The Marketer's Guide to Tracking and Scoring Phone Leads


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Do you know where all of your leads come from? When you can’t track phone leads back to your marketing, you can’t take credit for the revenue you bring in. And you risk wasting budget on marketing that isn’t working.

Voice-based marketing automation enables you to track and manage inbound calls. Marketers use it to see exactly how their ads and campaigns generate phone leads. Join Ifbyphone CEO Irv Shapiro as he explains how businesses use voice-based marketing automation to improve their lead generation.

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  • Let’s begin with two questions: “Do you know where all your leads come from? And is every lead that comes in ready to talk to Sales?” If the answer is “Yes” and “Yes”, then you don’t need to watch the rest of this webinar. But if you are like most marketers, the answers will range from “I Think So” to “Sort of” to “Maybe” to “I’m Not Sure”. For many, the answer to both is “No”. You understand where some of your leads come from, but not all, and you know from Sales feedback that only a percentage of those leads are ready to engage with a Sales rep.This webinar will help you learn how to track phone leads, a critical lead source for most businesses, back to the ads and marketing campaigns they came from. It will also tell you a strategy for scoring and filtering phone leads before passing them to sales.
  • You are driving leads in many ways. From print, to TV and radio, to emails, mobile and billboard ads, to Google and social social media, you are spending a lot of money trying to generate leads for sales. And it’s important to measure the results of all this activity. Which ad programs and creative messaging is working, and which isn’t.
  • The off line advertising marketing is 2-3 times the size of the online market. The Ifbyphone suite of Voice Based Marketing Automation services allows your business measure, manage and automation all customer communications both online and offline.
  • That’s why you use tools like marketing automation, Google Adwords, and and other CRM reports to help collect and analyze all your lead conversion data. You need to better understand which sources are driving leads and which aren’t, especially when you are allocating big chunks of your budget to lead generation. Plus most marketers today responsible for lead gen have lead and pipeline targets they have to meet. You need to make sure you are tracking every single lead from its source through to revenue.
  • So what’s missing in all these reports? Here’s a hint….it’s phone leads.
  • Marketing automation tools are great for tracking web leads, but what happens when a lead picks up the phone and calls you? Your marketing automation tool can’t track that call. Tracking leads with a marketing automation tool is like fishing with a hole in your net. Really important leads – phone leads – fall out.
  • Most marketers don’t have a good understanding of how they generate phone leads. You know you are doing a ton of advertising and promotional programs, and you know that people are calling you, but you can’t tie every phone lead to a marketing ad or campaign. And that is a big problem, because phone leads are often the most valuable type of lead to sales. Most sales teams find a higher percentage of inbound phone leads will convert to pipeline and revenue. And that means that marketing and lead gen teams need to be able to track these leads back to their source. You need to be able to include phone leads in your lead reports, and you need to be able to understand which ad campaigns are generating leads and which aren’t.
  • To track phone leads back to their source, you need a voice-based marketing automation solution like Ifbyphone. Voice-based marketing automation solutions are a set of software-as-a-service applications including call tracking, phone lead distribution, hosted IVR, and voice broadcasting. What marketing automation software does for web leads, VMBA does phone leads. It gives you the power to generate, score, nurture, distribute, and track phone leads.
  • Here’s how it works, beginning with offline ads like TV and radio spots and print ads and collateral. Ifbyphone gives you a unique phone number to place on all your ads. You can chose between local, toll-free, and vanity numbers. Whenever someone calls the number, Ifbyphone knows exactly where they are calling from. If you are running print ads in different publications, you can use a unique phone number in each. This way you can see which publications actually drive phone leads, and which don’t. It’s also a great way to test different creative ad themes to see which one is more effective.
  • You use various tactics to drive traffic to your site. Ifbyphone can track from where a visitor came to get to your site, then display a phone number on all your pages that corresponds to that source. If the lead calls you, you’ll know exactly where they came from and can credit it accordingly.
  • Many companies today spend a significant amount of their marketing budget on Google PPC campaigns. But if you can’t track phone leads from your ads and landing pages, you are missing a key metric that should help you more intelligently manage your PPC strategy. Ifbyphone enables you to attribute calls back to the PPC keywords they used to find you. It can do the same for organic SEO.
  • You can also use call tracking to perform A/B testing. See which variation generates more phone calls for sales.
