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Highlights Brochure 2012
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Highlights Brochure 2012


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Highlights 2011/2012
  • 2. 2 Shaping automation. The name ifm electronic stands for a large range of different sensors and systems for automation technology. For more than forty years the family-managed company has been researching, developing and producing with the aim of optimising technical processes. With industry and application know-how, ifm electronic successfully provides system solutions that are both innovative and economical. A range of more than 7,800 articles ensures the flexibility required to meet the customers‘ demands. From an individual sensor to the matching accesso- ries to a complete system solution. The ifm group of companies is present in over 70 countries with more than 4,300 employees and looks after more than 100,000 customers from the various indus- tries. We take being close to the customer very seriously. Service visits in the event of questions or requests, support for installa- tion or set-up have become a standard for us. Your satisfaction drives us on. ifm electronic – a reliable partner for implementing your projects. The ”electronic route card“ for conveying and production. RFID system with Profibus DP interface. pages 16-17 Tight and sealed due to the unique profiled sealing ring and vibration protection. M8 connectors. pages 20-21 New level sensor, ignores foam and build up. Hygienic point level sensors. pages 8-9 For every application. The safest bet when the going gets tough. Full-metal inductive and magnetic sensors. pages 4-5 IO-Link data storage – quick and easy. IO-Link Memory Plug. pages 12-13
  • 3. 3 Product Highlights for 2011/2012. The vision sensor for object inspection. Visual assessment of variable features of objects. pages 6-7 Current is now orange. Power supplies made by ifm electronic. pages 18-19 A breath of fresh air in pneumatics. Monitoring of compressed air in robotics and handling. pages 10-11 The bus at a glance: The fast connection from AS-i to Profinet. pages 14-15
  • 4. Full-metal sensors, T, R, C and S series Full-metal sensor of the C series – developed for use under extreme influences such as oils, coolants and vibration. The suitability for the appli- cation is checked by a tough test pro- gram. The sensors are subjected to extreme mechanical shocks and vibra- tions. 4 For hygienic and wet areas For industrial applications For oils and coolants For every application. The safest bet when the going gets tough. Installed in welding applications, the sensor of the R series detects the posi- tion of the metal target. Its non-stick coating makes it resistant to weld spatter. Already subjected to the impact test in the development stage, it withstands the harsh conditions of the metalworking industry. A full-metal sensor of the T series monitors the valve positions in a dairy. Successfully carried out temperature shock tests prove the reliability of the sensors in this industry. Further tests check, among others, ageing and material resistance. Every application has specific re- quirements for sensors. Therefore, ifm has developed three series of full-metal inductive sensors which are opti- mised for the re- quirements of different environ- mental conditions. The new non-flush full-metal sensors from ifm stand out thanks to high sensing ranges of 6 to 25 mm – not only on steel but also on stainless steel, even with small targets. Further excellent characteristics in- clude an extremely high temperature range up to 100 °C, the protection rating IP 69K, a special non-stick coating or a cor- rection factor of K = 0. The connectors of the ecolink series are ideally compa- tible with the full- metal inductive sensors and to- gether form a sealed system. Full-metal inductive sensors.
