APR Workshop 2010-South-South Cooperation-Learning Highways-Nicoló Berghinz & Martina Spisiakova

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  • 1. Annual Performance Review and South-South Cooperation Event 1-6 November 2010 Nanning, China
  • 2. What are the Learning Routes?
    • A Knowledge Management and Capacity Building Tool for a Global South
    www.procasur .org / ahalpern@procasur.org
  • 3. What are the Learning Routes? … .a tool created in the South, for the South and by the South
  • 4. What are the Learning Routes?
    • Tool originated and validated by PROCASUR with support of IFAD and other partners that:
      • Reduces learning costs of public and private investment against rural poverty
      • Makes sustainable Rural Development Investment
      • Enhances networking within practitioners
  • 5. About PROCASUR
      • Non profit NGO based in Chile with representation in Colombia, Bolivia and Uganda
      • With a 15 years-experience in Knowledge Management and Capacity Building Market
      • Using peer-to-peer methodologies by mobilizing grants and selling technical services
    • Trained over 900 rural development practitioners benefiting indirectly more than 7200 people.
    • Involved 40 different nationalities.
    • Operated in 25 different countries of Latin America, Asia and Africa.
    • Identified and systemized more than 250 local innovative experiences, training over 1500 trainers.
    • Paid directly over USD 250 000 to grassroots organizations and others for knowledge services.
    • Worked as a flexible learning tool on different topics and target groups .
  • 7. Learning Routes: A KM and Capacity Building Tool
  • 8. The principles of Learning Routes
    • Learning Routes…
    • … recognize that in rural areas it is possible to find successful solutions to common problems, that can be adapted to and multiplied in other contexts
    • … enable participants to acquire direct knowledge and stimulate curiosity and interest for continuous learning
    • … strengthen local training and technical assistance skills , so champions become experts
    • … transform knowledge through direct dialogue in the field and collective analysis
  • 9. Advantages of Learning Routes
    • Reduction of the intermediation between “trainers and learners” since
      • They operate directly in the field, where the innovations are developed
      • Champions of the experiences become the trainers and are remunerated.
      • Learners are able to directly interact with the champions and ask questions they really care about.
    • The demand-driven approach is constantly ensured.
    • They bring together different stakeholders promoting policy dialogue and influence.
    • Innovation Plan is an inclusive strategy for adapting lessons to other contexts.
  • 10. Learning Highways during the APR 2010
  • 11. Innovation Marketplace A Call for Innovation Champions Building together a Learning Highway for Asia and the Pacific What is the Innovation Marketplace? It is a public space where demanders and suppliers of knowledge meet to negotiate the exchange of innovative and practical ideas and tools with high up-scaling potential.
  • 12. Participants in the Innovation Marketplace
      • Asia and the Pacific
      • East and West Africa
      • South and Central America
  • 13. Innovation Marketplace in action Innovation Marketplace
  • 14. Innovation Marketplace in action Innovation Marketplace
  • 15. Knowledge Business Tables
  • 16. Innovation Map Example
  • 17. Key follow up issues 2010-2011
    • Identification of themes and experience based on the discussion and outcomes of the Annual Performance Review Workshop.
    • Formulation of a concept note on ‘Learning Highways through Asia Programme’.
    • Validation of the concept note by stakeholders.
    • Identification of partners.
    • Design of the programme through a grant mechanism.
    • Piloting the Learning Routes methodology in Asia.
  • 18.
    • Thank you.