Get Your Head in the Clouds: Improving Green Marketing and Sales


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Marketing and sales is challenging in these times anyway, but green businesses have an even greater need to manage relationships over a long sales cycle and to provide greater education to prospects. This presentation illuminates the current sales environment and how the Cloud can help you be more successul!

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Get Your Head in the Clouds: Improving Green Marketing and Sales

  1. 1. Get Your Head in the Clouds! Sales and Marketing Optimization through Technology Christopher Johnson Cofounder and CEO, ifPeople | October 27, 2010
  2. 2. Get Your Head in the Clouds Source: Global Technology B2B Survey, Media Screen LLC
  3. 3. Get Your Head in the Clouds Source: B2B Buying Patterns and Website Influencers
  4. 4. Get Your Head in the Clouds
  5. 5. About This Session Goal: Help you increase through  more effective sales and marketing  for green products Audience:  People in business­to­business sales Entrepreneurs, sales and marketing,  business development
  6. 6. What We Will Cover What do we need to know about  today's sales environment? What does it take to be effective in  this environment? How can we influence the volume  of sales made?
  7. 7. Partnership focused Relationship­centric We help green  businesses sell more About ifPeople
  8. 8. Implications • Sales cycle starts long before sales staff engaged • More people involved in buying process • Internet and social media are early research channels Today's Sales Environment
  9. 9. Customer 2.0 • More informed than ever • Seeking relationships • Exerting more control • Expecting companies to engage in dialog with them Today's Sales Environment
  10. 10. Marketing & Sales Challenge • Mandate: do more with less • Technology: crucial but still challenging to adopt • Insight: Data often trapped in silos and not used in automation Today's Sales Environment
  11. 11. A huge opportunity... • Most prospects not ready to buy immediately • Most prospects not followed up with by sales • 70-90% of leads are ignored by sales Today's Sales Environment 0.18 0.12 0.7 Lead Breakdown % Discard/Disqua lified Sales-ready Now Longterm Opportunity (with nurtur- ing) Source: MarketingSherpa
  12. 12. ...with achievable results! • Generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% less cost per lead • Raise win rates on marketing-generated leads (7% points higher) • Reduce ignored leads Today's Sales Environment Sources: Forrester, CSO Insights, Marketo
  13. 13. How do you capture lead data? • Capture lead: • On paper • In spreadsheet • In central database
  14. 14. Lead Management & Sales Process What Next?
  15. 15. What type of sales process? • Is your sales process: • Random? • Informal? • Formal? • Dynamic? • % 2009 Sales Target: • 74% • 78% • 82% • 87% Source: CSO Insights
  16. 16. Sales process considerations • How does it map to the buyer's process? • Where is the handoff between marketing and sales? • What is the common definition of sales-ready lead?
  17. 17. Click to edit Master subtitle style What tools & processes do I need for more successful engagement?
  18. 18. Effective Engagement: Tools & Processes 1. Create collaborative work space 2. Measure and improve 3. Target communications 4. Focus on valuable leads 5. Make the cloud work for you
  19. 19. Get everyone on the same page with central information repository 1. Create collaborative workspace for  marketing and sales
  20. 20. Prospects Past deals Progress in pipeline Events, calls, and emails Staff share information in central place...
  21. 21. ...So You Get 360o View contact info from event attendees Membership staff Development staff Programming staff
  22. 22. Fast ResultsLow riskLow cost Scalable
  23. 23. Cloud­Based CRM Benefits to Cloud   Quick time­to­ value   Pay only for what  you use   No hardware cost   No software  maintenance  Popular Softwares    NetSuite   MS Dynamics   SugarCRM   Zoho   ...and many more.
  24. 24. CRM Works! Average Improvements of 3,500+ Salesforce Customers Surveyed by Market Tools, Inc., December 2008
  25. 25. CRM Discounts for Green Biz Steep  discounts  available to  certified B  Corporations  for CRM 75% discount on 50­100% discount on  NetSuite Apply at
  26. 26. 2. Measure and refine your approach Database Dashboard Web Analytics What's working? What's not? What can we do about it?
  27. 27. edit content on website targeted emails newsletter 3. Targeted, direct communications campaign management Capabilities: Segmentation, results track and content deliveryCapabilities: Segmentation, results track and content delivery
  28. 28. Click to edit Master subtitle style For your relationships to evolve, you must effectively engage your prospects.
  29. 29. To have an effective engagement, you must communicate appropriate content (at appropriate time) to prospects.
  30. 30.  What are their needs to make decisions and do their job?  What are their motivators?  What role do they play in the decision making process? Define Your Audiences
  31. 31. view content subscribe to content Product trial Buy Refer peers Defining Process: Ladder of Engagement High rungs: higher levels of commitment Low rungs: easy ways to engage example
  32. 32. view content subscribe to content Product trial Buy Refer peers view content website, pamphlet, direct mail newsletter, RSS, action alerts, Twitter, Facebook Case studies, Webinars Client testimonials, case studies, personalized demo Collateral to share, incentives to refer, recognition and thanks
  33. 33. Effective messaging moves people up ladder view content subscribe to content Product trial Buy Refer peers
  34. 34. If groups within your audience vary significantly, you can have multiple ladders. Unqualified Leads Advisors / Consultants Existing Customers
  35. 35. Engagement begins with people finding you online Continues as they move to higher levels of interest until they're ready to act. Some people never move up. That is ok! A process, Not a destination.
  36. 36. Define Your Content Content needs to be appropriate to where  someone is in the process Develop needed content before launching  campaigns
  37. 37. Grass Roots Organizers Undecided Voters Requests to hold support parties, participate in rallies, drive others to polls, etc. General messaging about policies, hope for change, etc. experience content start something Obama Campaign
  38. 38. Petition Signer Alert Subscriber subscribe to content take part Ask to contact politicians, write letters to editor, forward info to networks Info about membership/ services, invitations to attend events/ rallies
  39. 39. Search engines love new content. For higher rankings, update content regularly. Update Content events news stories
  40. 40. 4. Focus on valuable leads What demographic characteristics makes a  good prospect for your company? • C*O title • Company size  What behaviors indicate strong interest?  • Attending a webinar • Trial of product
  41. 41. 5.     Automate processes form submissionssubscriptions templated responses
  42. 42. Make it easier with tools
  43. 43. Set up “drip campaigns” Pre-MQL Recycled Reconstituted
  44. 44. Want More? Sign up for free monthly webinar  ( ifPeople Newsletter ( ifPeople blog ( ifPeople Twitter (@ifpeople)
  45. 45. Thank you! Christopher Johnson || 678-608-3408 x1 @ifpeople || @nomadslounge