Western and Central Africa: Action plan for policy dialogue


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Western and Central Africa: Action plan for policy dialogue

  1. 1. KNOWLEDGE SHARING TITLE OF THE ACTIVITY 1 Mapping of knowledge available - Difficulty to locate what is available in term of knowledge Context - Limited linkages of available sources of knowledge Objectives To take inventory of available sources of knowledge for purposes of promoting knowledge generated in the region - Target groups / Beneficiaries/ Members of the network, actors - Development partners - Project staff - Rural communities - Policy makers - Civil societies - Implementation strategy Establish linkages between project, programmes and other sources of knowledge - Develop fomats/tools for knowledge collection Expected outputs Relevant knowledge sources available and accessible Period covered July 09- December 2012 Monitoring of progres and Set up in M&E system: - No of web-hits impacts - No of thematic hits - Level of participation of members - Enduser surveys Linkage Linking of knowledge from WCA and ESA networks TITLE OF THE ACTIVITY 2 Website/portals development Context Unavailibility of a user friendly web based tools for sharing knowledge and experience at the regional level - To establish a Common platfom where knowledge could Objectives be accessed and shared - To create and use cost effective tool for sharing knowledge and information among network members - Members of the network, Target groups / Beneficiaries/ actors - Development partners - Project staff - Rrural communities - Policy makers - Civil societies - Redesign the FidAfique website in consultation with Implementation strategy network members - Create awareness about the website Expected outputs User-friendly webportal available for knowledge sharing Period covered July - December 2009 - Monitoring of progres and User feed-backs through on-line and off-line surveys impacts - User satisfaction survey - Linkage Links to ESA thematic networks on the portal - Joint implementation of common activities
  2. 2. TITLE OF THE ACTIVITY 3 Translation of available documented knowledge into national languages - Available Knowledge is contained in foreign languages Context non spoken by the rural poor - Inappropriate languages for disseminating innovations Objectives To share Knowledge and innovation at grassroots level - Rural communities Target groups / Beneficiaries/ actors - Civil societies - Grassroots - Civil societies - Policy makers Implementation strategy Contract services providers - Expected outputs Materials in local languages Available Knowledge accessed - More knowledgeable grassroots Period covered Jan - December 2010 - Monitoring of progres and No of materials translated into local languages impacts - No of translated materials disseminated - Linkage Exchange visits for grassrott beneficiaries