Social Media Bloopers 2013


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Mistakes are bound to happen and they can happen to the best of us. But the most important lesson is to learn and improve from them.

So, as we say hello to 2014, let us look at which brands make it to the list of 2013 Social Media Bloopers.

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Social Media Bloopers 2013

  1. 1. Photo courtesy: Flickr Creative Commons: Jon S
  2. 2. Photo courtesy: Flickr Creative Commons: Jon S
  3. 3. Photo courtesy: Flickr Creative Commons: Jon S
  4. 4. Blooper..
  5. 5. Starbucks India Instagram handle lifted the tagline of their competitor CCD "A lot can happen over coffee" Oh no Starbucks, what were you thinking while completing your Instagram bio?. Learning: Copying, whether from competition or elsewhere isn’t a smart idea. Photo courtesy: Flickr Creative Commons: Jon S
  6. 6. After the “Instagram” starter in India, here’s the main course from the “Hong Kong” outlet. The picture says it all as this is how the staff member spelt “Virginia”. Arranging a training on spelling lessons for staff members might help 
  7. 7. customer service
  8. 8. Dear VodafoneIN, are you servicing your customers for Wedding Proposals as well? Or perhaps, it’s a case of going overboard with automation.
  9. 9. stroke of
  10. 10. Personalized autograph is cool, but how about this? These pictures were tweeted from the official BCCI Twitter account. While the twitter-app by BCCI received a lot of love, this hack-glitch might have spoilt the party a little bit.
  11. 11. not timing your
  12. 12. J.P. Morgan J.P. Morgan announced a Q & A with their Chairman and asked folks to tweet using the hashtag #AskJPM. So what did the Twitterati Ask ?
  13. 13. The hashtag soon turned out into a nightmare of sorts as there was a storm of abusive tweets forcing J.P. Morgan to call off the Q & A.
  14. 14. the positive
  15. 15. Domino’s Positive feedback from your customers is priceless and you won’t want to miss on that. But certainly not the way Domino’s did it. A customer posted a compliment about Domino’s on its Facebook page and Domino’s responded with an apology.
  16. 16. Domino’s To top it all, Domino’s tried to jokingly cover up the auto-response as an deliberate response.
  17. 17. bloopers
  18. 18. The Bad: Hackers changed the fast food company “Burger King” name to "McDonalds“ and sent an array of questions & offensive tweets. The Good: What comes as a shock is that the account added 5,000 new followers in the first 30 minutes since the hackers took over.
  19. 19. The abusive tweet made by Nokia NZ led to a negative twitter storm, which was quickly followed by an apology. Mystery is on! Whether company's account was hacked, whether the tweet was sent from a disgruntled employee, or it was actually an error.
  20. 20. An employee posted a photo on their personal Facebook page of another employee licking a stack of taco shells, soon the photo received a storm of undesirable comments. The employees involved were fired.
  21. 21. Outrageous
  22. 22. SpagethiOs Pearl Harbor tweet was certainly not a favorable one, People were immediately outraged and tweeted their reaction to SpaghettiOs. May be the brand didn’t remember that more than 2,400 Americans were killed and almost 1,200 others wounded during attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
  23. 23. of the
  24. 24. Cricket Australia tweeted an undesirable picture regarding England spinner Monty Panesar. The post drew a number of negative responses thereafter & an explanation was demanded by England. CA finally moved quickly to remove the offending item and apologize.
  25. 25. blooper that we
  26. 26. The abusive tweet that was posted on 05 November 2013, received 104 retweets, 25 favorites and numerous screenshots. While the Twitter blooper occurred at around 6 PM the brand’s acknowledgement message came at 10 PM only.
  27. 27. Prepared by Iffort