Riep conference 6 december 2013


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by Cllr Roger Lawrence, Leader of the Wolverhampton City Council & Simon Warren, Chief Executive, Wolverhampton City Council

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  • Working Together to Deliver the Infrastructure to Support Economic GrowthRoger:Political and Administrative Boundaries obscure the full extent of functional economies – this is particularly true in Transport.The establishment of LEPs  has enabled different partnerships to come together to address a range of issues to facilitate economic growthIn terms of Transport aspirations- LEP plans for investment must be mutually supportive to ensure that our interconnected infrastructure functions across the regionAt the Metropolitan level, we are reforming transport governance in order to provide a more robust, resilient framework for the development and delivery of transport policiesIt is critical in order to ensure a strong focus in supporting the ambitious growth agenda in the West Midlands and will help ensure a clear voice from the conurbationBut the Metropolitan geography is also limited – we need to be working with Shire Colleagues in order to ensure that the West Midlands economy remains competitive.The Investment in I-54 between Wolverhampton City Council, and Staffordshire County Council is a prime example of thatThe next big opportunity is Rail Devolution which will involve both the Counties and the Metropolitan districts – with impacts that are wider than just the West  MidlandsCollaborative working on the Rail agenda will benefit our network and allow specification and management of local rail services will  to be devolved, providing local democratic accountability but most importantly to better align to our local economic growth agenda
  • SIMONRecognising the points that Roger has made, the 6  West Midlands LEPS have agreed to progress a joint Statement on Transport to support and align our individual aspirations and to ensure that collectively, we can articulate why transport infrastructure is critical to our economy.The West Midlands Economy is stronger than people think. Between the first quarter of 2011, according to HMRC data, and the second quarter of 2013, exports from the WM grew by the equivalent of 30%. This rate was almost twice that of the next strongest regional performer, the East Midlands which was recorded at 15%, and significantly stronger than most other regions, including London and the South East Given the extensive transport in the region, with nationally important motorways, and rail infrastructure present, this is understandable and it is clear that transport infrastructure provides a competitive edge to the WM economyThere is a  close correlation between supplier delivery times to the manufacturing sector (for example) and productivity growth in the sector, which is reliant on the effectiveness of transport infrastructure Thus we need to continue to invest, across the West Midlands, to ensure that we have strong and efficient connectivity, if we are able to retain our competitive advantage and continue to see economic growth in the West Midlands.The cross LEP Transport statement is a good first step  - in articulating how the West Midlands wants to invest and how we move people and goods to markets – but we can, and should build on this work if we, collectively, want to deliver the strategic investment needed to support our joint ambitions for economic growth.
  • Riep conference 6 december 2013

    1. 1. Securing Strategic Transport Investment 6 December 2013 Cllr Roger Lawrence Leader Simon Warren Chief Executive
    2. 2. Working Together to Deliver the Infrastructure to Support Economic Growth • Local Enterprise Partnerships • Transport governance • i54 – Wolverhampton City Council and Staffordshire County Council • Rail Devolution
    3. 3. Working Together to Deliver the Infrastructure to Support Economic Growth • Joint Statement on Transport • Supporting the West Midlands economy and maintaining competitive edge • Growth ambition