How To Boost Landing Page Conversion Rates With Call Tracking


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Want to capture more leads? Learn how to boost landing page conversion rates by adding call tracking phone numbers to your landing pages.

Why is call tracking important?
Call tracking helps you measure "offline" conversions from your landing pages.
65% of businesses consider calls their highest quality lead source.
59% of online shoppers use voice regularly to ask about products.
10% increase in click-through-rates for PPC ads with a number.

How do your boost conversion rates? Comment below for a discussion!

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  • Welcome everyone. My name is Jason Ferrara and I’m the Vice President of Marketing here at Ifbyphone. Today’s Webinar is about “how to boost landing page conversion rates using unbounce and ifbyphone together.
  • So, what are you going to learn in this Webinar?Our hosts will lead a quick overview of Unbounce & Ifbyphone, share insights into call tracking, and introduce how you can boost conversion rates using Ifbyphone & Unbounce together.After that, we’ll invite our very special guest, Chris Goward of WiderFunnel, to share two case studies and some conversion optimization tips.
  • First off, I’d like to introduce Rick Perreault, CEO & Co-Founder ofUnbounce. Rick has over 12 years of interactive marketing experienceand in under two years has grown Unbounce into a profitable businessthat was recently voted the #1 tech startup in Canada at this year’sGrow Conference.You’ll also hear from Irv Shapiro who is the CEO and founder of Ifbyphone. Prior to Ifbyphone, Irv founded a number companies including Metamor Technologies which was twice named an Inc 500 company. Irv is a member of the Chicago area entrepreneurship hall of fame, and a regular speaker on topics of technology, marketing, and building successful businesses.
  • Finally, we’re all very excited to invite our guest Chris Goward, CEO & Co-founder of WiderFunnel to the Webinar with use today.Chris’ conversion optimization methods have helped client improve online results by up to 400% for lead generation, e-commerce, and affiliate companies.He is in demand as a speaker throughout North America and Europe at conferences like eMetrics, SMS, SES, PubCon, Conversion Conference, and IMC.Everyone in the audience is fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from Chris today. He is certainly an expert when it comes to combining the power of using conversion optimization and call tracking tools to generate more leads. Most importantly, he has some great examples to share with us today.Now I’m going to pass the presentation to Rick, who will give us a quick overview of Unbounce.
  • ThanksJason…Hello everyone. Rick Here.For those of you joining us who aren’t yet familiar with who we are,Unbounce is a DIY landing page platform that lets marketers quicklyand easily create and test targeted landing pages without needing torely on IT.Right now, we have close to 2,000 businesses across all verticalsrelying on Unbounce to get better results from their online marketing.From entrepreneurs & small businesses, to larger, more establishedcompanies including MailChimp, Shopify and Hootsuite.We designed Unbounce to be a self-serve tool, so there is no setuptime.  Marketers simply sign up, create a page from scratch or startwith one of our best-practice templates.From there you can easily run A/B tests with multiple versions of yourpage to see which ones perform better.What typically takes days to get done waiting on your IT department orweb developers, can be done in minutes… with no coding required.We’re really excited to partner with Ifbyphone as it adds anotherchannel to the conversion tracking capabilities of the Unbounceplatform. Now you can measure conversions on lead gen forms, socialmedia widgets like Facebook & Twitter, and one of the most criticaldevices in the sales funnel – the telephone.Now I’ll hand the slides over to Irv Shapiro, CEO of Ifbyphone.
  • Irv Shapiro: Thank you, Rick.I want to welcome all of the Ifbyphone customers I see on the call with us, and also look forward to getting to know the Unbounce customers in our audience today. If you have comments or questions during my presentation, again, please feel to use the live chat for questions or post your comments on Twitter with @ifbyphone and @unbounce.So, let’s get started:Ifbyphone is a voice based marketing automation platform. What does that mean? Using Ifbyphone you can:- Manage lead distribution by connecting eager prospects on your website with the right sales rep as quickly as possible.Measure conversion rates from your landing pages or any online marketing campaigns where your call-to-action is a phone call.Finally, you can automate prospect follow-up, so that when highly qualified leads fill out a form on your landing page your sales reps can immediately connect with prospects before they leave your website.Today we’re going to primarily focus on how Ifbyphone can help boost conversion rates by measuring phone phone call conversion from your landing pages.
  • To get started, we asked everyone here today three questions upon registering for the Webinar:How many leads do you generate per month?Do you speak with your prospects over the phone before closing a lead?About 75% of you already use the phone during your sales process. Today our goal today is to help teach you how to generate more leads by inviting eager prospects to contact your sales team over the phone.
  • Let’s begin by talking about why call tracking such an important part of a successful landing page optimization effort? There are a number of takeaways from the stats on this slide.First of all, while marketers often force their users to submit web forms because web forms have been historically moreeasy to track, most sales people would rather receive a phone call lead. In fact, 65% of businesses consider phone calls their highest quality lead source. If that’s true for your business, then you need to have a phone number on your website. If you have a phone number on your website, then you want to know which marketing efforts are delivering the most phone calls.Secondly, a significant number of online shoppers use voice to ask about what they are trying to buy. If you’re not tracking phone calls, you’re not getting credit for a significant piece of your SEM campaigns.Even for those of you who rarely speak with prospects to close a sale, including a phone number in your ads has been shown to boost click-through-rates for your online ads.
