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Com scoredatapassport 2h10

  1. 1. About This Data PassportFrom emerging markets to converging media, comScore is theglobal source of digital market intelligence that truly measuresthe digital world. This data passport offers a brief glimpse intothe vast array of vital insights that only comScore can reveal.01 GLOBAL INTERNET DEMOGRAPHICS02 HOW THE WORLD USES THE INTERNET03 SOCIAL NETWORKING04 SOCIAL RETAIL05 TWITTER06 E-COMMERCE07 ONLINE BANKING08 ONLINE VIDEO AROUND THE GLOBE09 ONLINE VIDEO ADVERTISING10 MOBILE INTERNET MARKET ENABLERS11 MOBILE INTERNET USAGE12 ONLINE DISPLAY ADVERTISING13 THE ROLE OF CREATIVE IN ADVERTISING14 ACTIVE USAGE OF PC APPLICATIONS ABOUT COMSCORE Measuring the digital world.™
  2. 2. 01. GLOBAL INTERNET DEMOGRAPHICS 02. HOW THE WORLD USES THE INTERNETYoung Web Users Make Up Larger Share of Audience Top Categories for Web Users Under and Over 35 arein Emerging Markets Roughly the Same, But Certain Categories Skew YoungShare of Online Population Under 35 % Reach and Average Time Spent, Key CategoriesSelected Countries Among Those with Highest and Lowest Internet Penetration Rates Internet Users Ages 15+ Accessing the Internet from a Home or Work ComputerInternet Users Ages 15+ Accessing the Internet from a Home or Work Computer June 2010June 2010 % Reach Average Minutes Worldwide 53% Category 15-34 35+ 15-34 35+ Sweden 37% Instant Messengers 41.7 33.0 414 314 Netherlands 35% Entertainment - Music 51.3 42.4 27 21 Countries Australia 42% Photos 51.3 44.8 34 23 with HIGH Downloads 57.9 51.1 19 22 South Korea 47% Internet Games 56.8 50.8 83 114 Penetration Japan 40% Social Networking 76.2 70.5 311 244 Canada 41% Search/Navigation 83.8 86.2 51 49 Email 64.9 67.7 111 195 Singapore 45% Community 63.1 66.5 41 48 Russian Federation 62% Directories/Resources 71.0 75.1 38 45 China 62% Technology 56.6 60.9 14 18 Countries Retail 61.6 67.9 52 63 with LOW Venezuela 73% News/Information 65.4 75.2 43 75 Internet Vietnam 72% Business/Finance 43.6 56.4 31 54 Penetration Mexico 68% Philippines 69% For younger users, Internet usage skews toward fun, photos and Indonesia 72% instant communication, including IMing and social networking. India 77% This is quite a different profile from the 35+ crowd, who are morePeople under the age of 35 make up the dominant share of likely to favor ‘grown up’ sites, like Business/Finance, News/Internet audiences in countries with low Internet penetration rates, Information and Retail. The older group spends considerablywith many of these emerging markets in Asia and Latin America. more time on email than their younger counterparts.Early adopters are more likely to be younger, and developing nations The top-indexing categories for younger Internet users reflectare more likely to have a larger youth population overall. The impact of their focus on the Web as a real-time interactive medium forthese youthful Web audiences is significant: China’s 15-34 year olds communication, entertainment and connecting with others. Usersoutnumber the total combined online populations of Germany, France, over 35 are more likely to focus on the Internet as an information andthe U.K., Italy and Spain. productivity resource. Greater spending power also makes them more likely to visit Retail, Business/Finance and Technology sites.Source: comScore Media Metrix Source: comScore Media Metrix
  3. 3. 03. SOCIAL NETWORKINGFacebook is Dominant Global Social Network, But There Russia and a Number of Southeast Asian Countriesare Still a Few Notable Exceptions Spend Largest Share of Online Time on Social NetworksCountries Where Facebook is not the #1 Social Network by Reach Countries Spending Largest and Smallest Share of Time on Social NetworkingInternet Users Ages 15+ Accessing the Internet from a Home or Work Computer Internet Users Ages 15+ Accessing the Internet from a Home or Work ComputerJune 2010 June 2010 Country Leading SN and Facebooks Worldwide 15% Reach Reach Orkut Russian Federation 45% Brazil 20.3% 71.9% Philippines 34% Orkut India 50.4% 47.5% Largest Indonesia 31% Share of Japan 6.2% Malaysia 28% 18.6% Time Hyves Puerto Rico 26% Netherlands 37.9% 65.4% Turkey 25% Russian Federation VKontakte 7.6% 72.7% Taiwan 11% CyWorld Netherlands South Korea 8.0% Smallest 10% 55.0% Share of South Korea 7% Taiwan 49.6% 61.1% Time China 7% Vietnam ZING Me 16.5% 27.7% Japan 4% Vietnam 3%Facebook now