  • Arm sales reps with important data on how the caller found you.Get a complete understanding how marketing impacts sales.Include phone leads in lead, pipeline, and revenue reports. Get credit for every lead you generate (for lead gen agencies)Understand which marketing messages are really working. Optimize ad spending by only renewing online and offline ads that work
  • Track all your conversions in one place.
  • Notes on Sotheby’sSotheby’s Uses Call Tracking to Reinvest 30% of Budget on Ads that WorkSotheby’s International Realty specializes in selling luxury properties. They were spending millions of dollars on print advertising without having a clear understanding of its effectiveness. Using Ifbyphone’s tracking, Sotheby’s International Realty reduced their newspaper advertising spend by 30% without affecting lead flow. They were able to use Ifbyphone data to renegotiate advertising rates. Plus, some offices reported sales increases of 25% year over year.“We used Ifbyphone to get print ads in line with where they should be,” said Brad Nelson, VP or Marketing at Sotheby’s. “We reinvested these dollars into other advertising mediums that increased our listing’s total exposure.”Notes on BeaconBeacon Technologies Sees Over 400% Higher ROI with Call TrackingBeacon Technologies is a web technology and marketing agency. Beacon uses Ifbyphone as the critical link between online marketing spend and offline phone call conversions.For one client, Beacon used unique phone numbers from Ifbyphone to track call activity from sites like,, Google Local, and social media outlets. They now understood which channels were working and adjusted spending accordingly. The end result was a significant increase in ROI.“A lot of companies don’t just get leads that take place on the web. Consumers often pick up the phone and call,” said Brad Henry, Director of Web Marketing at Beacon. “It’s important to know where that lead originated, particularly if the web is involved, in order to optimize marketing initiatives moving forward.”
  • We talked about lead tracking, but what about lead scoring? Not every lead is ready to go to sales for a conversation. That’s why many marketers include extra fields on their web registrations forms to automate lead scoring and qualification. High-scoring leads get passed automatically to sales, while others get put into web nurturing. BANT (budget, authority, need, timeline)
  • Marketing wants to drive large volumes of inbound calls to sales. But not every inbound call is ready to talk to a sales rep. And forcing Sales managers to waste time with callers who aren’t true opportunities takes time away from real selling.
  • Not every lead is ready to go to sales for a conversation. That’s why many marketers include extra fields on their web registrations forms to automate lead scoring and qualification. High-scoring leads get passed automatically to sales, while others get put into web nurturing. Inbound IVRs are ideal for qualifying phone leads. The IVR will ask callers the questions you determine work best to qualify them for your particular campaign.For example, if you are using the BANT (budget, authority, need, timeline) model to qualify leads, you can pose those questions to learn if callers are really ready to buy. Or you can ask your sales managers what questions they care about when qualifying leads, then pose those questions to callers.Leads that score high enough are passed from the IVR directly to sales for an immediate conversation. Others can hear a custom marketing message and be given the option of leaving a voicemail for sales. You can also send them to a second IVR if that works best for your campaign.It’s the same principle you use when inserting qualifying questions on your web forms. But the IVR results are better because leads passed to sales get connected in conversation immediately. With web leads you have to wait for a sales rep to open the lead, dial the number, and hopefully get the lead on the phone. That could take several call attempts, if it happens at all. With IVR, the conversation is instantaneous, and the lead doesn’t grow cold.
  • Ifbyphone makes it easy for anyone to build their own IVRs. You don’t have to be a programmer or developer to do it. The software will walk you step by step though the process. You can also integrate your IVR with CRM systems like Salesforce to collect all the data automatically. And marketing can view real-time web reports to track calls to your IVR, responses to questions, the number passed to sales, call duration, and more. You can even record the conversations for later analysis. If you want to hear an example of an IVR you can interact with, call the 800 number on the screen.
  • If you would like to learn more about call tracking, we have a great white paper on our site about it.