  • Before we introduce Chris Goward from WiderFunnel, Rick and I will actually walk through how you’d use Ifbyphone’s call tracking software with Unbounce’s landing page optimization platform to boost conversion rates.The first step is simple. In your Ifbyphone account, you select one unique phone number for each landing page variation you want to test. You then assign each number a landing page, forward the number to your main phone number, or setup a custom greeting specific to each landing page offer. When prospects call in, they will hearing a greeting specific to the offer they are calling about, your sales rep will hear a “whisper message” about which landing page the caller saw, and then callers will be connected to a sales rep based on the rules you set.Using call tracking numbers will help measure phone call conversions, and also get your eager prospects in touch with the right sales person as fast as possible.Now Rick is going to quickly walk you through setting up your Unbounce landing pages.
  • Now, inside Unbounce, you can create your main landing page (eitherfrom a pre-built template or entirely from scratch).Using the WYSIWYG editor you can easily add a unique Ifbyphone calltracking number  - ideally in the top-right corner (where web visitorsare used to finding your phone number). You might want to just showthe number, or perhaps you say “Call Toll-Free” or “24/7 SalesHotline” or “Questions? Call Our Experts Now.”Once you have your main page created, you can duplicate it with asingle click to create the B page for your A/B test. This is whereyou’ll be making changes to the copy, colors, images, forms and layout– typically based on your hypothesis for a better performing page.Then you add your second “call tracking number”.Hit the “publish” button and you’re ready to go!
  • Now that your landing pages are published and live, you can startsending traffic to them.That could mean PPC, banner ads, email or social media traffic, or youcan simply link to your landing pages from your existing website.Unbounce will immediately begin to collect real-time visitor andconversion data, while Ifbyphone collects the phone call conversionstats for you.You can also pass online web form leads directly to your sales teamvia email, to your CRM via the UnbounceWebhook, or to your favoriteemail marketing software.
  • In real-time Unbounce gives you detailed reports about visitors and conversions for each landing page variation. You can analyze Call Tracking data from one of over a dozen call tracking reports offered by Ifbyphone. Once you have a clear winner, based on online and offline conversion data, come up with a new hypothesis and test again! It’s that simple.Okay. Before I introduce Chris Goward from WiderFunnel, just a quick reminder that if you stay tuned to the end we’re going to offer some special promo codes for you to try exactly what we’ve just showed you on your own.It is now my pleasure to hand the webinar off to one of our industry’s finest, Chris Goward. Chris will share two examples of how his firm successfully used call tracking to boost conversion rates and capture more leads for his clients. My hope is that everyone in the audience will learn some great tips from Chris.
  • Chris GowardThanks Rick. Now, I want to mention that I’m not paid to be here presenting with these guys. I happen to have used unbounce and ifbyphone and can vouch for them being two of the most easy-to-use, affordable and useful Conversion Optimization tools on the market.==Cook American Express Travel has a valuable service selling discount First Class Travel, but they’re no landing page experts. They needed to generate more phone calls from their Paid Search marketing. Their Google rep told them that they need to work with us. We used ifbyphone tracking numbers and ran controlled A/B/n testing. Their phone call conversion rate is now 48% higher, which has had a huge impact on their business!The new page is a complete redesign with a strong Relevant headline and Value Proposition content, strong Call to Action with phone number and credibility indicators below.(See for details)
  • The answer is to use a rigorous testing process combined with great tools for tracking phone calls and running tests.You’ve already seen excellent tool examples with unbounce for easy landing page design and testing and ifbyphone for phone tracking. I’m going to show you an example of a key part of the process.
  • Let’s walk you through an example of what to look for working on a conversion optimization project.For example, we have been working with Canadream for the past year to optimize their site one page template at a time.In this test, we wanted to optimize their site-wide CTA forms.The goal was to increase online RV bookings and calls to their sales team, who have a great closing rate.
  • LIFT Analysis showed several important areas for improvement.I’ve noticed that the forms in Unbounce’s landing page templates are well designed, clean and user-friendly. Your Unbounce landing pages have a much better starting point for their design than Canadream did.
  • So, we took those LIFT points and designed several variations to test against the Control. Here are two that were tested, plus the Control on the left.So, let’s test your Conversion skills. Which variation do you think won? The Control “A”, Variation “B” with the shorter intro, or Variation “C” with the limited availability message
  • If you voted for C, give yourself a raise. That design and copywriting increased online bookings by 87% and the combined phone and online by 106%!By making a number of design improvements, and adding a phone number alongside a web form, we were able to boost phone call AND web form conversions.
  • How To Boost Landing Page Conversion Rates With Call Tracking

