Saiful hidayat : Teknik Elektro Universitas Brawijaya Malang :  being creative thinker  in the conceptual age
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Saiful hidayat : Teknik Elektro Universitas Brawijaya Malang : being creative thinker in the conceptual age






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Saiful hidayat : Teknik Elektro Universitas Brawijaya Malang : being creative thinker in the conceptual age Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Being Creative in the Digital Broadband Era Thru Mastering Six Aptitudes 6 Career Lesson in the Digital Broadband EraPRESENTED BY :Saiful HidayateHealth Project DirectorPT. Telekomunikasi IndonesiaMeet with IKA , Teknik Elektro Universitas Brawaijaya Malang , 3 Nopember 2012
  • 2. SAIFUL  HIDAYAT   Curriculum  Vitae  :    Educa&on  :  -­‐  MT  in  Informa5on  System  and  Technology,  ITB  1999  -­‐  S1  in  Telecomunica5on,  Unibraw  1988  Working  Experiences  :  -­‐  1992-­‐  2004    :  Staff  at  PT.  Telekomunikasi  Indonesia,  Tbk  -­‐  2004  -­‐  2006    :  PT.  Telekomunikasi  Indonesia,  Tbk      :  Manager  e-­‐Solu5on  Mul5media  Division  -­‐  2006  –  2007    :  PT.  Finnet  (Telkom  Group)      :  General  Manager  of  Opera5on  -­‐  2007  –  2010  :  PT.  Telekomunikasi  Indonesia,  Tbk      :  Head  of  IT  Service  Strategy  -­‐  2010  –  2011  :  PT.  Admedika  (Telkom  Group)      :  Director  Of  Business  Development  -­‐  2011  –  Now  :  PT.  Telekomunikasi  Indonesia,  Tbk      :  Project  Director  Of  Ehealth  Business  Project  Interterna&onal  Speaker  :  -­‐  1st  Vietnam  Interna5onal  Telecoms  Summit  -­‐  12th  Health  Informa5c  System  Society  Asia  Pasific  Conference    -­‐  4th  Indonesia  Interna5onal  Telecoms  Summit  
  • 3. Broadband is a major Driver of the Economy
  • 4. Seamless Mobility - TIME Location, Time and Device Agnostic Find Child’s GPS Location on TV Watch Shows on Demand, Download the Answer Video Latest Tunes Call on TVWork Watch TV onfrom Home Train, Program DVR for Tonight Make Wait Time Schedule a Meeting Productive Conference Conduct Telepresence Face-to-Face MeetingKeep YOU Informed, Connected, Entertained and Secure as You Move Through Life - at Home, at Work, and on the Go
  • 5. Impact of Digital Technology Power Bandwidth Network Diversity Moore’s Law Gilder’s Law Metcalfe’s Kao’s Law Impact says that says that Law says that says that Of = computing X Telecom BW X the value of a X creativity risesTechnology power doubles triples network is the exponentially every every square of its with 18 months 12 months nodes diversity X1.3 pa X3 pa xnxn x exp (d) Source: Peter Fisk, Marketing Genius
  • 6. Automation “Any job that depends on routines – that can be reduced to a set of rules, or broken downinto a set of repeatable steps – is at risk.”
  • 7. Abundance “In an age ofabundance, appealing only to rational,logical, and functional needs is woefully insufficient.”
  • 8. Fast Lane
  • 9. Keeping up with the competition
  • 10. It’s a New Age….. The Upcoming Era of Conceptual AgeATG (affluence, totechnology, CONCEPTUAL AGEglobalization) (creators & empathizers) INFORMATION AGE (knowledge workers) INDUSTRIAL AGE (factory workers) from AGRICULTURE AGE (farmers) 18th century 19th century 20th century 21st century Source: Daniel H. Pink, A Whole New Mind, New York, Riverhead Books, 2005“The Next decade will be the Value Era- the refining & institutionalizing of the concept of value. Value isn’t just money. Its intellectual capital, ideas, innovation”. Gordon Petrash, PWC- Intellectual Asset Management Practice
  • 11. God News and Bad News
  • 12. Creativity Creativity:cre-a-tiv-ityn. the ability to useimagination to transcend traditional ideas, rules,patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods
  • 13. The Six Aptitudes for Conceptual Age Not Just… But Also…•  Function •  DESIGN•  Argument •  STORY•  Focus •  SYMPHONY•  Logic •  EMPATHY•  Seriousness •  PLAY•  Accummulation •  MEANING
  • 14. DesignOnly expert on functionè No Longer EnoughWhat People Want now is :•  Something that beautifully designed•  Whimsical or emotionally engaging
  • 15. StoryOnly argument è Not anymoreWhy ?We were Flooded by information everydayWe Need story teller who help us make sense of it
  • 16. Life is Like a Music : Symphony
  • 17. Empathyv Theability to empathize andthereby build relationships will help drive projects andpartnerships forward takes on equal importance as logicv People and organization with this skill will thrive
  • 18. PlayFrom Seriousness to PlayThrough play, an individual avoidswhat called the lure of ‘‘falseendpoints,’’ a problem-solvingstyle more typical of harried adultsthan of playful youngsters.False endpoints are avoidedthrough play, because playersare having so much fun thatthey keep nodding away at aproblem and might well arrive atsomething better than thefirst, good-enough solution.