  • The Marketer's Guide to Tracking and Scoring Phone Leads

    1. 1. webinarThe Marketer’s Guide toTracking and Scoring PhoneLeads presented by: Irv Shapiro CEO Ifbyphone
    2. 2. • Do You Know Where All Your Leads Come From?• Is Every Lead Ready to Talk to Sales? (855) 545-5242 2
    3. 3. How Are You Driving Leads? Print TV Radio Email Billboards Paid Search Social Media (855) 545-5242 3
    4. 4. Why is online advertising growing? Large, mature, offline ad spending Online and interactive marketing Email Social Closes the loop Web for both online (Search, Display) Mobile and offline marketing Television (Cable, Broadcast, Distribution) Newspaper Magazine Radio Directory Outdoor $1B Market Growth Growth Rate Rate(10%) 0% 10% 20% 30% Source: Interactive Advertising Bureau, Forrester Research, TM Capital (855) 545-5242 4
    5. 5. How Are You Tracking & Reporting on Leads?? (855) 545-5242 5
    6. 6. What’s the missing piece to all that data? (855) 545-5242 6
    7. 7. Tracking Leads with MarketingAutomation Tools Is Like Fishingwith a Hole in Your Net.Important Leads Fall Out. (855) 545-5242 7
    8. 8. Why phone leads matter? Source: BIA/Kelsey report on Call-Based Ads, 2012 Larger percentage of SMBs rate phone calls as an “excellent” or “good” source of leads (855) 545-5242 8
    9. 9. Voice-Based Marketing Automation Lead Lead Nurturing Capture > Software for sales and marketers to manage, measure, and Capture, Score Convert leads with voice broadcasting and SMS automate voice , and notifications Track Phone conversations Leads > Generate, score, nurture, distribute, and track Lead Analytics Response phone leads > It’s like marketing automation software for Intelligent call routing, multi- phone leads Capture, Score , and modal response tools (email, voice, web) Track Phone Leads (855) 545-5242 9
    10. 10. Call Tracking for Offline Ads• TV• Radio• Billboards• Magazines• Newspapers• Direct Mail• Event Handouts• Busses & Trains• Airport Terminals (855) 545-5242 10
    11. 11. Call Tracking for Online Sources• Web Sites Drive Web Dynamically• Banners Display Traffic Phone• Emails Numbers tied• Mobile Ads to lead• Videos sources.• Web Directories• Twitter• Facebook• LinkedIn Groups• Display Ads (855) 545-5242 11
    12. 12. Call Tracking for PPC andSEO Understand which PPC keywords are generating phone leads See which SEO terms callers used to find you (855) 545-5242 12
    13. 13. Call Tracking for A/B Testing> Test which creative theme and messaging generates more phone leads (855) 545-5242 13
    14. 14. Call Tracking Data for Sales andMarketing >ifbyphone ! ! SourceTrak Summary Sales can see exactly how the caller found you before taking the call D ail on which SE and et O SE act ivit y (sear ch M t er ms, AdW ds, r ef er r al or Marketing can see domains, et c.) t r igger s phone l eads View t he quant it y of t imes a phone real-time data reports on number is displ ayed on your websit e f or a r ef er r al sour ce calls by lead source 6 6! ! Integrate with your CRM Talk to us now! Call (877) 295-5100 (855) 545-5242 14
    15. 15. Integrate Phone Lead Data with Google Tools> See your call tracking data directly in Google Adwords and Google Analytics (855) 545-5242 15
    16. 16. Two Customer Success Stories Customer: real estate broker Customer: SEM/SEO Agency Challenge: poor visibility into Challenge: measure the impact of offline ad performance; weak lead PPC, social media and web capture referral traffic on leads Solution: call tracking to Solution: analytics detailing measure offline marketing ROI; domains and keywords that intelligent call routing to agents trigger phone leads  30% lower print ad  40% increase in lead spend, no impact on conversions leads  400% increase in online  25% increase in annual marketing ROI brokerage sales (855) 545-5242 16
    17. 17. Do you use contact forms to scoreleads? Sample Web Form Many marketers use BANT or other methods to automate web lead qualification. Only high-scoring leads get passed to sales. (855) 545-5242 17
    18. 18. If your scoring webleads you should bescoring phone leads. (855) 545-5242 18
    19. 19. Score and Qualify Phone Leads with IVRInteractive Enables a caller to interact with anVoice automated menu via telephoneResponse keypad or voice recognition. Callers are sent to an IVR to High-scoring calls connect withMarketing drives phone leads. answer qualifying questions. sales. Others can go to voicemail. (855) 545-5242 19
    20. 20. IVR Cloud Software Anyone Can UseIfbyphone makes it Integrate IVR View real-timeeasy for data with your Web reports onmarketing, sales, an CRM system IVR resultsd support to buildprofessional IVRs (855) 545-5242 20
    21. 21. Get the Call Tracking and IVR White and Papers> Learn how call tracking completes the gaps in marketing automation. Learn new ways B2B marketers are using IVR for lead generation, scoring and nurturingGet this and other call tracking resources at (855) 545-5242 21