    1. 1. How to boost conversion rates<br />using Unbounce & Ifbyphone<br />Comment to: @unbounce, @ifbyphone, @chrisgoward <br />Use hashtag: #UnByPhone<br />
    2. 2. What will you learn today . . . <br /><ul><li> Who are Unbounce& Ifbyphone?
    3. 3. What is call tracking?
    4. 4. How does the partnership work?
    5. 5. How do you boost conversion rates?
    6. 6. Promo codes + Q&A</li></li></ul><li>Introducing the hosts<br />Rick Perreault<br /><ul><li> CEO & Founder of Unbounce
    7. 7. 12 years on interactive marketing experience
    8. 8. Marketing optimization expert</li></ul>Irv Shapiro<br /><ul><li> CEO & Founder of Ifbyphone
    9. 9. Two-time Inc 500 Winner
    10. 10. 30-years of experience building tech companies</li></li></ul><li>Guest expert on conversion optimization<br />Chris Goward<br /><ul><li> Co-Founder & CEO of WiderFunnel
    11. 11. L.I.F.T. model has boosted conversions up to 400%
    12. 12. Frequent speaker on conversion optimization </li></li></ul><li>What is Unbounce?<br />
    13. 13. What is Ifbyphone?<br />Voice-based marketing automation platform<br />Manage inbound lead distribution<br />Connect eager prospects with the right sales rep as quickly as possible<br />Measure marketing effectiveness<br />Call tracking to measure “offline” conversions from your website<br />Automate prospect follow-up<br />Improve response time to qualified leads that fill out web-forms<br />
    14. 14. Who’s in the audience today?<br />Do you use the phone<br />to close a sale?<br />How many monthly leads do you generate?<br />Let’s learn how to generate more leadsby inviting eager prospects to call you.<br />
    15. 15. Why is call tracking important?<br />Call Tracking helps you measure “offline” conversions from your landing pages.<br />65%of businesses consider calls their highest quality lead source. 1<br />59%of online shoppers use voice regularly to ask about products.2<br />10%increase in click-through-rates for PPC ads with a number. 3<br />BIA/Kelsey & ConStat Commerce Monitor Wave XIII, August 2009<br />Oracle Cross-Channel Commerce Research Study (March 2011)<br /><br />
    16. 16. Partnership setup in four easy steps:<br />#1 – Configure your phone numbers<br />
    17. 17. Partnership setup in four easy steps:<br />#2 – Create your landing page variations<br />
    18. 18. Partnership setup in four easy steps:<br />#3 – A/B test your page variations<br />Unique Numbers<br />
    19. 19. Partnership setup in four easy steps:<br />#4 – Analyze, and test again!<br />
    20. 20. Case study: 48% increase in phone calls<br /><ul><li>A/B/n Test 4 Variations
    21. 21. Web Form & Phone #
    22. 22. Overall Increase: 17%
    23. 23. Phone Increase: 48%</li></ul>More info:<br />
    24. 24. How do you boost conversion rates?<br />A rigorous testing process<br />Plus great phone tracking and testing tools<br />Let’s learn how to boost your conversionrates by looking at a case study.<br />
    25. 25. Case study: what do you focus on first?<br />Focus on call-to-action<br />Web Form & Phone #<br />Run A/B/n Test<br />
    26. 26. Case study: what do you analyze?<br />Clarity: CTA* area design gives a ‘banner ad’ feel, ignored<br />Relevance: No relevance to RV rental in title<br />Urgency: No mention that RVs bookings are limited.<br />Clarity: Labels above fields inhibits eyeflow<br />Clarity: Mis-aligned labels, fields and icons confuses <br />Clarity: No separation between Pick-up and Drop-off<br />Clarity: CTA button copy is not specific<br />*CTA = call-to-action<br />
    27. 27. Case study: which variation won?<br />A<br />C<br />B<br />
    28. 28. Case study: version “C” won<br />A<br />C<br />B<br /><ul><li>Online bookings increased by 87%
    29. 29. Phone and online increased by 106% </li></ul>A phone number together with a web form boosted overall conversion rates.<br />
    30. 30. Ask The Experts & Get Promo Codes<br />1. Have a question? Call (877) 565-4033.<br />2. Want a promo code? Visit this URL:<br /><br />