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Simple Telehealth – a toolset and methodology designed by and for the NHS and is provided as a not for profit service to participating NHS Trusts as a solution to unmet Telehealth need. It is primarily used in the NHS but it can equally be applied in a social care context, combining the power of the patient’s own mobile phone with clinical and commercial protocols. With STH, the tables are turned and the patient is given the tools, assistance and information to take more responsibility for the management of their condition. STH transfers responsibility and cost away from clinicians, freeing up clinician time to prioritise and work with the most appropriate patients.
Presentation by Phil O'Connell, NHS Stoke-on-Trent

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Simple Telehealth - NHS Innovation

  1. 1. NHS innovation QIPP phil.oconnell@nhs.n et @NHSSimple 1
  2. 2. Sharing 2011/12 coverageNews WINNER Technology Health INT’L CONFERENCE 2011 WINNER 2011 WINNER 2012Social 2
  3. 3. Think again, its simplea sustainable approach1 DESIGN the H&SC SYSTEM FIRST ( Technology is only a tool )2 Improve effectiveness by maximising adherence (self care)3 Can technology cost effectively assist without increasing direct costs? 3
  4. 4. Improving adherence in our NHSCOPD, CHF, new hypertension,hypotension, diabetes type 1, self management + exacerbationretinopathy, medicationcompliance, diabetes type 2, supportmedication titration, orthopaedic,smoking cessation, speech therapy,carers wellbeing, mental health Personal and empoweringbehaviour, long term Massive and fast scalabilityhypertension, asthma, alcoholsupport, weight management, early Quick, easy & inclusivehospital discharge, outpatienttherapy, acute specialist follow up,long term monitoring, prothrombintime, oximetery review, asthma,depot injections, pregnancy, pain Give patients responsibilitymanagement, physiotherapy,palliative care, gestational diabetes,learning disability, oncology, Unlimited conditionsnephrology, rheumatology, asthma,obstetrics, interstitial lung disease, Very low costdietetics + many more 4
  5. 5. simple & instinctive, helping patients to help themselves £ free to txt all my Readings teams & answers Opt-in/out, prompts, questions, feedback, advice, educationAlerts if needed 5
  6. 6. Improving adherence practical and pragmaticCollaboration 6
  7. 7. Patient – its about mechoice and responsibility I have an active role in my healthcare Its personal, just for me, just when I need it I get instant feedback and advice I feel that someone cares I can use my own mobile phone Its discrete and matches my lifestyle It’s comfortable and familiar I can choose to opt out at any time 7
  8. 8. Challengeswhat did not work ?adoption where no senior champion some older patients (depending on clinician)some patients not willing/able to self manage one-off reminders (but works in mental health) 8
  9. 9. “Flo is an innovative low cost initiative to support peopleimprove and maintain their health, it gives advice,confidence and reassurance to patients and their carersand improves overall efficiency and productivity forhealth and social care professionals”Jo HardingProgramme Lead – Long Term ConditionsNHS Midlands and East 9
  10. 10. phil.oconnell@nhs.n“Flo is actively supporting et @NHSSimplethe need to look holisticallyat patients in line with theQIPP LTC workstream.”Sir John OldhamNational Clinical Lead – Quality and ProductivityDepartment of Health 10
  11. 11. phil.oconnell@nhs.n et @NHSSimple “OX 93”“BP 140/80” “BLOOD, OXYGEN” 11