iFixo (www.ifixo.com) - excellent services in PC performance optimization


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iFixo (www.ifixo.com) – Excellent Services in PC Performance Optimization

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  • Thank you very much, iFixo for cleaning up my computer from all the complicated, hard for me to solve and never ending problems I was experiencing . Knowing that in future you are available to me, open and Online 24/7/365 for any new failures, makes me work with much more confidence and with no fear of unintentionally doing something wrong. Wish you deserved success in your enterprise. Thanks.
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iFixo (www.ifixo.com) - excellent services in PC performance optimization

  1. 1. iFixo (www.ifixo.com) – Excellent Services in PC Performance Optimization<br />PRESENTED BY iFixo (www.ifixo.com)<br />
  2. 2.  <br />There are a whole lot of fraudulent PC help support companies that you may come across. Some of them may even establish themselves as being representatives of iFixo. These fraudulent companies have the tendency to use a known companies name to gain the confidence of the consumers. <br />This is the reason why, iFixo has undertaken scam shield campaign to ensure that you enjoy a safe and happy relationship with us. Here are some steps that iFixo has taken to protect you from any possible scams.<br />iFixo <br />scam shields<br />
  3. 3. iFixo is VeriSign Trusted. This seal is backed by the most trusted security brand on the internet. A VeriSign verified website means that VeriSign has verified the identity of the organisation who has been awarded this seal. It also verifies the company’s right to use the Website domain name. A VeriSign seal is only awarded when the website has passed a daily VeriSign malware scan and when no malware has been detected in the website. <br />iFixo is VeriSign Trusted<br />
  4. 4. iFixo is PayPal verified. This means that iFixo has provided evidence of their identity to PayPal by passing several major security checks and have completed the PayPal Verification process successfully. PayPal has the latest anti-fraud technology and the financial info is never given away to the sellers (iFixers) who are PayPal verified. This increases the overall security of the transaction process that iFixo uses. This also ensures that your payment process is carried out safely.<br />iFixo is PayPal verified<br />
  5. 5. iFixo is a part of SB3 and this company is a Microsoft certified partner. This proves that if you are taking help from iFixers, you are working with professionals and your computer is in safe hands. We have more than 1000+ customers and they have been satisfied by the services we have provided them with. Many of them had even referred us to their friends and family. We have a registered office in New Jersey USA and we have an operational centre in India as well as USA. iFixo also have clients in different geographical areas like Australia, UK, New Zealand, Canada and USA.<br />iFixo is a part of SB3 <br />
  6. 6. The best thing about iFixo which proves that they are not a scam is their refund policy. They ensure the fact that if they can’t fix the problem, you don’t pay. But, you must remember that it is also not possible to fix every problem as expected. If they have been successful to fix your computer, you need to pay. So, before you can indulge into any confusion while choosing iFixo, it is better to talk to the iFixers in detail and resolve any queries that you may have.<br /> <br />iFixo has a refund policy <br />
  7. 7. What do you need to do?<br />Visit our website www.ifixo.com and follow the steps below:<br />Select your country from the options (flags) given at the top of this website.<br />From top right hand side, choose the “Plan” drop down menu and click “Compare Plan”.<br />Select your plan and click on subscribe option.<br />Complete the payment process and your job is done.<br />You will soon receive a Tech Support Expert’s call within a few seconds.<br />Or<br />Select your country from the options (flags) given at the top of this website.<br />Call the number appearing on the left hand side of the option that you have chosen.<br /> <br />
  8. 8. THANKS<br />