Daily Corriere: The Second Global AgriKnowledge Share Fair daily newspaper


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Daily Corriere: The Second Global AgriKnowledge Share Fair daily newspaper

  1. 1. 26 September 2011 – Issue number 1 HIGHLIGHTSWelcome to the eternal city. • 9:30 in the Italian Conference Room, Etienne Wenger, a globally recognizedWelcome to the Second Global thought leader in the field of social learningAgriKnowledge Share Fair and theory, communities of practice and their application to organizations, will deliver awelcome to IFAD headquarters keynote address on “Communities of practice and strategic capabilities”. • 11:00 in the Oval Room, Sam Dryden from Nine months ago, on a the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will chilly January morning, present their agricultural development the share fair steering strategy and Kevin Cleaver will present committee and a group of IFAD’s Strategic Framework 2011 - 2015. other colleagues, met for a visioning session. At • 15:30 – 16:30 visit the chill-out corner and that meeting, we have a chat with Etienne Wenger. discussed the events • Take advantage of over 25 sessions training format, themes, session to acquaint yourself with a wide audiences and agreed that range of knowledge-sharing methods and we would organize an social media tools. "out-of-the-box" event.We did our best to live up to this commitment. And hopefully this is PROGRAMME CHANGEreflected in the Share Fair programme. • Graphic facilitation session will take placeConsidering that the inaugural session is on the second day, the cocktail is from 14:00-17:00 in the DINING ROOM.on the third day and it finishes on a Thursday, I guess we can consider thesecond edition of the share fair an "out-of-the-box" event! SHARE FAIR WEB ANDBut all kidding aside, as the saying goes, "the proof is in the pudding", SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCEand over the next 4 days well see whether we managed to live up to our One of the trademarks of the share fair brand isvision. Rest assured that we put all our energy and passion into it. social reporting. The share fair has a contingent of social reporters who will useAn event about YOU and for YOU social media (Twitter, blog, Facebook, Flickr,Now we need YOU - we need YOU to make this a FUN and Blip.TV, YouTube, podcasting) to report liveMEMORABLE event. Try to attend as many sessions as possible. Use from the various sessions. Well be usingthe tent as a meeting point. Meet up and connect with people in the chill- #sfrome. Tweeps.... you’ll have your 5 minutesout corner. Gather up your courage and use the speakers’ corner to share of glory every time you tweet using #sfrome,your thoughts and ideas. as your tweet will appear on the beautifulWe ask you to ponder on a fundamental question - what is the value and twitter wall!impact of such events. We want to hear your views and we’ll do so at the If you have colleagues who were unable toclosing ceremony. attend the Share Fair, please let them know that they can follow some of the sessions via webcast at http://sharefair.ifad.org. You canAnticipation find the webcasting programme at http:// www.ifad.org/events/sharefair/index.htmby Nancy WhiteAaaaaaannnnnntttttiiiiiicccciiiippppaaaaatiiiionnnn. That is my theme forthe last five days as I watched and participated in a tiny way in thepreparation for Share Fair Rome, hosted at IFAD. Until you “peek behindthe curtain” you have no idea of all the preparation going on, how manypeople, how many TASKS are involved! Then it all comes down to todaywhen everyone arrives and the responsibility for success transfers from
  2. 2. the magnificent planning team to US, the Share Fair-ers. So here is my #Sfrome tweetsthree steps to Share Fair participation magic.1. Plan AND be prepared to be flexible. Scan the agenda and mark the“dont miss” sessions. Mark a few mystery sessions - things new to youthat might open a new window of learning. At the same time, as youwander through the fair, watch for the unexpected. The gift of beingsurprised by something you didnt know you cared about or needed isfantastic.2. Connect with familiar AND new people. Introduce yourself to at leasttwo new people every day. Identify who you want to follow up with. Usethat powerful method, the coffee break, to connect.3. Share your sorry AND ask for what you need. While the structure ofthe Fair sessions offer certain content, we all have knowledge to shareAND we all need other knowledge. Ask and offer at least once a day. Andto those of you who for some reason think what you have to offer isntvalued by others, test that assumption and make more offers!So the stage is set. As we thank all the Fair organizers, the responsibilitynow shifts to us. As online community guru Howard Rheingold likes tosay “ what it is --> is --> up to us”. Lets make the most of it!The story behind the sessionnumberby Beate StalsettBrowsing through the Share Fair programme you might have noticed thatevery session has a number, and you probably asked yourself: “what isthe logic behind these numbers?” Someone asked me if it signifiednumber of minutes of each session. Well, the answer is no. I believe thatwould have been very unfair to proposal number 1.There is a very simplelogic behind the numbers. As you all know by now, the Share Fair Steering Committee received 300+ proposals for this year’s event. 300+! We were thrilled by the number of proposals, and needed to have a solid system for keeping track of them when we were doing our thorough selection process. Patti (who I have voted to be the Steering Committee’s most structured person) suggestedimmediately to give the proposals fixed numbers, and so we did. Thenumbers are simply the unique identifier for the proposals, based on thefirst list we received. Nothing more, nothing less.When I think back of the first versionof the Excel list, I am very excited andhappy to see how our graphics teamhas shaped it into this beautifulprogramme that you are holding inyour hands today. All these numbers,names, links and comments have beenturned into a colourful, easy to readoverview of the event. It should beeasy to find and select the sessionsthat interest you the most.
  3. 3. On a personal note, what I am looking forward to the most, is to finallymeet the people behind the names and numbers in this list who have beenour companion for the last couple of months. I am looking forward tofinally attend their sessions, and to listen to their stories in person. Takingthis event from paper to reality has been an intensive but fun journey, andI hope the coming days will reflect this.Why did I submit a proposal forthe Share Fair ? Because I wantto learnby Armine TukhikyanI come from Armenia, a beautiful country with high mountains, deepgorges and alpine meadows rich in ancient monuments and historicalsites. However, the landscape is often spoiled with garbage scatteredhere and there. Plastic is a disaster: bottles and bags are everywhere in thecountryside.Waste management is not the strongest part of our municipal services.Indeed, waste is removed regularly in most of the urban areas, but whathappens next is less encouraging.We do not have recycling plants, dumpsites do not comply withinternational standards, and we lack waste separation facility andmechanism. And as you may imagine, the situation is much worse in ruralareas.In 2010, my organization, Urban Foundation made the very first attemptin Armenia to address this issue. We started with one community andinstalled special bins for PET bottles. We launched a massive publicawareness campaign. And you know what, it worked! The municipalityand other stakeholders welcomed and supported the initiative.However, despite this first success, there are still a thousand question leftto be answered particularly, how to reduce the use of plastic shoppingbags. I will be sharing my story on 27 September from 16:00-17:00 inthe Speakers’ corner in the tent. And I look forward to discuss wastemanagement related challenges with my peers on 28 September from16:00-17:00 in the Oval room.