule a Meeting Productive Conference Conduct Telepresence Face-to-Face Meeting Keep YOU Informed, Connected, Entertained and Secure as You Move Through Life - at Home, at Work, and on the Go
    • Indonesia ICT Penetration, Internet Users and Broadband Growth #5 10.5% 1150 3.8% % Source : internetworldstats.com Source : internetworldstats.com The Asian Internet Statistics were updated for March 31, 2009. #1
    • Indonesia is also obsessed about mobile !
    • Lebih dari 50 % Pengguna Mobile adalah Generasi Muda
    • Mobile Payment
    • Mobile Remittance
    • Mobile Content
    • Others Mobile Content search location
    • Digital Culture Pengguna Internet Indonesia hingga 30 juta (Internet World Stat, 2010) Pengguna Facebook di Indonesia mencapai 19,5 juta (Facebook, Mar 2010) Tingkat adopsi pengguna- pengguna-an jejaring sosial di Indonesia yang sangat tinggi: blog, friendster, multiply, facebook, tweeter
    • Outline Digital Technology Trend Why Should Educator Care Why Should Student Care Indigo: Creative Nation
    • It’s a New Age….. The Upcoming Era of Conceptual Age ATG (affluence, to technology, CONCEPTUAL AGE globalization) (creators & empathizers) INFORMATION AGE (knowledge workers) INDUSTRIAL AGE (factory workers) from AGRICULTURE AGE (farmers) 18th century 19th century 20th century 21st century Source: Daniel H. Pink, A Whole New Mind, New York, Riverhead Books, 2005 “The Next decade will be the Value Era- the refining & institutionalizing of the concept of value. Value isn’t just money. Its intellectual capital, ideas, innovation”. Gordon Petrash, PWC- Intellectual Asset Management Practice
    • The Six Aptitudes for Conceptual Age Not Just… But Also… Desain Function Makna DESIGN Narasi Argument STORY Focus Nilai SYMPHONY Logic EMPATHY Permainan Kerjasama Seriousness PLAY Accummulation Empati MEANING
    • Product with Six aptitudes DESIGN STORY SYMPHONY EMPATHY PLAY MEANING www.poparttoaster.com
    • Mastering the skill of conceptual- conceptual- age worker Design Sense Storytelling abilities Synthesis Felling for Others Humor And the ability to detect the important of information
    • The Four Generations in 100 years From “close” to “open” environment: • Society • Communication • Market • Mind • Behavior >1980 • Value 1964-1980 1946-1964 <1946
    • Generation Characteristics VETERANS BABY BOOMERS XERS MILLENIALS < 1946 1946- 1946-1964 1965- 1965-1980 >1981 Dedicated to a job Live to work Work to live Live in the moment Respectful of Sense of optimism Contract Technology savvy authority Duty before Champions of Pragmatic world Consistent pleasure causes expectations Patience is a Go into debt Self-reliant Self- Street smart virtue Honor and Team and process Attached to the Fun is a must integrity oriented edge Reluctant to Personal Authority is casual Give respect if change gratification they are respected Patriotic Nostalgic of youth Versatility of skills Diverse in nature
    • Worlds and Environment of the Generation VETERANS BABY XERS MILLENIALS < 1946 BOOMERS 1965- 1965-1980 >1981 1946- 1946-1964 HOME HOME HOME HOME SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL PUBLIC PUBLIC INTERNET
    • Xers Generation ’65 – ’80 : Relationship with information http://www.geocities.com/uconkie/web/pemandangan.jpg
    • Millennial : Relationship With Information Challenge : How to Filter Information - Usator
    • Millennial =New Digital Native Will Grow • Freedom • Customize • Scrutinizers • Integrity and Openness • Entertainment and play • Collaboration and Relationship • Speed
    • Emerging Cultural Practice Peering Paticipation & Co Creation Openness Power of Us Make the world better through collaboration
    • The New Media Ecosystem The new water cooler “Social software” Informal networks Conversational media Online diaries Personal expression engines When you want, where you want, on your terms
    • Audience Generated Content Nearly 57% of online teens are Content Creators. About one third share their artwork, photos, stories or videos. 22% have their own personal web sites and 19% have their own web log.
