A Dozen Personal Encounters with Oprah


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  • A Dozen Personal Encounters with Oprah

    1. 1. A Dozen Personal Encounters with Oprah CONFIDENTIAL presentation for Absolute Return Solutions All Rights Reserved Fresh Consulting, Not for distribution elsewhere
    2. 2. Inspired by Oprah Winfrey “I stepped back into my dressing room and quickly glanced up at the television monitor where Oprah Winfrey was bolting Text through the studio doors to surprise her audience with an impromptu appearance”.
    3. 3. My Dream, Come True “I had a dream about 5 years ago that I was performing somewhere.  After the performance I turned and Text someone was introducing me to Oprah, she took me into an office with a desk...Thats when & how  I met Oprah!”  
    4. 4. Oprah is a lousy tipper... “I waited on Oprah in my Manhattan restaurant. She received excellent service Text and even complimented me! She left $40 on a $400 tab. Yes! only 10%. You are a lousy person Oprah!”
    5. 5. Her Energy “I was coming out of the building across the street...I just finished an audition. I looked over and saw a black SUV stop...it was Ms. Winfrey,...She was so kind to us Text all. Ms. Winfrey allowed us to take photos and have photos taken with her...I can't explain it but I felt so much energy from her.”
    6. 6. Oprah followed me... It wasn't ifollo her... “I heard someone saying Lewis..  then L...E...W...I...S... in sorta a singing type voice. Then LEWIS... in sort of a Text yell which made me turn around.. It was this short lady who looked familiar.”.
    7. 7. Meeting Oprah “Gayle King use to do the news in CT many years ago. I saw her at a Mall many years ago and was like WOW Text it's Gayle...She was with Oprah..I just said "oh hi" but ooooo and ahhhh'd over Gayle. I miss Gayle and her wave”.
    8. 8. The First Time I Met Oprah Winfrey “I met Oprah at the Get Moving with Oprah walk, I worked at our local television station with her best friend Gayle Text King, and after that I met her on location at our station when she did the straight talk series with Maury Povich...”
    9. 9. I met Oprah at a Fund Raising Event My husband and I were invited to an event  in Washington, D.C.,  in honor of the astronauts Text who perished in the space shuttle...I had my picture made with Oprah and met many Washington people...”
    10. 10. My Oprah Experience I was selected to be on the show on as a guest.  The shows producers came our home to film my familyText and tape for the actually show...and met Oprah and had pictures taken with her after we taped the show”.  
    11. 11. I Just Wanted Tickets to the Oprah Show “Our family had recently relocated to the Chicago suburbs.  We were watching the nightly news and a spot came on...call or send email for tickets to Oprah. The next day Text I got a call from one of the producers saying they like my story and would like to feature me as on the upcoming show...”
    12. 12. We Interviewed Oprah and it Never Aired “We were a very small company in Atlanta, Georgia and we were given an exclusive interview with Ms. Text Winfrey through the efforts of a young lady who worked very hard to get the interview...”
    13. 13. Before Stedman “Shortly after Oprah came to Chicago. I was driving my Red Corvette with the top off one hot summer day. I stopped at a stop sign near The Water Text Tower Place. I looked up and saw Oprah starring down into the car.  As I was driving away she did a complete U-Turn checking me out.”
    14. 14. Real Encounters Real Personal Experiences with Celebrities, not hype SHARE YOUR STORY