Guided Wave Radar/LR Level Sensor Brochure


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Guided Wave Radar/LR Level Sensor Brochure

  1. 1. Levelsensors Innovation on the right wavelength. Level measurement in compact tanks using microwave technology.
  2. 2. clear space around the sensor 5 cm inactive measuring range 4 cm blocking distance clear space evaluation HFThe new efector gwr: Measuring levels using the innovative measuring principle of the GWR technology (Guided Wave Radar). Increase plant uptime: The robust and compact sensor is maintenance and wear free. Deposits and light foam forma- tion are largely suppressed. Fast set-up thanks to ease of use and simple mounting. Variabel: The probe can be cut to length, if needed. 4-digit alphanumeric LED display. Two or four programmable switch points with hysteresis or window function. Medium temperature up to 80 °C. Price and performance are convincing. The innovative measuring principle for high ease of use and low cost. transmitted pulse reflection echo The efector gwr operates to the principle of guided wave radar and measures the level using electro- magnetic pulses in the nanosecond range. The pulses are transmitted by the sensor head and guided along the probe. If the microwave pulse hits the medium to be detected, it is reflected, guid- ed back to the sensor and evalua- ted. The time be- tween transmitting and receiving the pulse directly re- lates to the travel- led distance and the current level. Echo time of flight principle in GWR technology.
  3. 3. efector gwr with microwave technology. The new quality standard in level monitoring. efector gwr reli- ably monitors the level of coolants for machine tools even in difficult applications such as grey cast iron processing. Build-up on the stainless steel probe caused by metal particles or grind swarf do not affect operation. For industrial applications Coolant monitoring Part cleaning monitoring High performance – attractive price. efector gwr pro- vides the advan- tages of an innova- tive measurement technology at an extremely attrac- tive price. It is a realistic alternative to sim- ple vibration forks and float switches, the disadvantages of which are, for example, a high level of mainte- nance and limited life due to wear. Thanks to its ease of installation and use the efector gwr is much more user-friendly than conventional mea- suring systems using microwave technology. performance GWR level meter price float switch vibration fork efector gwr mechanical switch efector gwr
  4. 4. The efector gwr is the best alternative to mechanical float switches because of its display and its two freely pro- grammable switching outputs. High operational reliability: Even if there are deposits or the first indication of foam formation, the sensor operation is largely reliable. Reliable in operation. The parameters such as switch-on point and switch-off point point are set by simply pressing a pushbutton. The current level and the set parame- ters are visible at a glance on the 4- digit alphanumeric display. User-friendly parameter setting. The efector gwr is directly mounted into the tank via a process connection or via a flange plate. It is electrically connected to the controller via an M12 connector. Very easy: If needed, the probe can be cut to length by the user. Easy installation. 0 20 40 60 80 100 cost comparison: mechanical float switch with cleaning intervals versus the maintenance-free efector gwr level sensor cost share [%] cost unit cost installation cost level display cost cleaning intervals unforeseen cost / standstill In industrial part washer applica- tions the efector gwr reliably detects the level of aqueous cleaning agents at medium tempera- tures up to 80 °C. The comparison clearly shows the economic benefit: Using the efector gwr, costs can be reduced by up to 70 % compared to mechanical moni- toring systems. PhotobycourtesyofDürrEcocleanGroup
  5. 5. Probes / accessories Description Order no. Probe 240 mm, stainless steel (303S22) E43203 Probe 700 mm, stainless steel (303S22) E43205 Probe 450 mm, stainless steel (303S22) E43204 Probe 1200 mm, stainless steel (303S22) E43208 Probe 1000 mm, stainless steel (303S22) E43207 Probe 1600 mm, stainless steel (303S22) E43210 Probe 1400 mm, stainless steel (303S22) E43209 Flange plate LR 65-80 E43202 Flange plate LR 73-90 E43201 Flange plate LR 73-90 NPT E43206 Application Electrical design Connection aqueous media, coolants, cleaning agents, water DC PNP 4-wire DC PNP 8-wire DC PNP 4-wire Technical data level sensor LR Output Current rating [mA] Current consumption [mA] Max. tank pressure [bar] Medium temperature [°C] Function display Display unit LED Switching status LED Housing materials Connection 200 Operating voltage [V] 18...30 DC < 80 -1...4 3 Dielectric constant medium > 20 Power-on delay time [s] ± 1.5 ± 0.5 Switch point accuracy [cm] Repeatability [cm] 0...60 0...80 IP 67 III 2 x green 2 x yellow 2 x green 4 x yellow 2 x green 1 x yellow stainless steel (303S22), PTFE, NBR 4-digit alphanumeric display Operating temperature [°C] M12 connector to EN 61076-2-101, gold-plated contacts Protection FKM, NBR, PBT, PC, TPE-V, stainless steel (304S15), PTFE, PEI Measured values, programming Materials (wetted parts) 2 x normally closed / normally open progr. 4 x normally closed / normally open progr. 1 x normally closed / normally open progr. 1 x analogue output 4...20 mA / 0...10 V Order no. LR7000 30 63 M12x1 G 43 8 I1 L 50 57AI2 32 1 76 87 6 32 Sockets Description Order no. 2 m PUR, M12 angled, without LED, 4-pole EVC004 5 m PUR, M12 angled, without LED, 4-pole EVC005 2 m PUR, M12 angled, without LED, 8-pole E11231 5 m PUR, M12 angled, without LED, 8-pole E11232 1 = 4-digit alphanumeric display 2 = LEDs (display unit / switching status) 3 = Programming buttons Process connection G 3/4 LR7300 NPT 3/4 LR8000 G 3/4 LR8300 NPT 3/4 LR3000 G 3/4 LR3300 NPT 3/4 LR7000, LR8000, LR3000 You can find the current prices on our website at
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