reaches 43.9 percent of Internet users worldwide,and it is the leading social network in 33 of the 41 countries Countries with the heaviest usage of social networks are all fromunder comScore measurement. In certain countries, however, emerging Internet regions. With the exception of the Russianlocal social networks are in the lead. Federation, where VKontakte is the social networking leader,VKontakte keeps a firm grip on the Russian Internet audience, Facebook accounts for the majority of social networking minuteswith almost three-quarters using the social network. CyWorld has in these countries.also managed to keep Facebook’s reach in the single digits, while The six countries where users spend the smallest share of theirattracting more than half the online population in South Korea. online time on social networks are those in which Facebook is not the category leader.Source: comScore Media Metrix Source: comScore Media Metrix
  4. 4. 04. SOCIAL RETAIL 05. TWITTERHot New Trends in Online Shopping: Top Reasons for Twitter Use Vary by GenderGroup Buying, Flash Sale Sites and Social Retail Consumer Usage of TwitterU.S. Unique Visitors (000) to Group Buying and Flash Sale Sites Q: For which have you used Twitter?June 2009 and June 2010 U.S. April 2010 Survey Reading tweets from users I follow 42% 38% Posting my own tweets 38% 29% Retweeting other users tweets 20% 18% Finding breaking news 23% 13% Conversations with other users 16% 18% Following celebrities 14% 18% Following businesses to find 12% sales/deals/special prices/promotions 16% Finding product reviews/opinions 17% 11% Finding political news 15% 10% Following my favorite sports teams 15% 8% Asking for help/advice from other users 7% 3% Other 3% 8% None of the above 11% 23%Group-buying sites LivingSocial and Groupon, which offer Male Femalediscounted local goods and services, have increased their trafficby an astounding amount over the past year. Flash sale sites, Though the service has proved popular with both genders, menwhich offer a limited number of price-reduced items for a short and women use Twitter for different types of activities.period of time, have also seen significant growth. Men are far more likely to post their own tweets than women. They areThese sites take advantage of social networking by encouraging also more likely to use Twitter to follow news and sports. Meanwhile,consumers to share information about their shopping activities, and to women are more likely to use the service as a conversation mediumsave money on their purchases by doing so. A tight economy may also and to follow celebrities. A larger percentage of women also say theybe contributing to these sites’ success, as consumers try to find new use the network to find deals and promotions.ways to stretch their discretionary dollars.Source: comScore Media Metrix Source: comScore Survey, April 2010
  5. 5. 06. E-COMMERCE 07. ONLINE BANKINGQ2 2010 Marks Third Consecutive Quarter of Positive 61 Million Customers Logged In to Their Accounts atU.S. e-Commerce Growth Versus Year Ago One of the Top 10 Banks in Q2 ‘10e-Commerce Spending and Year-over-Year Growth Rates U.S. Online DDA* Customers**Q1 2007 to Q2 2010 Q4 2004 to Q2 2010 $ 45,000 25% 59.1 57.9 58.4 60.9 60.6 55.9 $ 40,000 50.9 51.4 47.3 46.9 47.3 48.2 48.6e-Commerce Spending (Millions) 20% 43.8 45.4 41.3 43 $ 35,000 38.8 39.9 40.2 36.5 34.2 31.4 Y/Y Percent Change $ 30,000 15% $ 25,000 10% $ 20,000 $ 15,000 5% Q4 2004 Q4 2005 Q4 2006 Q4 2007 Q4 2008 Q4 2009 $ 10,000 0% $ 5,000 At 61 million customers, just over a quarter of the total U.S. online $0 -5% population logged in to view their DDA account last quarter. Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 2007 2007 2007 2007 2008 2008 2008 2008 2009 2009 2009 2009 2010 2010 Growth in online banking customers across the top 10 banks slowed to 2.5 percent year-over-year in Q2 2010; this following tremendousU.S. online retail spending reached $32.9 billion in the second growth since late 2008 which was largely attributed to bankquarter of 2010, up 9 percent over a year ago. acquisitions. Despite the slowing growth rate, today over 25 percent ofThis growth rate represents the third consecutive quarter of positive the total Internet population is engaged in online banking at one of theyear-over-year growth following a year of flat or negative quarterly top 10 banks. While growth slows in online banking, mobile bankinggrowth rates. continues to grow rapidly with 74 percent growth year-over-year in mobile browsing access and 126 percent growth in financial application access to mobile banking. *Direct Deposit Accounts ** Includes customers of Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, ING Direct, National City, Capital One, U.S. Bank, Wachovia, WaMu and Wells Fargo. In 2009, the competitive set has changed to include three additional banks to account for the mergers – HSBC, SunTrust and PNC.Source: comScore e-Commerce Measurement Source: comScore Banking Benchmarker