  • 5. Full-metal magnetic sensors MG , MF · 3-wire PNP / NPN M12 M18 Type Type Con- nector Full-metal inductive sensors IE, IF, IG and II · 3-wire PNP / NPN M8 M12 M18 M8 M30 M8 M12 M12 M12 M12 T series sensing range [mm] R series sensing range [mm] C series sensing range [mm] C series K = 0 sensing range [mm] – 3 b, 6 nf 5 b, 12 nf – 10 b, 25 nf 2 b* 4 b* 6 b* 2 b* 12 b* 2 b 3 b 5 b 2 b 10 b – 2.5 f 4.5 f – – Further information at M12 M12 60 referred to an M4.0 magnet 70 referred to an M4.0 magnet Con- nector T series, IP 68 / 69K sensing range [mm] S series, IP 65 / 67 sensing range [mm] 60 referred to an M4.0 magnet 70 referred to an M4.0 magnet *also available as 2-wire PNP / NPN cable units Magnetic sensors from ifm electronic are used for non-contact detection of posi- tions, e.g. of mag- nets and pigs. The sensors can detect magnets through materials like stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, aluminium, plastic and glass. Due to the GMR technology the magnetic sensors feature very long sensing ranges and high switching frequencies. Therefore, they can be used in par- ticularly demand- ing applications. The sensors are available in M12 and M18 cylindri- cal housings with connector. Full-metal magnetic sensors Magnetic sensors in the food industry: Through a stainless steel pipe the sensor detects the magnet in a silicone pig. S N 5 T series: Completely sealed for hygienic and wet areas – the full-metal sensors of the T series have been specially designed for use in the food industry. The ecolink EVT connector forms a sealed system together with the sensor. R series: Robust and resistant to mechani- cal stress – the full-metal sensors of the R series are designed for the metalworking and automo- tive industries. The sensing face with a special coating lets weld spatter roll off. Weld slag resistant nuts and cables make ecolink EVW the perfect partner for sensors. C series: Resistant to oils and coolants – the full-metal sensors of the C series are ideal for use in the metalworking industry. The oil- resistant ecolink EVC connector ensures a higher operational reliability due to the vibration protection with end stop. S series: The standard magnetic sensors for industrial applications. Thanks to the full-metal housing and protection rating IP 67 the sensors can also be used in rough environments. Full-metal inductive and magnetic sensors.
  • 6. Vision sensor O2V 6 For industrial applications Assessment of variable features of objects and scenes. While common vision sensors check parts on the basis of defined contours (like the efector dualis con- tour sensor O2D) the new O2V vision sensor com- pares on the basis of variable featu- res. Instead of a de- fined contour the user determines relative features used by the sensor to assess an object or a scene. Within adjustable tolerances the sen- sor determines characteristics such as the area of an object (number of pixels), the inner and outer object size of an irregular object geometry, roundness or com- pactness or the number of availa- ble holes. Furthermore, the grey-scale values can also be used for assessment. The O2V vision sensor is reliably used for the full / empty control of transport and pro- duction vessels. The photo on the right shows, for example, 100 % empty control of a chocolate mould. Check objects for presence, size, position or completeness. The vision sensor checks the presence of adhesive labels or imprints, such as production or best before date. The sensor also detects colour marks such as mounting points or defect marks – applied by machine or by hand. Dual-sheet detection for automated gripper systems as is frequently used in the automotive industry is just as possible as the counting of sheets or fastening clips. Due to their varying reflections it is difficult to represent them by means of a contour. The object inspection unit checks the presence or position of weld seams, weld spots or areas which went blue in variably degrees due to the high welding temperature. Even irregularly applied materials such as glues or greases are detected. Object inspection for packaging, production and quality control.
  • 7. 20 x 14 46 x 32 – 28 x 20 61 x 44 15 x 11 36 x 26 77 x 56 20 x 14 68 x 50 140 x 100 40 x 30 130 x 100 270 x 200 80 x 60 320 x 240 640 x 480 200 x 150 640 x 480 50 75 100 200 400 1000 2000 1280 x 960 400 x 300 Operating distance / field of view size [mm] Vision sensor O2V outer and inner width and height Assessment features, which can be combined to ensure visual object inspection. Further information at outer and inner radius area in number of pixels horizontal and vertical coordinate of the object’s centre of gravity orientation in degrees roundness, squareness, compactness homogeneity, minimum, mean and maximum grey-scale value objects or holes in the object size of the object position of the object shape factors of the object grey-scale value number 7 Robust: Compact metal housing with the protection rating IP 67 and a temperature range of -10...60 °C for harsh operating conditions. Flexible: Extensive assessment parameters for a wide range of applications. 32 scenes with up to 24 different objects can be saved in the unit. Cross-linked: Ethernet process interface (TCP/IP, Ethernet IP) for image transmission and connection to the controller. Stand-alone: Camera, lighting and evaluation in one unit. User-friendly: All parameters can be set con- veniently via the menu-guided parameter setting software. The vision sensor for the visual inspection of objects.
  • 8. 8 New level sensor, ignores foam and build up. For hygienic and wet areas For hygienic areas and viscous media Point level sensor type LMT Especially hygienic: the surface charac- teristics of the PEEK tip of the sensor is Ra < 0.8 μ. Adherence of dirt and residues of media is hardly possible. Using the default setting the sensor detects certain media but not their deposits or foam. Even for viscous and sticky products the LMT point level sensor provides reliable operation. In the food indus- try deposits and foam often make reliable limit detection difficult. With the hygienic point level sensor LMT they can be suppressed. Therefore the LMT sensor can reliably provide full or empty signals of tanks and ensure run-dry protection of pumps. The better alternative to the vibration fork.
