2008 Global Hunger Index
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  • 1. 2008 Global Hunger Index An innovative, enhanced approach for measuring hunger and undernutrition
  • 2. The Index combines three indicators and ranks countries accordingly
    • Hunger is measured by using data on:
    • child malnutrition
    • child mortality
    • proportion of people who are calorie deficient
  • 3. 33 countries have “ alarming " or “ extremely alarming ” levels of hunger
    • The index ranks countries on a 100-point scale:
    • 0 being the best (no hunger)
    • 100 being the worst
  • 4. Number of countries by level of hunger
  • 5. 9 of the 10 countries that ranked the worst are in Sub-Saharan Africa
    • The Democratic Republic of Congo scored the worst, followed by:
    • Eritrea
    • Burundi
    • Niger
    • Sierra Leone
    • Liberia
    • Ethiopia
  • 6. Progress in reducing hunger has been minimal in Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Government ineffectiveness, conflict, political instability, and high HIV/AIDS rates contribute to hunger and child mortality in SSA
  • 7. South Asia also has high levels of hunger
    • However, South Asia has made significant strides in reducing hunger since 1990
    © 2004 Don Doering
  • 8. South Asia has a high prevalence of undernourished children
    • mainly due to:
    • Lower nutritional and educational status of women
    • poor nutrition and health programs
    • inadequate water and sanitation services
    © 2004 Don Doering
  • 9. India ranks 66 out of 88 countries on the 2008 Global Hunger Index
    • 12 Indian states have “alarming” levels of hunger
    • Madhya Pradesh has an “extremely alarming” level of hunger
  • 10. The Global Hunger Index is an important tool to
    • increase attention to the hunger problem
    • mobilize the political will to urgently combat it
  • 11. The Global Hunger Index is an important tool to
    • highlight countries most vulnerable to the global food crisis
    • help development organizations to better target countries by identifying those with the most severe hunger
  • 12. Meeting basic needs is key to ending hunger
    • Governments and civil society must increase investments in:
    • agriculture & research
    • health & nutrition
    • education
    • social protection
    © 2005 Klaus von Grebmer