  6. 6. 08. ONLINE VIDEO AROUND THE GLOBE 09. ONLINE VIDEO ADVERTISINGThe U.S. Leads in Average Number of Videos Viewed; Hulu Shows the Most Ads to Viewers Among TV VideoGermans are the Most Engaged Content SitesUsage Measures for Online Video, June 2010 Video Ads* on TV Video Content Sites Ads per Viewer, % of Site Viewers Exposed to a Video Ad Average Videos per Viewer Average Hours per Viewer U.S. Online Video Viewers, June 2010 United States 196.2 United States 14.3 % of Video Viewers Ads per Viewer Exposed to a Video Ad Germany 193.0 Germany 17.5 Canada 185.0 Canada 13.6 Hulu 24.2 95%United Kingdom 184.7 United Kingdom 15.8 THEWB.COM 20.0 96% Japan 153.9 Japan 15.1 ABC.COM 15.6 50% Hong Kong 139.5 Hong Kong 11.7 FOX.COM 12.9 85% France 138.0 France 12.2 Singapore 127.2 Singapore 10.9 NBC.COM 8.4 68% Brazil 95.2 Brazil 7.6 CWTV.COM 7.9 43% Australia 92.2 Australia 7.2 CBS.COM 7.7 89% Malaysia 71.1 Malaysia 4.5 Comedy Central 6.4 15% China 50.0 China 6.5 TV.COM 5.4 85% Discovery Digital Media Sites 4.2 71%The U.S., Germany and Canada view the most videos on average,though in terms of average time spent watching videos, Germany,the U.K. and Japan top the list. Among TV video content sites, Hulu generated the highest number of total ad views at 566 million. 95 percent of videoChina posts very light consumption, though with three-quarters of its viewers on the site were exposed to an ad, and each wasvery large Internet population watching online video, it still managed to shown an average of 24.2 ads.overtake the U.S. in the absolute number of online video viewers in June2010. Malaysia and Brazil also show light video usage–unsurprising Overall, 76 percent of American online video viewers saw a videogiven relatively low broadband penetration there. ad in June 2010, averaging 31.5 video ads over the month. In total, Americans watched more than 4.3 billion video ads in June. * Video ads include streaming-video advertising only and do not include other types of video monetization, such as overlays, branded players, matching banner ads, homepage ads, etc.Source: comScore Video Metrix 2.0 Source: comScore Video Metrix 2.0
  7. 7. 10. MOBILE INTERNET MARKET ENABLERS 11. MOBILE INTERNET USAGEKey Drivers of Mobile Internet Usage Communicating and Sharing Drives Usage of% of Mobile Users, United States and EU5 Mobile Web3 Months Ending June 2010 Top Genres for Mobile Browsing, EU5 3 Months Ending June 2010 46.6 44.8 32.6 Search 40.7% 30.5 25.6 25.6 25.8 25.0 Social Networking 36.0% 21.6 Personal Email via Browser 35.1% 6.6 News 32.3% Weather 29.8% Own a 3G Own a Have unlimited Used browser Used Sports Information 28.7% Device Smartphone data service application IM via Browser 25.1% plan Entertainment News 23.9% Work Email via Browser 20.6% United States EU 5 Maps 19.5% Tech News 19.4%In the EU, smartphones and 3G devices are now firmly Photo or Video Sharing Service 19.3%entrenched in the market. The most important enabler, unlimited General Reference 18.1%data plans, still has limited penetration in the EU5 at 6.6 percent. Stock Quotes or Financial News 17.3%In sharp contrast, more than a quarter of U.S. mobile users Movie Information 15.8%subscribed to unlimited data plans.A third of U.S. mobile subscribers used a browser on their device, The mobile Internet is as much about connecting with friends andcompared to only a quarter of EU5 mobile subscribers. The rate of app family as it is about news and information.use is also higher in the U.S. than in the EU5. Social activities, indicated by the orange bars, comprise five of the top dozen most popular mobile uses of the Internet. As a category, social networking has demonstrated the largest year over year growth in audience.Source: comScore MobiLens Source: comScore MobiLens