  • 9. 9 1 Welding adapter cylindrical, G 1/2 2 Varivent adapter type F with DN25 and 1" or type N with DN40 (1,5") The modular adapter concept provides highly flexible installa- tion. The sensor can be integrated in the process via different adapter types such as cylindrical welding adapters, clamp and pipe fittings or Varivent or vibration fork adapters. Variable in the process. 2 1 3 Vibration fork adapter G 3/4 or G 1 4 LMT point level sensor sensor tip PEEK The flush sealing is achieved without O-ring. The PEEK tip of the sensor is in direct contact with the adapter. This avoids dead bands and con- tamination. Approvals such as EHEDG and 3A certify the food conformity. Sealing concept PEEK to metal. IP 68 / IP 69K, III Protection rating / class -1…16 0…85 / 150 (1h) G 1/2 hydrous media* Max. process pressure [bar] Applications Medium temperature [C°] Process connection LMT point level sensor · 4-wire PNP · output function NC/NO complementary 0…100 / 150 (1h) oils, fats, bulk materials* -1…16G 1/2 IP 68 / IP 69K, III Further information and a *detailed media list at Convenient: Default setting at the factory makes adjustment to the medium unnecessary. Easy selection from the media list. Food-grade: Hygienic design without corners and edges. Maintenance-free sealing concept without dead bands. Standardised: Tested and certified. Approvals to 3A, EHEDG and conformities to FDA, EC1935/2004. Polished: High-quality housing materials such as stainless steel and PEEK. High protecting rating, no corrosion of the housing due to cleaning. Insensitive: Suppression of deposits and foam, even for viscous and sticky media. Easy: Complementary output, no reversing of the polarity or pro- gramming necessary. Direct connection via wired connection cables. Hygienic point level sensor with complementary output.
  • 10. 10 A breath of fresh air in pneumatics. Monitoring of compressed air in robotics and handling. For industrial applications Pressure sensor type PQ The new pressure sensors of the PQ series precisely measure the pressure in the negative pressure range and over- pressure range in pneumatic appli- cations. The compact and light housing provides various application op- tions, in particular in robotics and handling. The piezoresistive silicon measuring cell is insensitive to liquids (e.g. condensed water) and deposits that might occur in the system. Furthermore, it guarantees very good accuracy. Vast setting op- tions and the versatile display allow fast and simple adaptation of the sensor to the application. Despite its many features, the pres- sure sensor has an unbeatable price considerably below EUR 100. Pneumatics under control. It can be fixed to a DIN rail using the robust DIN rail clip, which is secured against inadvertent movement. The sensor is screwed to the clip. The sensor can be fixed to flat sur- faces and profiles using the two drill holes on the front. Flexible installation – on a DIN rail, thread or profile.
  • 11. 11 The slanted display can be conveniently read from the front or from above. Furthermore, it can be electronic- ally rotated by 180 degrees. The display colour is selectable: red or green. For example: in the acceptable range, the mea- sured value is dis- played in green, it turns red when a selectable switch point is exceeded. This provides an ideal overview in particular where there are fast movements, for example if the pressure sensor is mounted on a slide or mounting arm. The pressure is always in view. 2 programmable switching outputs no/nc or 1 switching output no/nc and diagnosis. Installation with an optional double nipple with 1/8" thread is even easier. Using this nipple, the sensor can be fixed to the pipe or air-ducting plate and aligned at the same time – quickly and easily. 30 Min. bursting pressure [bar] -1…1 or -1…10 20 2 programmable switching outputs no/nc or 1 switching output no/nc and diagnosis G 1/8 Meas. range rel. pressure [bar] Output Permissible overl. pressure [bar] Process connection Pressure sensor PQ Further information at Compact: Small dimensions and low weight – ideal for applications in robotics and handling. Resistant: The silicon-resistive cell measures between -1 and 10 bar. Clear: The slanted and electronically rotatable display enables ideal readability from almost all in- stallation positions. Evident: The situation-dependent display colour enables an evaluation within a fraction of a second, even if the sensor is moving. Easy installation: Whether free-standing mounting, mounting on a profile, DIN rail mounting or direct fixing to the pipe: secure fit of the PQ is always ensured thanks to the mounting holes and accessories. Adaptable: Two programmable switching outputs or one switching output and one diagnostic output pro- vide flexible adaption options. With the new compact pressure sensors.
