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Phobia ; what are you afraid of ?

Phobia ; what are you afraid of ?






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    Phobia ; what are you afraid of ? Phobia ; what are you afraid of ? Presentation Transcript

    • PHOBIAWhat are you afraid of??
    • What Is Phobia ??
    • Hey, do you knowwhat is phobia??
    • PHOBIA is the unrelenting fear of asituation, activity, or thing that causes one to want to avoid it.
    • AgoraphobiaSocial Phobia Type of phobia: Specific Phobias
    • • Fear of public speaking, meetingSocial Phobia new people, or other social situation • Fear of being outsideAgoraphobia • Fear of particular items or Specific situations Phobias
    • Phobia ( Alphabet)A • Aeroacrophobia - Fear of open high places.
    • B Barophobia - Fear of gravity.
    • C • Catoptrophobia - Fear of mirrors
    • D • Demophobia - Fear of crowds
    • E  Entomophobia - Fear of insects
    • H  Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - Fear of long words OMG!! It’s tooooo long…….
    • I  Isolophobia - Fear of solitude, being alone
    • K  Keraunophobia - Fear of thunder and lightning.
    • L  Logizomechanophobia - Fear of computers
    • M  Melissophobia - Fear of bees
    • O  Octophobia - Fear of the figure 8.
    • S  Scoionophobia - Fear of school
    • T  Testaphobia - Fear of taking test
    • X  Xanthophobia - Fear of the color yellow or the word yellow
    • Other Phobia:
    • What Are Symptoms of Phobia??ShakingPanicDreadTerrorSweatingTrouble thinking clearlyNauseaRapid heart beatTrouble breathingOverwhelming desire to escape from thesituation
    • What are the effects of phobias?• Be life-threatening for some people.• Increasing the risk of suffering from heart disease in both men and women.
    • What are the causes phobias?Genetics Incident or Trauma Family Environment
    • Had the phobia for at Causes intense and least six months. disabling fear, anxiety, and panic.Avoidance interferes Fear becomewith normal routine excessive andor causes significant unreasonable. distress. Avoid certain situations and places because of phobia.
    • How are phobias assessed? Ask a number Submit the of questions to answer for Analyze theRecognized by understand all medical and way to specialist the symptoms physical overcome. have examination
    • Treatment of PhobiasCognitive behavioral therapy Desensitization. Medications
    • How can people cope with phobias?Talking about their fears.Refraining from avoiding situations they find stressful.Imagining themselves facing their fears (visualization).Making positive self-statements like, "I will be OK."
    • Patient Comments: Phobias - CauseI have an extreme phobia of dogs.Ever since I was bitten on the arm Im really scared of clowns, the by a 150lb great dane, Ive feared phobia started after a randomand hated dogs. Just the sight of a dream about a clown trying to killdog is enough to put me in a panic me, and since they have just attack. freaked me out. I have an extreme fear of snakes. Just thinking of a situation or presence of a snake will normally put me into a panic attack. Honestly, I think it stemmed from an episode of South Park when I was little and flipping through the channels, and a cartoon snake swallowed a whole cartoon person, but Im not sure if thats quite it
    • Did You Know??i. The average age that phobias begin is about 10 years of age.ii. Estimated at more than 6 million people in the United States who suffer from phobia.iii. Women tend to be twice as likely to suffer from a phobia compared to men.iv. Phobias tend to run in families, influenced by culture and parenting style, and triggered by life events.
    • Now, I know what is phobia actually… - THE END -
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