  8. 8. 12. ONLINE DISPLAY ADVERTISINGThe Online Display Market is Bouncing Back-U.S. U.S. Total Ad Impressions More Than Twice That ofInternet Users Received a Record 1.2 Trillion Display France, Germany and the U.K. CombinedAds in Q2 ‘10, Up From 974 Billion in Q2 ‘09 Distribution of Display Ad Impressions by Creative Size June 2010U.S. Total Display Ad Impressions*Q4 2008 to Q2 2010 Total Display Ad Impressions 1.173B 1.050B 1.064B 1.090B United States 23% 23% 23% 19% 11% 410 Billion 944B 974B 915B France 28% 23% 18% 21% 8% 71 Billion United Kingdom 21% 17% 18% 31% 13% 68 Billion Germany 31% 14% 20% 15% 18% 64 Billion Canada 24% 20% 22% 21% 12% 53 Billion Banners Rectangles Q4 08 Q1 09 Q2 09 Q3 09 Q4 09 Q1 10 Q2 10 Non-Standard Buttons Skyscrapers Pop-Ups and Pop-UndersU.S. online display advertising is bouncing back in 2010, with In the U.S., the display ad market has similar representationsecond quarter display impressions up 20 percent over the same among the most common ad formats, with banners, rectangles,period last year. and non-standard units each accounting for 23 percent ofA shift in traditional advertisers’ media spend towards digital and impressions.innovation in ad creatives have contributed to display advertising’s In the U.K., buttons (120x90) are the most common ad size, makingresurgence. In addition, advanced metrics to measure effectiveness up 31 percent of all impressions. Pop-ups and pop-unders nowof online advertising are improving advertisers’ ability to evaluate and represent a very small (less than 1 percent) share of display adoptimize campaigns. The popularity of social networking sites has also impressions in all countries under comScore Ad Metrix measurement,created a massive new channel with enhanced targeting capabilities most likely a function of the pop-up blockers which are now standardand social value for online advertising. in most browsers.*Display ads include static and rich media ads; excludes video ads, house ads and verysmall ads (<2,500 pixels in dimension).Source: comScore Ad Metrix Source: comScore Ad Metrix
  9. 9. 13. THE ROLE OF CREATIVE IN ADVERTISING 14. ACTIVE USAGE OF PC APPLICATIONSOver Half the Impact of Advertising is Driven by the Internet Browsers Dominate PC ConsumptionStrength of Creative Worldwide Engaged Minutes (MM) on Online and Offline Applications on PCs% Influence on Market Share Shifts Pre- and Post- CampaigncomScore ARS® Global Validation Summary Microsoft Internet Explorer 925,501Based on an Analysis of 396 Television Advertising Campaigns from 36 Advertisers and Mozilla Firefox 379,531200 Brands Tencent QQ IM 176,758 Windows Live Messenger 151,984 Creative has 4x greater impact on Microsoft Office Word 122,056 Sales than Planning Variables Other Microsoft Office Outlook 118,999 35% Ad Quality Ad Quality = Quality of the creative Microsoft Office Excel 104,897 52% based on ARS Persuasion Score Google Chrome 77,089 Media Media Weight = Ad planning Opera 43,077 Weight elements, such as GRPs, wearout & 13% continuity/flighting of airing Windows Media Player 34,228 Skype 22,712 Internet Browsers Apple iTunes 21,991 Instant MessengersResearch from comScore ARS demonstrates that fifty-two Yahoo! Messenger 17,966 Productivitypercent of market share movement is attributable to the quality of Microsoft Office PowerPoint 16,963 Multimediacreative*, making creative the number one driver of sales change.It is 4 times as important as key media planning variables, like GRP’s, Internet browsers dominate the top applications by Internet userswearout and continuity of airing. Said differently, a media buy can be worldwide, when ranked by minutes of engagement.made 4 times more powerful with good creative. What is startling is how much more PC engagement occurs within the browser versus the traditional productivity and multimedia applications.*Quality of creative is based on ARS Persuasion Score, which measures changes in Of note is the presence of Tencent’s QQ IM in the top applications,consumer preference through a simulated purchase exercise with and without exposure reflecting the growth and sheer size of the Asian Internet the creative. It is the most documented and independently certified predictive measureof advertising in the world.Source: comScore ARS Global Validation Summary Source: comScore Technology Solutions