  • 12. 12 IO-Link data storage – quick and easy. For hygienic and wet areas For industrial applications IO-Link Memory Plug When used in conjunction with IO-Link sensors, the memory plug reads and stores data and para- meters. It can be installed outside the critical zone so that the parameters are protected and quickly accessible even when the sensor has been destroyed. Especially for machine operators who have not yet used an IO-Link master this unit is an easy, time- saving and low- cost alternative for data storage. The parameters are automatically exchanged be- tween the memory plug and the IO- Link sensor. If the parameters of a sensor are chang- ed, the memory plug detects this and automatically updates itself. Thus, the machine operator has always stored the latest sensor para- meters. For servic- ing, you just have to connect the same type of sen- sor and the memo- ry plug loads auto- matically the stor- ed data to the sensor during connection. There is no com- munication be- tween the sensor and the memory plug during oper- ation of the machine. The sensor signals are linked through without being changed. Thanks to the non- volatile memory the memory plug can be reconfig- ured as often as required and is re-usable. Easy data storage for IO-Link sensors. By means of FDT-Container and IO-Link Interface the memory plug can either be written or reset to its factory settings, i.e. the stored parameters are deleted. Further, the memory plug can be set to the ”Write Protected“ or ”Read Write“ mode. Sensors with the same parameter setting can be programmed even prior to installation in the plant. By means of copying the data, possible errors of a new parameter setting can be prevented.
  • 13. 13 Without data set (empty) Factory setting, no data set available in the unit. Statuses and characteristics of the memory plug: With data set (full) A valid data set is available in the memory for writing of units of the same type. Transparent After successful storage of the data the unfiltered sensor signals are transmitted to the higher-level system. Write Protected mode The Write Protec- ted mode perma- nently stores the requested data set of the sensor. In the status ”full“ it is possible to write the data set from the memory plug to units of the same type. Read Write mode A memory plug in the Read Write mode stores the data via IO-Link when the supply voltage has been disconnected and reconnected and sensor data has been changed. The memory plug is appropriate for different sensors – even manufac- turer independent. Only prerequisite: the IO-Link inter- face. The memory plug can be used, amongst others, with the following IO-Link sensors from ifm: Flow sensors of the SI5 series Pressure sensors of the PP75, PI2 and PN2 series Temperature sen- sors of the TN, TR and TP series AS-Interface module AC5225 Universal use. L:52 x W:25 x D:18 Dimensions [mm] -25...80 IP 65 / IP 672 4.8; 38.4; 230 Baud rates [kBaud] Temperature range [°C] Storage capacity [Kbytes] IO-Link Memory Plug Protection Easy: Parameter setting of new units in case of a replacement without any further tools, software or menu operation. Efficient: Error-free copying of a data set to a great number of units of the same type. Automatic check for type consistency. Automatically: Storage of current parameters immediately after power on of the supply voltage or after dis- connecting and reconnecting the sensor in the Read Write mode. Safe: In the Write Protected mode data can be stored only once, after- wards it can be only read. Convenient: Recovering data from the mem- ory plug in case of unintended changes of the data set in the IO-Link sensor. Evident: Two brightly shining LEDs to indicate the current status and characteristics. Tried-and-tested: Process connection via ecolink M12 connection technology for toolless installation. Vibration protection against loosening in cases of shock or vibration. The IO-Link Memory Plug. Further information at
  • 14. 14 The bus at a glance: The fast connection from AS-i to Profinet. For industrial applications Profinet gateway The central ele- ment is a graphic colour display. Thanks to its un- ambiguous picto- grams and a menu structure for practical use it allows quick and intuitive set-up, operation and diagnosis. Further to four navigation buttons there are two context-sen- sitive softkeys directly below the display. For each AS-i master the status of all 62 possible AS-i addresses can be seen at a glance. The user sees immediately where a periphe- ral fault (marked yellow) or a confi- guration error has occurred. For the latter a difference is made between status of all 62 possible AS-i addresses ”slave projected but not present“ (marked red) and ”slave present but not projected“ (red with grey border). Intuitive navigation. Operation can be done completely via the integrated web interface. The menu structure is the same as on the unit. The dynamic web pages are completely transmitted via the HTTP port 80 so that there are no problems with firewalls.
