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Everybody is Beautiful

Just as we all appreciate and enjoy beauty, it is hard to explain. Why do we all fall in love with the cute little baby? Why does all your logic fly out of the window when you meet the love of your life? And do you remember how much you adored that wreck of an apartment you used to live in just because it was your first own place?

All those things have something in common: we love them. And in our memories, they will always be the most beautiful moments in our lives - they simply fit. When two people meet in a romantic sense, the little details can make the difference between never meeting again and living their life together forever. In business, this also applies. Here we call them “key differentiators”, as they have the ability to magically turn an ordinary business relationship into something special. These things are expressions of who you are and what you do. They make your business beautiful - in the eyes of your customers, that is.

Let’s have a closer look at these two questions and see how they can help to identify the Beauty of your Business.

Daniel Kraft is an optimist with a passion for all things new. He says:"It took me some time to realize that, so I went on a journey: Originally growing up in a village I started working in Frankfurt, London, Singapore, Prague, Toronto, New York and some stops in between. I worked at a factory, the farmers market, was tiling floors, outsourced an Asian warehouse operations, reengineered business processes, took companies public and took them back private, was a banker, an investment banker, an investor, a CFO, mister mom, a CEO and now being back to the basics: optimistic about all things new."

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  • Those are the slides presented at the TEDxRM event in Jan/2011 discussing the identity of an organization and why we believe that everybody and with this every organization and business is beautiful and it requires the right differentiation to make the beauty shine.
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  • TED - Everybody is Beautiful slides from TEDxRM

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    7. 7. Everybody is Beautiful by Daniel Kraft and Markus von Aschoff @DanielKraft