  • 19. MeaningThe Struggle for survival and success has been replace from justAccumulate things to “Pursue more Significant Desires, such asPurpose, transcendence and Spiritual Fulfillment
  • 20. “The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind – creators and empathizers, pattern recognizers, and meaning makers. These people – artists, inventors, designers, storytellers,caregivers, consolers, big picture thinkers – will now reap society’s richest rewards and share its greatest joys.” (Pink, 2006)
  • 21. Getting ready for Conceptual Age
  • 22. Mastering the skill of conceptual-age worker
  • 23. Design Sense Assess not just Content, but also appearance Joint art programs Become visual literate Try to use image to solve problems and communicate
  • 24. Story telling abilities When writing, try to use narrative voice “the persona telling the story” Learn storyboarding as a skill Learning speaking skill along with multimedia presentation creation Werner Vogels, Amazon.Com CTO
  • 25. Symphony : Synthesis Abilities Joint Cross Discipline Projects Applied your skills and concepts To the real problems
  • 26. Empathy : Feeling for others Use web to find literature about people from other cultures and socio-economics groups Grab service learning and volunteer opportunities Join collaborative group projects
  • 27. Play : Sense of Humor Play game, such as simulations And Multi Players Games Joint varieties of sports, athletics, and other psychical activities , Not Just Computers! Joint participatory music classes that include music composition Access humor site on the web
  • 28. MeaningUse the web to find information oncomparative religion, myth, legend Learn ethical behaviors as part of every projects Read this book and other books with the same subject
  • 29. Right-brained and holistic skills will mark the differencebetween success and failure in the business world today and in the foreseeable future
  • 30. Lesson For Your Career
  • 31. There is no plan “Career plan”
  • 32. For Your Career You can try to do this and Who said I don’t have plan ?
  • 33. problem of career plan is You can try, but it usually doesn’t work out the way you planned
  • 34. `Try think of it his way …..A plan is like a path So, show me the path ! There is No set path But There is a Way …..
  • 35. to the way is Make Smart Choices And don’t let stuffBecause you think (hope?) it Because you think it iswill lead to something else randomly happen inherently valuablewhether you enjoy it or not (regardless of what it may lead to) Most of the time successful people make Decisions for Fundamental Reason
  • 36. Lesson learn from him…
  • 37. Think strengths not weaknesses
  • 38. You should…..Focus on this Not this
  • 39. Why ….? Because….. This Successful peoples focus on Google Founder Sergey Brin ?????? J ORACLE Founder Larry Ellison They were identified what they good at And make “that”APPLE Founder Steve Jobs
  • 40. Your Insanely great Your Strengths Your Passion
  • 41. Fine your remarkable and Don’t be Mediocre Because bottom line is… Your not “average” http://NamakuIful.com
  • 42. It’s not about you but It’s about adding value
  • 43. What is it …? It’s about using your strengths and talents to help others
  • 44. Your MissionYour Strengths Your Passion What the others needs
  • 45. Presistence Trumps Talent
  • 46. is Important… You must Persistence They are many talented people who didn’t persist, who gave upand passed by people who less talent but more grit and persistence
  • 47. How to persistence1 2 3
  • 48. Motivated your self
  • 49. Make ExcellentMistake
  • 50. Remember : No Pain – No Gain
  • 51. If you’re not prepared tobe wrong, your nevercome up with anythingoriginal - Sir Ken Robinson
  • 52. Leave andImprint
  • 53. Remember this old Proverb About …. Tiger, Elephant and a Man when they were died
  • 54. Questions when you are older
  • 55. No matter who you are andWhat your career path looks like..
  • 56. Don’t wait to make contributions
  • 57. Russian Gracias Spanish Japanese Obrigado Terima Kasih Brazilian PortugueseGrazie Merci Italian French Danke German Thank You Arabic English Thai Traditional Chinese