  • 15. 15 Further information at The display provides information about type and quality of the voltage supply. Further to the exact voltage value and a possible earth fault, it shows the symmetry of the potential- free AS-i voltage. The flexible voltage supply ensures low-cost integration into your application. The gateway can be operated via AS-i power supplies, DC power supplies, or a com- bination of both. What is new is the possibility to supply AS-i lines as well as the gateway from one power supply. For this, ifm electronic offers the optional data decoupling module which is simply connected to the right side of the gateway. It allows supply from an AS-i power supply as well as from a 24 V DC standard power supply. The latter enables cable lengths up to 50 m per AS-i line. Innovative concept for the voltage supply. Gateway Pwr. supp. (AUX) AS-i pwr. supp. 1 AS-i pwr. supp. 2 AS-i power supply 1 AS-i pwr. supp. 2 AS-i line 1 AS-i line 2 Possibilities of voltage supply Option 1 Option 2 Power supply (AUX or AS-i) Option 3 Advantages Low-cost supply for all AS-i components from only one (standard) power supply. Efficient method for the decentralised structure. High operational reliability even in cases of short circuits on an AS-i line. RT device class B M4 Communication interface Profinet AS-i master profile AS-i Profinet gateway · voltage supply via Combicon connector M4RT device class B 1 AS-i master 2 TCP/IP Configuration interface TCP/IP AS-i 1.1 AS-i 1.2 AS-i 2.1 AS-i 2.2 AS-i 3.1 AS-i 3.2 Everything at a glance: A graphic colour display ensures a clear overview and easy oper- ation. From safe to low-cost: The flexible voltage supply concept offers versatile integra- tion possibilities. Operation via the internet: Whether parameter setting, diagnosis or firmware update: if required, the gateway can be operated completely via the internet. Fast transmission: The powerful hardware guaran- tees transfer times of less than two milliseconds. Certified technology: The Profinet class B certification guarantees the user real-time capability of the gateway. Double port: The integrated 2-port Profinet switch enables a line topology for Profinet. With the ifm Profinet gateway for AS-Interface.
  • 16. RFID system with Profibus DP interface The ”electronic route card“ for conveying and production. ifm electronic has developed a new RFID system in particular for pro- duction and con- veying. The robust evalua- tion unit has a Profibus-DP inter- face. The inte- grated web server enables easy para- meter setting via the web browser. The requirements of harsh industrial environments are met by a stable metal housing, a wide temperature range and the high protection rating IP 67. The new RFID evaluation unit DTE100 has four antenna connec- tions which can alternatively be used as digital I/Os. The antennas are connected via standardised M12 connectors. The standard pin assignment of the I/O connections ensures that common sensors or actuators are directly connected and powered from the RFID evalua- tion unit. In addition to LF transponders with up to 2-Kbit memory, the pro- duct portfolio of ifm electronic also covers HF trans- ponders with 16 Kbits as FRAM ver- sion which can be rewritten an un- limited number of times. RFID system with evaluation unit, antennas and transponders The LF or HF read/write antennas in an industrially compatible housing are simply connected to the evaluation unit via a standard M12 connector. 16 For industrial applications
  • 17. Further information at RFID evaluation unit RFID antenna 125 KHzRFID evaluation unit Profibus DP EU/ETSI, 4 switching inputs or outputs Antenna/ frequency range Evaluation RFID system with Profibus DP interface RFID antenna 13.56 MHz ID tag 256 bits Transponder/ memory size ID tag 2048 bits ID tag 16 Kbits FRAM ID tag 896 bits 60, depending on the tag Range [mm] Web browser 17 All connections are for standard M12 connectors. Current is also directly supplied via an M12 connection. The wide range of accessories such as Profibus connection cables and ter- minating resistors facilitate the system set-up. Clear: Status display via LED and integrated web server. Flexible: Connection of RFID antennas or digital inputs/outputs. Antenna and transponder combinations of some bits to several Kbytes. Easy: Connection of the antennas with unshielded standard cables of 0.3 m to 20 m. Integrable: Function blocks enable easy integration into the higher level automation or process control. Certified: The Profibus DP certification guarantees interoperability in automation technology. Robust: The protection rating IP 67 meets all requirements for harsh industrial environments. Convenient: A vast selection of accessories facilitates the system set-up. The new flexible RFID system with integrated Profibus DP interface. The RFID system platform is widely used in production for identifying tools or monitor- ing production steps. Data can be saved and read in the transponder as on an electronic route card. Further applica- tions can be found in quality assur- ance, in the auto- motive industry as well as in automa- tion and convey- ing. Easy use and flexi- ble parameter set- ting allow the user to solve each iden- tification task pre- cisely and without any problems. Solve application tasks precisely. PLC