  10. 10. ABOUT COMSCORE COMSCORE PRODUCT SUITES & SERVICESMeasuring the digital world.™comScore is a global leader in measuring the digital world and Media Planning & Analysisthe preferred source of digital marketing intelligence. Discover where to best reach a desired audience. Identify and profile online consumers. DemonstrateFrom the richness of comScore Media Metrix®, powered by Unified a site’s value by defining visitor characteristics.Digital Measurement™ (UDM), to the accuracy of comScore AdEffx™, comScore Media Planning & Analysis solutionsthe industry’s most comprehensive online advertising effectiveness offer the world-class tools needed to identify,suite, comScore reveals the granular dynamics that occur within a reach and target online as well as the total market views required to effectively navigatethe digital world on a local, regional and international level.Industry leaders turn to comScore for insight into the behaviors andattitudes of digital media consumers in order to design powerful sales Advertising Effectivenessand marketing strategies. comScore maintains massive proprietary Verify that your campaign reached its intendeddatabases that provide a continuous, real-time measurement of the audience. Quantify advertising’s impact on attitudesmyriad of ways in which consumers use the PC and mobile Internet. and behaviors as well as online and in-store sales.Experienced comScore analysts work closely with clients to identify Utilize creative pre-testing to maximize ad qualitytheir business objectives and determine how they can leverage the and garner stronger campaign results. comScorerapidly evolving digital world. Advertising Effectiveness solutions provide comprehensive measurement for digital and cross-Whether your focus is online or multi-channel, direct response media campaigns, allowing for in-flight optimizationor long-term brand building, domestic or global marketing, comScore and overall improved campaign ROI.provides the vital digital intelligence needed to succeed in today’scompetitive marketplace. Search Marketing Know the complete search landscape. Understand how various audiences search. Optimize search marketing efforts. comScore Search Marketing solutions provide details on consumers’ search behaviors, a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape and insights into key search trends around the globe.CONTACT
  11. 11. COMSCORE PRODUCT SUITES & SERVICESContinued from previous page.Mobile Marketing on the Internet Explore the “who, what and how” of mobile users. Design fully integrated marketing strategies. Gain insights into the competitive landscape. Learn Drive qualified traffic to a content website. Boost about the various behaviors and demographics of sales by identifying and reaching new audiences mobile Web audiences. comScore Mobile online. comScore Marketing on the Internet solutions offer unprecedented visibility into the solutions provide the superior digital intelligence mobile ecosystem. and consumer insights needed to successfully achieve online objectives.Cross Media Measurement Technology Tracking Understand today’s cross-media consumer. Analyze hardware and software configurations Plan campaigns more efficiently and optimize for thousands of devices. Understand how marketing spend. Measure the impact of advertising consumers’ technology-usage behaviors shift. across channels—Internet, TV, mobile, radio and Capitalize on trends in personal computer and print. comScore Cross Media Measurement mobile device technology. comScore Technology capabilities quantify cross media consumption Tracking services combine device-level data and usage as well as advertising effectiveness in with user demographics and online behavioral today’s increasingly fragmented media environment. insights to deliver the most complete profile of technology usage.Video & Distributed Media Measurement Custom Research Gain insight into the rapidly growing online video Get tailored, accurate and actionable insights. market and quantify key video-viewing trends. Design studies geared toward actual business Measure video content as well as online video objectives. Measure the success of specific advertising. Uncover the size, growth and composition marketing efforts to improve future campaigns. of distributed Web audiences and identify the most comScore Custom Research studies leverage attractive types of distributed content. comScore the massive comScore panel, sophisticated Video & Distributed Media Measurement solutions methodologies and expert analysts to deliver provide accurate and comprehensive measurement industry-leading marketing insights. of online video and distributed Web content.CONTACT
