1 rabenstein-ifa prague 29-5-2012


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1 rabenstein-ifa prague 29-5-2012

  1. 1. Enabling Older People – Assistive Technologies, Devices & Products Ian Hosking, University of Cambridge Pavel Kubu (CZ) CEO Intel, Walter Buchinger, emporia
  2. 2. Enabling Older People – Assistive Technologies, Devices & Products Agenda: Who is …?Ian Hosking (UK), Senior Research Associate, University of Cambridge Pavel Kubu (CZ) CEO, Intel Walter Buchinger (AT), Senior Research Analyst, emporia Input Assistive Technology – mobile emergency function. Inclusive Design – from niche to normal. Your questions & discussion
  3. 3. Profile• developing mobile phones for the 50+ generation• family business since 1991, employing 130 people• represented EU-wide in 30 countries, America (North and South) to be deployed in 2012• demographic change essential for our market segment
  4. 4. A short example of Assistive Technology,Devices and Products …• The customer‘s situation• The solution
  5. 5. emporiaELEGANCEplus+S Mobile phone with special emergency function for mobile safety. Be mobile + aktive + safe!
  6. 6. the solution Unique product/service combination • Approved hardware – emergency button • Special software (direct link of mobile phone and primary control unit /call center) • professional network of T-Mobile- Austria – special elderly tarif • service- and support agreement with Samariterbund - professional help & safety
  7. 7. the solution benefits active alarm: • After pressing the black button (back side) – the primary control unit will be reached! Professional reaction – health data saved activity check: • Customer has not used mobile phone within the last 24 hours (a single button-pressure is sufficiant,…..)? Contact! Device check: • Test alarms in the background by SMS checking basic functions daily – no huzzle with technology! Information of relatives : • In case of emergency the hotline gets in contact with defined relatives – no stress!
  8. 8. R&D • Usability & likeabilty Tests • Cooperation with Universities of Cambridge & St. Gallen • MMI/UI workshops • Open innovation contests • Idea workshops
  9. 9. Emporia‘s roadmap - connecting generations! M-Health Smartphone/ Easy touch Multimedia for elderies E-Mail for granny
  10. 10. Ian Hosking “It is normal to be different!” Inclusive Design – from niche to normal.
  11. 11. Ian Hosking  “We face an unprecedented demand on social and healthcare services.  Mobile technology has the potential to play a key role in addressing this challenge.  Often phones and smartphones are seen as the ideal platform for providing services in this area.  We have to understand the specific needs and issues faced by older users to realize this potential!  Today people who would benefit the most from such services are the least able to access them.”  Which underlying problems do older people experience?  How can these can be addressed?  e.g. turning a phone on,  complexity of menu systems and touch interfaces.”