  • 18. 18 Current is now orange. Power supplies made by ifm electronic. For industrial applications Switched-mode power supplies BasicLine and ClassicLine Über die beiden frontseitigen Bohrungen lässt sich der Sensor auf ebene Flächen und Profile schrauben. Despite the high performance, the slim switched-mode power supplies only require little space in the control cabinet. The control cabinet remains cool due to the low heat loss. ClassicLine BasicLine Low-cost power supplies generally provide the user with no additional power. This is a risk for the opera- tional reliability in critical supply situ- ations, e.g. upon start of the plant. To exclude this risk, the plant op- erator normally has to use a more powerful power supply. The new ifm power supplies are different. They provide an ”intelli- gent power reser- ve“. At a 1.5-fold nominal load the power supplies can provide ”extra current“ for 5 s, and for a longer time in case of lower overload. This additional power allows diffi- cult loads to start (motors, DC/DC converters). Intelligent power reserve. Premium quality made in Germany: The new switched- mode power sup- plies ”made by ifm“. The types BasicLine in a compact plastic housing and ClassicLine in a robust metal housing are avail- able. Both designs only require little space on the DIN rail, because of their slim housings. The applications however are ver- satile: The primary power supplies provide sensors, actuators, control- lers but also com- plex loads such as motors or DC/DC converters with current. After power on, the power supplies start, even with- out minimum load, and are, of course, short-circuit proof and overload pro- tected. They ensure a stable output vol- tage at different loads and fluc- tuating input vol- tages. This guaran- tees operational reliability and maximum plant uptime. Two LEDs and a DCok output indi- cate and signal the operating states. The units can be used worldwide due to their wide- range input and cULus approval. Outstanding performance.
  • 19. 19 metal metal single phase 100...240 AC single phase 100...240 AC 24 DC / 2.5 24 DC / 5.0 metal metal single phase AS-i single phase AS-i 24 DC / 2.8 24 DC / 4.0 Output [V / A] HousingNominal voltage [V] plastic plastic single phase 100...240 AC single phase 100...240 AC 24 DC / 1.2 24 DC / 2.5 plastic plastic single phase AS-i single phase AS-i 24 DC / 1.0 24 DC / 1.9 Switched-mode power supplies BasicLine AS-i Switched-mode power supplies ClassicLine AS-i Switched-mode power supplies ClassicLine Switched-mode power supplies BasicLine ClassicLine AS-i BasicLine AS-i ifm electronic offers its own switched-mode power supply ver- sions for the AS- interface fieldbus system. Due to the integrated data decoupling both data and supply voltage for the AS-i slaves and the connected sensors can be transferred via one single two- wire cable. Data decoupling ensures balancing of the AS-i voltage and thus an op- timum noise im- munity of the AS-i system. In addition to the standard short- circuit protection, overload resis- tance and no-load protection, the AS-i power sup- plies have a constant current characteristic that allows the user to drive high capaci- tive loads upon start-up behaviour. Otherwise, they have the same powerful charac- teristics as the new 24 V DC power supplies. Voltage supply for AS-Interface Further information at Extra power: Intelligent power reserve of 50 % for at least 5 s without voltage dip. Universal: Wide-range input, single phase 100...240 V AC Well stowed: Robust metal housing or compact plastic housing. Cool: High degree of efficiency of up to 90 %, therefore only minimum control cabinet heating. Tolerant: Mains buffering depending on the version up to 450 ms at nominal voltage. Informative: Operating status signalled by LEDs and DCok output. Bus-compatible: Special versions for the AS-i bus system. 24 V DC switched-mode power supplies with an intelligent power reserve.