  12. 12. COMSCORE INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS Mobile comScore Mobile Solutions offer a comprehensive suite of products designed to address the unique needs of the mobile industry.AgenciescomScore Agency Solutions provide the industry’s leading advertising agencies Pharmaceuticalwith the detailed insights needed to develop superior media plans comScore Pharmaceutical Solutions deliver actionable insights to help brandand stay ahead in this dynamic environment. marketers identify key alliances, optimize their digital initiatives, benchmark against the competition and measure the ROI of a brand website and digitalAutomotive marketing programs.comScore Automotive Solutions provide insights into the researchpatterns, behaviors and attitudes of auto intenders, empowering automotive Retailmanufacturers, agencies and third parties to make important business decisions. comScore Retail Solutions allow marketers to understand the online retail landscape, create superior digital marketing strategies and identify changes inConsumer Packaged Goods consumers’ behavior and attitudes as they move through the purchase funnel.comScore CPG Solutions allow industry marketers to accurately pinpointtarget audiences, gain insight into the competitive landscape and precisely Technologymeasure the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts—both online and comScore Technology Solutions provide unparalleled insight into technologyin retail stores. usage and trends, allowing industry marketers to better understand the technology landscape and create superior digital marketing strategies.Financial ServicescomScore Financial Services Solutions offer the world’s leading bankers, Telecommunicationslenders, brokers and insurers the data-driven insights they need to guide their comScore Telecommunications Solutions provide timely information neededstrategic digital marketing decisions. to make critical business decisions, ranging from tactical marketing analyses to strategic blueprints.GamingcomScore Gaming Solutions provide digital marketers with the clear, actionable Traveland accurate insights needed to understand the critical aspects comScore Travel Solutions help the world’s top airline, car rental, hotelier andof the gaming market. online travel agency companies understand the online travel landscape to inform business decisions and allow for improved digital marketing strategies.GovernmentcomScore Government Solutions help web analysts, policy makers, compliance University and Academicofficers and marketers measure and manage their online efforts comScore University and Academic Solutions provide professors, researchersand making their sites more citizen-centric. and students with accurate, reliable and comprehensive media intelligence needed to help them better understand the ever-changing digital landscape.MediacomScore Media Solutions address the daily challenges agencies, online Wall Streetpublishers, ad networks, video technology companies and traditional media comScore Wall Street Solutions empower the world’s leading equity analysts,face in this rapidly shifting media environment. investment bankers, hedge fund managers, venture capitalists and brokers to make important investment decisions that matter most to their business.CONTACT
  13. 13. Contact InformationTo learn more about how comScore can help you compete andsucceed in the digital world, please contact us today:Onlinewww.comscore.comEmaillearnmore@comscore.comUnited States Latin America+1 866 276 6972 +56 2 242 8160Canada Asia Pacific+1 416 646 9911 +1 206 399 9951United Kingdom Australia+44 (0) 20 7099 1788 +61 (404) 378 009France China+33 (0) 1 53 43 90 76 +86 01 6523 3187Germany (Hamburg) India+49 (0) 40 47644 951 +91 (9920) 8833 23Germany (Düsseldorf) Japan+49 (0) 211 5403 9855 +81 3 5789 5555Spain Singapore+34 (0) 91 443 08 00 +65 9478 2100The findings herein are based on data and insight gleaned exclusively from comScore services and solutions.Research data or a portion of text less than one paragraph in length may be cited provided that each is sourced tocomScore; for example, “Source: comScore, Inc.” or “According to comScore, ....” Copies of graphs or data tablesmust include the following copyright notice affixed to all material: “Copyright © 2010 comScore, Inc.”© 2010 comScore, Inc.