Joan Carling Global Coodinating Group: Presentation on the World Conference of Indigenous Peoples 2014, IFAD First global meeting of the Indigenous Peoples Forum (2013)

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  • 1. WORLD CONFERENCE ON INDIGENOUS PEOPLES (WCIP) IN 2014 Joan Carling Global Coordinating Group (GCG) for the WCIP Asia Indigenou s Peoples Pact (AIPP)
  • 2. WORLD CONFERENCE ON INDIGENOUS PEOPLES (WCIP) IN 2014 On 16 November 2010, the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly adopted the following resolution (A/C.3/65/L.22/Rev.1): Decides to organize a high -level plenar y meeting of the General Assembly, to be known as the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, to be held in 2014, in order to share per spectives and best practices on the realization of the rights of Indigenous peoples, including to pur sue the objectives of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples , and invites the President of the General Assembly to conduct open - ended consultations with Member States and with indigenous peoples’ representatives in the framework of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, as well as with the Exper t Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Special Rappor teur in order to determine the modalities for the meeting, including indigenous peoples’ par ticipation at the Conference.
  • 3. WORLD CONFERENCE ON INDIGENOUS PEOPLES (WCIP) IN 2014 Modalities resolution: GA Resolution- 17 September 2012 Meeting will be held in New York on Monday 22 September and the afternoon of Tuesday 23 September 2014( just before UN GA in 2014) Two plenary sessions, the opening and closing sessions. 3 interactive roundtables one informal panel discussion.
  • 4. WORLD CONFERENCE ON INDIGENOUS PEOPLES (WCIP) IN 2014 Modalities: President of the General Assembly to organize an informal interactive hearing no later than June 2014 to provide input into the preparatory process. Indigenous peoples, UN agencies, academia, national human rights institutions, parliamentarians, civil society and States are encouraged to participate.
  • 5. WORLD CONFERENCE ON INDIGENOUS PEOPLES (WCIP) IN 2014 Outcome document: Action orientated outcome document The President of the General Assembly will prepare the draft text on the basis of consultations with States and Indigenous peoples. The President will take into account the views emerging from the preparatory processes and the interactive hearing. He will then convene a consultation process to provide input for suf ficient consideration by States and agreement by the General Assembly prior to the meeting itself.
  • 6. WORLD CONFERENCE ON INDIGENOUS PEOPLES (WCIP) IN 2014 Indigenous Peoples participation as follows: 3 Indigenous representatives to speak at the opening session; The interactive round tables and informal panel discussion to be co- chaired by State representatives and Indigenous peoples’ representatives; Indigenous organizations and institutions will be accredited through an open and transparent procedure based on existing practice; States are to consider the inclusion of Indigenous peoples in their delegations; Participation of Indigenous women, youth, elders and persons with disabilities; Participation of Indigenous peoples in the informal interactive hearing to be held prior to June 2014; Consultation with Indigenous peoples in the preparation of the outcome document to occur in two ways, firstly through the preparatory processes and secondly through a process of consultation, and; Indigenous peoples are encouraged to disseminate the results of their international, regional and thematic conferences.
  • 7. WORLD CONFERENCE ON INDIGENOUS PEOPLES (WCIP) IN 2014 Indigenous Peoples Response and Initiatives: Ensuring Indigenous peoples are able to participate in this meeting as well as the preparatory and post Conference processes. Copenhagen Resolution of IPs outlining key areas for indigenous peoples to focus to influence the outcome and the establishment of the Global Coordinating Group ( GCG) for the WCIP Establishment of the GCG in as the global mechanism with 2 reps from the 7 IP global regions
  • 8. WORLD CONFERENCE ON INDIGENOUS PEOPLES (WCIP) IN 2014 Conduct of regional preparatory Meetings Global Preparatory Meeting in June 2013 in Alta, Norway to be hosted by the Saami Parliament- adoption of a global Declaration and agreement on strategies to influence outcome Key activities to influence outcome  Information dissemination- UNDRIP- WCIP  Lobby with governments at the national level  Generation of support from UN agencies and others  Sustained lobby in New York UN headquarters