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Grains, The Wonder Food!
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Grains, The Wonder Food!

Published | Grains are an important addition to a well balanced diet. Learn about some of the popular and nutritious grains available on the market today. | Grains are an important addition to a well balanced diet. Learn about some of the popular and nutritious grains available on the market today.

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  • 1. A History of Grains For thousands of years, grains have been an important part of our diet. Hearty, healthy and available in unmatched varieties, they can be easily incorporated into many recipes. Learn more about grains the next few pages!
  • 2. Couscous ˈküs-ˌküs : Couscous is a North African dish made from the durum wheat grain. A staple food for many countries including Lebanon, Israel, Morocco and Jordan, it comes in small and large sizes. With only 0.25 grams of fat and a hearty 6 grams of protein per serving, it’s a great alternative to traditional pasta dishes. Did you know?: In 2011, couscous was voted the 3rd favorite dish by the French people!
  • 3. Barley ˈbär-lē: Barley is considered a member of the grass family. It contains 8 amino acids and has been shown to balance blood sugar. Used in beer, breads, pastries, it’s they add a crunchy texture to baked goods. Did you know?: The largest producer of barley is Russia with 16.9 million metric tons a year. The United States comes in 10th with 3.3 million metric tons.
  • 4. Oat ˈōt: Edible oats are taken from the seed of the oat plant. A nutritious and healthy food, they contain 16.9 grams of protein per 3.5 ounces and 38% of your daily iron. Oats are also know to reduce heart disease and LDL cholesterol. Did you know?: Oats have been domesticated since the Bronze Age in the Near East. That’s 3600-1200 BC!
  • 5. Spelt Berry ˈspeltˈber-ē: Spelt Berries are a hybrid product derived from tetraploid wheat and emmer wheat. A nutritious crop, it contains 10.7 grams of fiber per 3.5 ounces, and significant amounts of vitamin B, iron, zinc and magnesium. Often used for pastries and breads, they have a nutty and sweet flavor. Did you know?: In Belgium, Poland and Bavaria, spelt berries are used to make alcoholic beverages like beer and vodka.
  • 6. Wheat Berry ˈhwētˈber-ē: Wheat Berries are the kernels of the wheat plant. A tasty addition to salads and baked goods, they add a unique texture to your favorite foods. With the same nutritional value as wheat, they are a heart healthy side dish to any meal. Did you know?: In Eastern Europe, wheat berry is the main ingredient for a Christmas porridge called kutya!
  • 7. Bulgur ˈbəl-gər: Bulgur is composed of different wheat species, with durum wheat as the primarily component. A whole grain, it is a high fiber food used in many North African and Middle Eastern dishes. A popular ingredient for bread, soups and salads, it contains 25.6g grams of fiber and excellent 17.21 grams of protein. Did you know? Bulgur is the main ingredient in the popular side dish tabbouleh.
  • 8. Quinoa ˈkēn-ˌwä: Edible quinoa is the seed of the quinoa plant. Native to the South American countries of Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Ecuador, it has been a staple food for thousands of years. Containing large amounts of amino acids, calcium, iron and phosphorus, it is a nutritional alternative to white rice and other processed carbohydrate. Did you know?: Quinoa is often used as a wheat substitute for those suffering from gluten allergies.
  • 9. The Wonderful World of Grains Grains are an important part of a well balanced diet. With so many choices and varieties, they’re sure to make a delicious addition to your meals and recipes. Easy to store and long lasting, they’ll be a favorite for your family.
  • 10. Contact Us IFS Bulk is a distributor of grains and other foodstuff. Available to individuals and businesses, they are dedicated to bringing the highest quality products to their customers. For more information contact us at: or (973) 607-1982