Poem pdf version online workshop for 13 20 year olds- creative lying


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Poem I did on the trailer about the Crouch End Civil War

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Poem pdf version online workshop for 13 20 year olds- creative lying

  1. 1. Local legends?Hello. Im Richard Tyrone Jones, a poet andDirector of Utter! Spoken Word, one ofLondons longest running spoken word nights.I run tours around London where I tell peoplesome stories about local culture which aretrue, and some which Ive just made up. Theirjob is to guess whats real and whats not. Imhere in Crouch end in North London to tellyou a poetical story about the darkest, yet alsothe most heroic period of Crouch endshistory... Is it true? Listen and decide...The martyrs of Crouch End Clock TowerNow Crouch End was part of the MunicipalBorough of Hornsey, up to 1965,But in that year, the Local Govt Act meantLondons, well, local government wasreorganisedso Crouch End was left in limbo, neitherIslington nor Harringey. No overarching localauthority at all
  2. 2. though for some months councillorscontinued to run Crouch Ends affairs fromthe modernist monolith of the town hall.(Shot of Town Hall).This proved unpopular with certain figures inthe quasi-fascistic Islington (pft!) councilregime,who started issuing housing benefit to a smallminority of Crouchenders who held islington(pft!) sympathies... incidents like thesesoon sparked a low-level parking war, withHarringey traffic inspectorsretaliating by ticketing cars with Islingtonparking passesand binmen from Haringey and Islington(pft!) had fistfights over whod collectrubbish...until in the summer of 1965, three Haringeycouncil workers just... vanished.To this day their bodies have never beenfound. it can only be presumed these bravebinmen
  3. 3. met their doom in the hungry jaws of the backof an Islington (pft!) binvan.Throughout April incursions continued untilalmost two-thirds of Hornseys councilhousing stockwas being administered by Islington (pft!)Housing Officers at point of knife and barrelof glock.It is believed Islingtons aim was the clearrunning water of the New River.So what stopped them? Why, the heroicmartyrs of... Crouch End clock tower.On May 17th 1965, here, twelve militiamenfrom Haringey Housing department (and aspaniel called Clive)holed up under attack from islington (pft!)forces. Surrounded on both sides,outnumbered and outgunned, they stillmanaged to hold out for three days,sniping from the clocktower at islington (pft!)(pft!) irregulars who had infiltrated theBroadway.
  4. 4. while around them shoppers... continuedshopping, thinking the bangs were just carsbackfiring,while in fact they were the last reports ofbrave Crouch End soldiers expiring.But the Harringey soldiers brave sacrificemeant a column of volunteers fromTottenhamcould outflank the enemy along Ferme parkRoad, and soon there was no stoppin em.The forces of perfidious Islington (pft) foundthemselves cut off by a pincer movementWith their surrender, the Haringey civil warsoon reached its bloody denouement. (end).In revenge for their sneak attack, theIslingtonites (pft) were shot in the face likedogsin the cellar of the Clocktower, where theirblood would oil the cogs.Though it would be several months beforeFerme park and Highgate were freedand many spies in the Council had to berooted out like weeds
  5. 5. by the Harringey secret service, this was theirfinest hour,and without the brave sacrifice of the martyrsof Crouch End clocktowerwed all be speaking Islingtonian now....(pft!)Now, your job, dear viewer, is to take a locallandmark, place or piece of art - anything youfind curious in your local area, or endz- andthen to make up a tall story which explainshow it came to be there. Maybe theres astatue of someone and nobody knows whothey are, so you can make up a story aboutwhat they did, like invent dubstep back inVictorian Times. Maybe theres a shoppingcentre thats haunted because someone met avery unusual death there. Or a strangebuilding that might have been a pagantemple... let your imagination run wild!The best way to make someone believe astory is to frame it by mentioning true events
  6. 6. or people, like the 1965 Local GovernmentAct, which makes it seem a bit morebelievable, and adding specific details, likethe name of the dog. And then when youvewritten this as a story, poem, rap or howeveryou want to present it, post it up on thefacebook group - either in writing or in a linkto a video clip - preferably with a picture or alink to a picture of what youve written aboutso we can visualise it - and we can all giveyou some constructive feedback on how tomake it even better or how else you could addto your local legend.(Remember if some of you are scared aboutthe idea of writing a poem, just write a story,and then hit return whenever you get to aword that seems particularly important in thestory. Thats all a poem is, really. It doesnthave to rhyme.)And dont worry about making your first draftperfect. The best writers rewrite and rewriteand rewrite things, and theres no reason why
  7. 7. you should be different!Then when youve finished it, try telling it tosome gullible people, like children orAmerican tourists and see how many of thembelieve you. Its fun if you start the story offto be quite believable then get more and morewild and ridiculous and see the look on theirface just when they realise that youre givingthem a load of old horseshite...Shot of the Harringey Arms.One last fact about the insurrection of 1965 -this historic pub was previously known as theNags Head but during the civil conflict, thebank vaults next door were used as theHornsey Borough Council arms dump, it wasvery hot work down there, and the armsmanufacturers would drink at the pub nextdoor after their shifts which is why its namewas changed in tribute to the arms theyprovided which helped liberate Harringey: theHarringey Arms.