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Call Routing Superheroes Guide
Call Routing Superheroes Guide
Call Routing Superheroes Guide
Call Routing Superheroes Guide
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Call Routing Superheroes Guide


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Ensure your customers remain on the line and convert faster: …

Ensure your customers remain on the line and convert faster:
Be a hero and save your customers form long holds - the longer a caller is on hold, the less like they are to convert. Use a customer IVR (interactive voice response) menu to narrow down the caller's needs and route them to the right department at the right time - the IVR frees up agents to handle more calls, and customers get to the right rep, right away.

Rely on a virtual call center to help route your calls:
Being everywhere at once is a superpower of its own, but with call distributor you can have a hero holiday. Answer customer calls at anytime from any phone - get all the benefits of a distributed workforce. Not only can you route your calls to wherever you or your staff are, you can route them to any device - a cell phone, a landline, or even Skype.

Advanced call screening prepares you to close the sale:
Don't just route calls to your sales force - give them extra information that will turn their lead into a customer. Call screening with Whisper messages tells the agent who's calling, what they're calling about, and what they were browsing for when they picked up the phone.

Integrate your other business systems for increased control:
Join forces with other super systems like and Zendesk to ensure you're getting the most out of your business systems: improve your customer service, simplify your tracking, and push your processes to super-speed. With or Zendesk integrations, you know who's calling before you pick up the phone, with new leads automatically created; their sources tracked and logged. You also have the power to get accurate reports on which ads - online or offline - drive your highest-revenue customers. You have another ally too: with Google Analytics, you can have X-ray vision into your business's processes, seeing an easy breakdown of your clicks and calls.

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