    • Paradigm shift Trend in Mass Collaboration Era Demographic Trend • Making your experience irrelevant Expertise Trend • Making your knowledge irrelevant Attention Trend • Making your offers irrelevant Democratic Trend • Making your power irrrelevant
    • Change !
    • Scholl 2.0 7 Tips For Educators Don’t throw technology into classroom and hope for good things Cut back on lecturing Empower students to collaborate Focus on lifelong learning, not teaching to the test Use technology to get to know each student Design educational programs according to the Eight norms Reinvent Yourself as a teacher, professor, or educator
    • learn with technology the way students live with technology
    • the technology toolbox
    • Crayonpedia.org
    • SIAP On-line On- tersedia saat ini
    • Social Media Powerful new Publishing/ Distribution Platform
    • Mau Cari Informasi Apa Aja : Google
    • Bisnis : Google
    • The Dark Side of IT 3G : Girls Games • 3G Gaming marketplace by 2006: $16 Billion Source: 3G.co.uk, Feb. 2003 Gambling
    • Berita- Berita-Berita Tentang Sisi Gelap TI
    • The latest news maker Sumber : Detik.com
    • Apa itu Internet Sehat? Akses internet ke situs-situs yang bersih dari: situs- • Konten-konten asusila Konten- • Malicious Software • Phishing Visual Identity People Identity
    • Kenapa Internet Sehat? Trend peningkatan pengakses internet pornografi di Indonesia. • Peringkat 7 dunia (tahun 2006) • Peringkat 5 dunia (tahun 2007) • Peringkat 3 dunia (tahun 2008) Sumber: Internet surveyor pemerintah, Pery Umar Farouk 2009
    • Antisipasi ATHG Internet : Online Safety Guide Selalu Menjaga anak-anak/pelajar anak- untuk menggunakan internet secara “aman” adalah tugas & tanggung jawab semua pihak Orang tua harus membimbing dan berada dekat dengan anak-anak saat anak- mereka menggunakan internet. Para GURU harus membantu dan mengarahkan murid-muridnya murid- untuk menggunakan Internet seperlunya , bermanfaat dan aman Komunitas masyarat lainnya harus membantu melakukan pendidikan penggunaan internet secara aman dan bermanfaat DIGITAL CULTURE Anak- Anak-anak dan pelajar harus belajar untuk bertanggung jawab atas tingkah laku mereka dengan bimbingan keluarga, guru dan komunitas masyarat.
    • Antisipasi ATHG Internet : Online Safety Tips Gunakan Parental Software yang berfungsi : • URL and Content Filtering. • Online Monitoring / Logging. • Online Time Scheduling. • Block Child’s/Students Personal Information from being posted / emailed. Gunakan browser khusus untuk anak-anak. anak- Gunakan opsi keamanan surfing Internet bagi anak- anak- anak yang ditawarkan oleh ISP’s
    • Antisipasi ATHG Internet : Privacy Personal Info Safety Tips Larang/ batasi browser’s cookies. Hanya berikan informasi pribadi anda kepada pihak yang terpercaya. Hanya gunakan situs yang terpercaya dan aman saat melakukan Internet Shopping. Lindungi dengan baik Informasi anda terutama informasi Financial , gunakan payment service yang terpercaya dan aman Catat setiap transaksi anda. Instalasi software pelindung privacy di komputer anda Here's me, just online, not doing much... as you and anyone else can see
    • Outline Digital Technology Trend Why Should Educator Care Why Should Student Care Indigo: Creative Nation
    • The 21st Century Student Active learner Creative New connection New communities New Content Mobile Multitasking Collaborative Producers
    • Millennial wants to learn… with technology With one another Online In their time In their place Doing things that matter And FUN
    • Learning With Fun…example IndiSmart Is a TELKOM brand, as TELKOM’s commitment in the ICT development for Indonesia Next Generation Education. IndiSmart A learning content as the result of business incubation, the cooperation between TELKOM and Industry & Business Incubator ITB www.indi- www.indi-smart.com
