Leveraging the Web for More Effective Engagement: Alliance for Nonprofit Management 2009 Conference Presentation
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Leveraging the Web for More Effective Engagement: Alliance for Nonprofit Management 2009 Conference Presentation

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As your network grows, it is more important to create appropriate, targeted communications to those in your community to enhance their engagement with your organization. This presentation......

As your network grows, it is more important to create appropriate, targeted communications to those in your community to enhance their engagement with your organization. This presentation introduces the Ladder of Engagement as a way to increase commitment and trust with your organization and also provides several demos that leverage Plone and salesforce.com to create targeted, appropriate communications.

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  • 1. Leveraging Web Technology for Effective Engagement Christopher Johnson cjj@ifpeople.net 678 608 3408 www.ifpeople.net 
  • 2. Contents I. About ifPeople II. Defining Effective Engagement  III. The Ladder of Engagement IV. Tools & Processes for Effective Engagement V. Moving Up the Ladder: Plone & Salesforce VI. Demos VII. Getting Plone & Salesforce  
  • 3.  Social Enterprise    Partnership­Based    Strategy­Centered
  • 4. Our Clients: Nonprofits  |  Green Businesses  | Education Social Enterprises | Small Businesses  Our Services: Strategic Consulting  |  Online Marketing Development: CMS (Plone)  |  CRM (SFDC)  Training  |  Support
  • 5. We help our clients use tech to nurture effective, long­term  relationships with stakeholders.
  • 6. Because relationships are  at the heart of nonprofits. External Internal  Relationships Relationships  Donors  Employees  Advocates  Volunteers  Subscribers  Board  Replicators external relationships  Clients
  • 7. As your network grows... …relationships become more  and more complex
  • 8. For your relationships to mature,  you must effectively engage  your constituents. 
  • 9. How do we define “effective engagement”?
  • 10. It’s communication that moves  people to increased commitment and involvement.
  • 11. The Ladder of Engagement
  • 12. Ranks levels of  start  something constituent action give time High rungs: involved forms take part of activism  provide  info give money Low rungs: easy ways  to engage subscribe  to content view
  • 13. start  Effective engagement something moves people up ladder give time take part provide  info give money subscribe  to content view
  • 14. comment on blog take part subscribe to newsletter subscribe to content
  • 15. replicate start something donate give money
  • 16. A web visitor isn’t always a major donor  For effective engagement,  you must communicate with each  group appropriately.
  • 17. What tools & processes  do I need for more  successful engagement?
  • 18. 1. Targeted Messaging 2. Two Way Info Flow 3. Staff Sharing Info 4. Automated Processes  
  • 19. 1. Targeted, direct communication  with constituents…  edit content  newsletter on website targeted emails
  • 20. Obama Campaign Requests to hold support  parties, participate in  Grass Roots start  rallies, drive others to  Organizers  something polls, etc. experience General messaging  Undecided about policies, hope for  Voters content change, etc.
  • 21. Ask to contact  politicians, write letters  Petition take part to editor, forward info to  Signer networks   Info about  membership/ services,  Alert subscribe  to content invitations to attend  Subscriber events/ rallies
  • 22. 2. Information must flow  two ways… content you produce  content you produce email  comments stats comments web analytics 
  • 23. Social Media comment blog entry
  • 24. Analytics…. Database Dashboard  Web Analytics
  • 25. 3. Staff shares information  with other staff members… potential donors events & meetings  project client interactions  progress
  • 26. RSVP Follow Up & Tracking… Membership staff contact info from event  Development staff attendees Programming staff
  • 27. 4. Automates processes…  templated responses   subscriptions form submissions
  • 28. 1. Targeted Messaging 2. Two Way Info Flow 3. Staff Sharing Info 4. Automated Processes   Click to edit Master subtitle style
  • 29. What tools can I use to  manage our communications more effectively?
  • 30. Finding the right tool Increasing org complexity, size bulletin CRM/CMS? board? spreadsheet?
  • 31. A specific tool set for complex needs.
  • 32.  Open Source CMS  User­Friendly  International Community  Extensive functionality   Customizable 
  • 33. Plone is User­Friendly ●Create, manage, edit, and publish web  content with ease.  – No html knowledge needed – Extensive free help: and    documentation:   
  • 34. Collaborative Community    
  • 35. mifos.org PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Grameen Foundation   Directory and map of  community Open source software for      Interface supports community microfinance
  • 36. lta.org PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Land Trust Alliance  Taking branding strategy to web Site lowered support costs Network and strengthen      land trusts in the US Wireframes + IA + 
  • 37. dotrust.org PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Int'l development NGO  International network of site  users Train entrepreneurs in    Carefully structured site security   technology and projects
  • 38. communitychange.org KEY PRODUCT Center for Community  Plone CMS Change DIA for Advocacy     Grassroots organizing Salesforce.com for 
  • 39. Plone Works for Nonprofits Easy to Use! Flexible and  scalable Large (nonprofit)  community  backing Integrates well with  other systems
  • 40.  Relationship Management   1.5 Million Users  Internet­Based  Tracks Data & Metrics  Free to Nonprofits
  • 41. How they come together… info collection event RSVP info goes e­commerce newsletter signup directly to
  • 42. How will these tools  improve my relationships?
  • 43. Demo #1… Inquiries Become  Assets
  • 44. Van Jones Click to edit Master subtitle style
  • 45. All requests come  in through a form Built in Plone Easy to edit Dumps directly to  Salesforce
  • 46. Request dashboard in Salesforce
  • 47. Demo #2… Keeping Donors In the Loop
  • 48. Click to edit Master subtitle style
  • 49. Automate Online Giving  Make the giving process easier  Make tracking and reporting on  giving easier  Reduce technical staff costs of  data management   Enable better followup with  donors
  • 50.     Click to edit Master subtitle style
  • 51. Shopping cart and additional donations
  • 52. Checkout = Valuable Information
  • 53. user data 04/23/09
  • 54. user data 04/23/09
  • 55. user data order payment 04/23/09
  • 56. user data order payment contact opportunity donation details 04/23/09
  • 57. Contact record with donation
  • 58. Donation details include products
  • 59. All web donations roll up to campaign report
  • 60. user data newsletter email 04/23/09
  • 61. Demo #4… Tracking Ladder of Engagement
  • 62. Assign “leadership levels” to campaigns
  • 63. Track activities of contacts
  • 64. Calculate leadership level for contacts 
  • 65. Click to edit Master subtitle style Real­time dashboards on engagement 6/14/09 Dashboards on 
  • 66. How do I get these tools?
  • 67. A holistic approach can be painful. 
  • 68. Making engagement platform projects successful…  Stakeholders  Define requirements  Chunking/phasing  
  • 69. Roles and skills you need… Roles  Skills Executive team for  Project management support & vision Ability to investigate &  Program staff (users) articulate requirements Communications Collaboration & negotiation Organizers  Operations & technical  Fundraising implementation IT  Ongoing training/ support  
  • 70. What You Do…  Product Owner   Project Manager  System Administrator
  • 71. What You Can Outsource…  Strategy, Planning, RFP  Implementation  Support and Maintenance
  • 72. Find  consultants who can  balance and  juggle. Click to edit Master subtitle style
  • 73. Learn More ifPeople Resources: ifpeople.net Plone Resources plone.org – downloads, documentation plone.net – case studies, consultants Salesforce Donations salesforcefoundation.org