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PowerPoint presentation by Peter Beyer at IFPRI Policy Seminar "Leveraging Agriculture to Improve Human Nutrition: Prospects for Golden Rice" April 14, 2011

PowerPoint presentation by Peter Beyer at IFPRI Policy Seminar "Leveraging Agriculture to Improve Human Nutrition: Prospects for Golden Rice" April 14, 2011



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Beyer Presentation Beyer Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Golden Rice on a Mission IFPRI Policy Seminar, April 2011Peter Beyer, Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg, Germany
  • Golden Rice is a genetically modified plant PrototypeGolden Rice cannnot be achieved bybreedingThe transfer of two biosynthetic genesis required coding for a plant enzyme (phytoene synthase) a bacterial phytoene desaturase (CrtI)Ye et al., (2000) Science 287:303
  • Prototypes were improvedPrototype 1.6 µg/gGolden Rice 1 5-7 µg/g Promoter exchange, high-throuput transformationGolden Rice 2 31 µg/g Exchange of the phytoene synthase gene daffodil → maize Paine et al. (2005) Nat. Biotechnol.23:482-7.
  • Towards a useful product: breeding of ß-carotene lociinto popular Asian varieties 9 events into 11 selected varieties (MAS), preceding event selection such as: IR64 & IR36: Mega-varieties with broad Asian coverage BRRI dhan 29 : The most popular boro rice variety in Bangladesh PSB Rc82: The most popular rice variety in the Philippines OS 6561: Most popular in Vietnam Chehirang: Leading variety in Indonesia Swarna Important in India Partner Institutions: o IRRI (Int.) o Philrice (Philippines) o BRRI (Bangladesh) o CLRRI (Vietnam) o IARI (India) o TNAU (India) o DRR (India)
  • Event selection (All single locus intact ingtegration) Which event(s) produce consistent levels of povitamin A across cultivars? Which event(s) reproduce consistently the characteristics of the recurrent parents? The big question Which level of provitamin A must be delivered by GR to be effective? Human bioavailability study Conducted at TUFTS University Bioconversion determined: 3.8-to-1Tang et al., (2009) Golden Rice is an effective source of vitamin A. Am J Clin Nutr89:1776–83
  • Event selection completed Golden Rice Licensee Network members being informed of lead & backup event. All other events are being destroyedIRRI, March 2009
  • From a technical perspective we are now „ready to go“ tofulfill „The Mission“: “…to effect the free transfer of the Golden Rice technology into local crop varieties within appropriate biosafety and regulatory structures, for provision to defined resource poor farmers who may grow, locally sell or consume the resulting crop (the “Mission”)”1 Vitamin A-Deficiency Areas Golden Rice Humanitarian Board Mission Statement