Young people's involvement in Safeguarding: Safeguarding and Inspections Teams (SIT)


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A2) R3 Young people’s views and voices shape service design and delivery: Walsall young people's leadership in safeguarding (YP-led) and Wolverhampton’s involvement of young people in recruitment processes to assess the skills of social work applicants

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Young people's involvement in Safeguarding: Safeguarding and Inspections Teams (SIT)

  1. 1. Young people’s involvement inSafeguarding: Safeguarding andInspections Team (SIT)Walsall Integrated Young People’s Support Services
  2. 2. Some Context The Safeguarding Inspections Team – Is part of IYPSS Group of young people that have an interest in Quality Assurance and Safeguarding, that are passionate about services for young people. Members are from 13 to 22 years of age, with some of the Senior members acting as mentors and Volunteering during holiday periods We have established Virtual Links with other Groups We are a group that always looks at innovative and creative ways to make a difference to young people’s participation
  3. 3. Our Structure of the SIT WSCB SIT WSCB Operations GroupDomestic CARE Panel Training Serious Child Death Anti-bullying Virtual Abuse Sub group Case Overview Committee Groups Panel Review Panel Anti-bullying Care Homes Supported Forum & Disability Housing Services and NEET
  4. 4. Aims and Objectives of the SIT To support and challenge the work of Walsall Safeguarding Children’s Board To support and challenge the work of the Integrated Young People’s Support Services, part of Walsall Council To ensure the personal, social and educational development of young people
  5. 5. Our Journey Started with the development of the Youth Inspectors project in 2005 following an Ofsted Inspection of what was then Walsall Youth Service. (Youth work is now delivered as part of IYPSS) Partnership working with Walsall Safeguarding Children’s Board (WSCB) to establish a young person’s representative in 2007 The Youth Inspectors developed an educational resource relating to Young Runaways in 2008 The development of the Daphne – “You Respond” Guide and training materials, a project led by Sheffield University and supported by the European Union in 2009/2011 and Walsall IYPSS. The development of the Safeguarding and Inspections Team (SIT) in 2010
  6. 6. Stages of Development Membership of core group/ shadow board in place Developed the Terms of Reference and Members Information Pack in line with WSCB standards and young people’s needs Developed links with key agencies such as the Police, Health, Domestic Abuse Team Communication and promoting of the work of SIT, to professionals and young people
  7. 7. SIT Achievements Engaging disabled and vulnerable young people and giving them a platform to express their views and opinions Using promotional activity such as the Summary of the WSCB Annual Report, the SIT leaflet and Radio Ramadan – Raising awareness of Safeguarding with Young people Safeguarding pathways game – Keeping Me Safe Partnership working with Walsall Manor Hospital and artists to design the new Child Protection Suite (Starfish Suite)
  8. 8. SIT Achievements Continued Providing information about the SIT framework to support a literature review produced by Anglia Ruskin University to look at the involvement of young people in safeguarding decision-making Contributing to Ofsted’s changing inspection frameworks as regards Safeguarding Developed two Open College Network (OCN) Units at Level 2 focusing on the Basics of Safeguarding and Quality Assurance in Youth Settings to train young people
  9. 9. Building Blocks to Effectiveness Ensuring adequate support networks are in place A diverse and representative membership An organic flexible methodology to ensure vulnerable users feel comfortable and are engaged. A safe and welcoming environment We utilised the Section 11 as a platform to engage partners and action planning engagement
  10. 10. Young People’s Experiences “The SIT has allowed me to help encourage those young people who are vulnerable and are harder to engage. It has helped with my self- esteem and helped with skills that I use in university.” (Alex Thomson, 2011) – Personal skills and development i.e. Increased confidence, Better communication and Team work skills Opportunity to receive mentoring, advice and guidance Career development True participation
  11. 11. Developing Tools Training Material – Daphne – You Respond Project Young Runaways DVD Safeguarding and Inspections Game
  12. 12. Creative Methods A little taster of how young people have developed a resource for Junior and Senior young people around Safeguarding.
  13. 13. Daphne – You Respond ProjectTo promote good practice in relation to young people’s participation in projects to combat violence against children.This will be achieved through:1. Drawing on young people’s experience of participating in projects of violence2. Working with young people to develop and pilot a good practice guide and materials for practitioners, managers, policy-makers and researchers3. Produce and make freely available the Guide
  14. 14. The Journey Continues Further work with West Midlands Policing Authority Completion of accredited OCN units Establish links with Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Trust, Housing and Probation to give young peoples a voice Integrated working with the IYPSS Active Involvement Team to share good practice Explore the use of the Safeguarding Pathways Game across the West Midlands as good practice to assist vulnerable young people to make decisions about Child Protection services
  15. 15. Final thoughts on Workshop The Government agrees with Professor Munro that thesystem has become too focused on compliance with rulesand procedures and has lost its focus on the needs andexperiences of children and young people”(DfE, 2011, p.5) What does this statement mean to you and the groups you work with in your Services ? Can you think of ways that we could improve and support outcomes for vulnerable young people ?“
  16. 16. Thank youThank you for listening to our presentation, we hope that itwas useful.Any questions please see us later, or contact:Shain Akhtar, IYPSS Team Leader on 01922 650437 or Hodgkiss, SIT Support Worker on 01922 650439 or