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4 kay-integrating planning for an ageing population final
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4 kay-integrating planning for an ageing population final


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Integrating Planningfor an AgeingPopulationPresentation to International Federationon Ageing ConferencePrague May 2012Margaret KaySenior Policy Officer, Ageing and Disability
  • 2. Outline1. Local Planning in NSW2. Integrating ageing into the mainstream3. Website4. Next steps
  • 3. 1. Local planning in NSW
  • 4. NSW Local Government• The most populous state - 6.8 million• By 2036 – 9.1 million• Area – 810,000 km 2• 152 councils• Ranging in size from 5 km2 to 53,000 km2• Populations from 1,400 to 284,000
  • 5. Local Government’s does..  Community services HousingCommunity transport Public transportLeisure, recreation Health servicesCommunity facilitiesPlanning
  • 6. In the past… Older people Social Plan Local Government management plan $Environment Engineering Land use
  • 7. New system for council plans• 2008 – 9 Integrated Planning and Reporting• improve long term community, financial and asset planning• integrate council planning within a larger social, economic and political environment• strengthen councils’ strategic focus• streamline reporting processes
  • 8. Whole of council approach
  • 9. Council plans now• 10 yr Whole of Community Strategic Plan• 4 x bottom line: Social, Economic, Environmental, Civic leadership• 4 yr Delivery Program and Resourcing strategy (council term)• 1 yr Operational plan = annual budget• Community engagement• AGEING STRATEGY
  • 10. What about ageing?National liveable housing, accessibility, urban designState Whole of government ageing strategyLocal = AGEING STRATEGY:councils Healthy ageing Home based services Accessibility Walkability and Wheelability for footpaths Falls prevention Community safety
  • 11. 2. Integrating ageing into the mainstream
  • 12. The challenge• Give ageing an identity within broad Community Strategic Plan Older Community Strategic Plan 10 years people• Fit with Ageing strategy Ageing Strategy
  • 13. The project – Web resource• Managed by 2 State government agencies – Local Government and Office for Ageing and peak body for Local Government – Local Government and Shires Associations• Support for council staff to integrate Ageing into community strategic plans (10 yr) Web resource
  • 14. Stakeholders• State government• Local Government and Shires Associations (peak)• Council on the Ageing COTA NSW• Local Government managers• Input from 10 councils ( metro and rural)
  • 15. How was it developed• 2008 State Government’s Whole of Government Ageing Strategy• New Whole of Government Ageing Strategy to be released in 2012
  • 16. Community Strategic Plans have:• 10 years• Vision statement• Strategic objectives• Strategies for achieving each objective• Assessment methods for determining if objectives are being met• Reflect plans from State and regional levels
  • 17. Common visionPeople of all ages want communities which are:• Liveable• Healthy• Safe• Economically sustainable• Prepared for climate change• Engaged
  • 18. Fitting together Older Community Strategic Plan 10 years people Ageing Strategy Vision vision Ageing Aims Other Strategy Aims Aims Ageing Other Strategy Objectives Objectives Objectives Ageing Actions Other Strategy Actions Actions
  • 19. 3. Website
  • 20. Why a web resource?• Integrated Planning and Reporting website already exists• One stop shop• Pick up and slot into new plans• Renewable, flexible
  • 21. Web pagesa.Why plan for ageingb.Getting startedc. Background researchd.Community engagement and partnershipse.Objectives strategies and actionsf. Measuring and reporting
  • 22. b. Getting started• Vision• Awareness within council• Issues• Stakeholders• Use existing council plans eg Ageing Strategy
  • 23. c. Background research• Census data• State and regional plans• Consultations• Council service data
  • 24. d. Community engagement• Based on social justice principles• Who• Expected levels of service• Methods - Positive Ageing Summit, discussions• Evidence based• Partnership between Council, State agencies, community groups and individuals
  • 25. e. Objectives Strategies Actions• Vision for future Ageing• Aims strategy• Objectives• 4 x bottom line – social, economic, environmental, civic leadership• Delivery program and operational plan
  • 26. Bringing it all together Community Strategic plan Delivery Operational Program Plan (4 years) (1 year) Community Objective for Strategies Ageing Short term Strategic Plan Ageing Action Ageing action Vision PopulationSOCIALECONOMICENVIRONMENTALCIVICLEADERSHIP
  • 27. f. Measuring and reportingCommunity Strategic Plan must include:• Assessment methods (KPIs, measures)• 4 year review• Effectiveness• Progress
  • 28. 4. Next steps
  • 29. What next ?• All councils will be reviewing CSP in 2012• More councils doing separate Ageing Strategies this year – about 20% of councils have a separate one• Refine within new whole of government ageing strategy objectives
  • 30. URL Integrated Planning and Reporting Development and support