  • 20. 20 Tight and sealed due to the unique profiled sealing ring and vibration protection. ecolink M8 connectors, T series Industrial M8 round connectors are a standard in today’s automa- tion technology. Applications in wet areas however have been largely avoided so far due to the poor sealing. The reason is the use of O-rings. They are not suitable for these connectors, be- cause they rarely achieve the re- quired ingress resistance for rea- sons of design. A further problem with conventional M8 connectors: in applications with strong shocks and vibration the coupling nuts are insufficiently protected against unintended loos- ening. In contrast, the new ecolink M8 connectors are ingress resistant up to IP 67, IP 68 and IP 69K, fur- thermore they have a shock and vibration resistant fitting. The connectors are 100 % compatible and fit on all stan- dardised M8 plugs. Installation is done manually. Manual tightening of the nut is sufficient to guarantee a high protection rating and a high shock and vibration resis- tance. M8 connectors for highest demands. The unique pro- filed sealing ring lies against the inside of the connector. Like a fillet, the diameter increases and ends in a plane support surface. The pro- filed seal is firmly kept in its position by the metal ring and is therefore captive. The result: protection rating IP 67, IP 68 and IP 69K. Incomparable. Radially and axially ingress resistant. Standard solution for industrial appli- cations: the C series with PUR cable is also resistant against oils and coolants. The T series for hygienic and wet areas, however, has a PVC cable and housing as well as a coupling nut made of stainless steel. 1 ecolink Profiled sealing ring The innovative profiled sealing ring seals radially and axially. The seal always lies ideally against both sealing areas. 2 Conventional seal When tightening, the O-ring seal is often excessively pressed and forced apart. The connec- tor is not tight. 1 2 For hygienic and wet areas For industrial applications For oils and coolants T series, EVT C series, EVC
  • 21. 21 Fixed. A metal ring with saw tooth contour protects the nut against unintend- ed loosening in case of shock and vibration. Socket Cable Connector 3-pole 4-pole EVT, EVC* connector · 3-pole EVT, EVC* connector · 4-pole Ingress-resistant. The new ecolink M8 connectors have a unique profiled sealing ring which exactly fits against the inner surface and front of the device plug, providing an even contact pressure. So, the IP67 / IP 68 / IP 69K ratings are for the first time perma- nently achieved with M8 connectors. T series, scale 4:1 EVT: 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2, 5, 10 m EVT: 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2, 5, 10 m EVT: 2, 5, 10, 25 m EVC: 2, 5, 10 m EVC: 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2, 5 m EVC: 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2, 5 m EVT: 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2, 5, 10 m EVT: 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2, 5, 10 m EVT: 2, 5, 10, 25 m EVC: 2, 5, 10 m EVC: 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2, 5 m EVC: 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2, 5 m – EVT with LED: 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2, 5, 10 m EVT with LED: 2, 5, 10, 25 m EVC with LED: 2, 5, 10 m EVC with LED: 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2, 5 m EVT: 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2, 5, 10 m EVT: 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2, 5, 10 m EVT: 2, 5, 10, 25 m EVC: 2, 5, 10 m EVC: 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2, 5 m EVC: 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2, 5 m EVT: 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2, 5, 10 m EVT: 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2, 5, 10 m EVT: 2, 5, 10, 25 m EVC: 2, 5, 10 m EVC: 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2, 5 m EVC: 0.3, 0.6, 1, 2, 5 m *in the pictures you see the T series information at Application: Unique in the market – the T series for hygienic and wet areas and the C series for oils and coolants as well as standard applications. Ingress-protected: The innovative profiled sealing ring – dimensionally stable and captive – provides the high protection ratings IP 67, IP 68 and IP 69K. Secure: The saw-tooth type vibration pro- tection ensures that the nut does not become loose unintentionally in case of shock and vibration. This is proven in tests with 750 g and 1 million cycles. Manual mounting: Manual tightening of the nut guarantees the high protection rating as well as a high shock and vibration resistance. Visible: Transparent black housing for an optimum visibility of the LED even in bright lighting conditions. Standardised: The connection technology conforms to the M8 standard EN 61076 and is therefore compatible with all common M8 connectors. M8 ecolink connectors – now also for hygienic and wet areas.
  • 22. A passion for Quality A passion for Quality
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