    • Creative Industry Potential Knowledge- 1 People for 1/more Industry Creative Skilled 10,000 People for 100 Industries Worker Labor 1,000,000 People for 100 Industries Intensive http://mrsedenk.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/kickandy1.jpg
    • Outline Digital Technology Trend Why Should Educator Care Why Should Student Care Indigo: Creative Nation
    • Indigo Initiatives Inisiatif terpadu Telkom Group untuk mendukung industri & komunitas kreatif yang sehat di Indonesia Indigo (Indonesia Digital Community) (Indonesia Community) Mendorong “Valuetainment Creativity” “Valuetainment Creativity”
    • Digital Creative Opportunity 6.000.000 125.000.000 D’Massive RBT Transaction Mobilephone Users 6.000.000 Digital Music 3G Mobile Users 28% Broadband Users Growth 21.000.000 Indonesian Facebook Users 25.000.000 Internet Users
    • Indigo Planet: Digital Community and Creativity Building • Kampung digital • Santri Indigo • Blog fest • Game course • MyFlexiLAND communicate learn • Indigo workshop • Video share & share & grow • Jurnalism • Music production • Music performance • Pasar kreasi •Indigo Centre • Indigo competition • Game arena work hard create & • Indigo award & fun innovate • Speedytrek Pleasant Environment
    • Creative, Knowledge, & Social Enterpreneur Design, Branding, & Innovation for national & International market Commodities Trade Driven by Choice Micro-Enterpreneurs 10% of Enterprises Production for 6,5% of GDP Local market Diven by Necessity 90% of Enterprises 5% of GDP British Council: • Multimedia sector, high-tech on-line and software will grow high- on- •Indonesian are very strong in fashion, visual design, graphical design, and music
    • Indigo Planet : Infrastructure Digital Content & Applications Digital Content & Applications Game Education Music Animation Schools Govt SMEs Digital Payment Digital Payment Digital Asset Management copyright Digital Asset directory media Management portal protection services server Broadband & Broadcast Broadband & Broadcast
    • Indigo Planet : Creative Centre INTER NET SPHER E GAM DIGITA E L F&B LOUNG E MOVI E& MUSI C
    • Indigo : Content Incubation & Community Engagement http://www.pasarkreasi.com http://Speedytrek.telkomspeedy.com http://game.telkomspeedy.com Game Edutaiment Music Animation Graphic Design Photography
    • Business Incubation: Indigo Fellowship Creative Business Ideas Seed Capital Workshop & Digital Creative Successful Coaching Playground Digitalpreneur
    • Fellowship Business Incubation Mei 09 Idea Fellowship Mei 09 Okt 09 Apr 10 Creative Fellowship Mei 10 Okt 10 Business Fellowship Development Assistance & formation of of Business Preparation Competition of business Selection & business legal complete Management plans Winners evaluation consulting business incubation Capabilities (assistance) (5 months) entities (training) Fail Fail Fail Partner :
    • Our business portfolio (T.I.M.E) Telecom. Media Fixed Wireline Pay TV Fixed Wireless Cellular Broadband Access Information Satellite IT Services (Data Centre ,App Serv Edutainment Provider ,Call Centre& BPO, e-Payment) Portal E-Commerce Content Customers Retail/Individual SME Enterprise Wholesale 85
    • Thank You Saiful Hidayat AVP IT Service Strategy Directorate of Information Technology PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia saifulh@telkom.co.id www.namakuIful.com Facebook : saiful hidayat Twitter : iful270 Linkedin : saiful hidayat Slideshare : saiful hidayat/iful270
    • Russian Gracias Spanish Japanese Obrigado Terima Kasih Brazilian Portuguese Grazie Merci Italian French Danke German Thank You Arabic English Thai Traditional Chinese
    • Internet Sehat