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    Victoria Burgos y Lucía Victoria Burgos y Lucía Presentation Transcript

    • C h arle s D icke ns wasb orn in Ports m ou th(E ngland ) th e 7th ofFe b ru ary in 1 81 2 andh e d ie d in G ad s H illP lace (E ngland ) th e9th of Ju n in 1 870. H ewas a fam ou s e nglis hwrite r, one of th e b e s tknown th e u nive rs allite ratu re .
    • C h arle s was th e s on of JonhD icke ns and E lizab e th Barrow.D u ring h is ch ild h ood , in 1 81 4 h em ove d to Lond on at th e age of 5ye ars . C h arle s s on of we althyp are nts d e vid o to th e m anyou ts tand ing d e b ts b e gan to s tu d ywith 9 ye ars . From s m all s p e nd stim e re ad ing nove ls e s p e ciallynau gh ty as th e nove ls of H e nryF ie ld ing, h is favorite write r.
    • C h arle s h e ld m any office s in h islife , in M ay 1 827, D icke nsb e gan working as an inte rn atth e firm of s olicitors E llis &Blackm ore and afte r a tim e as acou rt s te nograp h e r. Late r in1 834 th e M orning C h ronicleh ire d h im as a p olitical j rnalis t outo re p ort on p arliam e ntaryd e b ate s , and trave ling acros sth e cou ntry to cove r e le ctioncam p aigns .
    • C h arle s was m arrie d on 2th of Ap rilin 1 876 with C ath e rine Th om p s onH ogarth with wh om h e h ad te nch ild re n: C h arle s C u lliford BozD icke ns , M ary D icke ns , KateM acre ad y D icke ns , Walte r Land orD icke ns , Francis Je ffre y D icke ns ,Alfre d D O rs ay Te nnys on D icke ns ,S id ne y S m ith H ald im and D icke ns ,H e nry F ie ld ing D icke ns , D ora AnnieD icke ns and E d ward Bu lwe r Lytton
    • C h arle s wrote nu m e rou s works ,s u ch as :* O live r Twis t (1 837-1 839)* N ich olas N ickle by (1 838-1 839)* Th e O ld C u rios ity S h op(1 840-1 841 )* Barnaby R u d ge (1 841 )* A C h ris tm as C arol (1 843) (als oknown as A C h ris tm as C arol or AC h ris tm as C arol)* M artin C h u zzle wit (1 843-1 844)
    • * D om b e y and S on (1 846-1 848) * D avid C op p e rfie ld(1 849-1 850) * Ble ak H ou s e (1 852-1 853) * H ard Tim e s (1 854) * Little D orrit (1 855-1 857) * A Tale of Two C itie s (1 859) * G re at E xp e ctations(1 860-1 861 ) * O u r M u tu al Frie nd(1 864-1 865) * Th e line m an (1 866)
    • Oliver Twist was the second novel by Charles Dickens.This novel tells the story of an orphan boy calledOliver Twist. Oliver in the first years living in anorphanage very strict rules and harsh punishments.After a time, is adopted by a man to do jobsbut a fewdays they throw and is forced to flee the city. Aftera long walk, Oliver goes to London where he is caredfor Fagin, a man dedicated to stealing by children.During his time there he has to face several problems.One day when he was with the other kids stealing isdiscovered by the police and prosecuted. At trial Mr.Browrow, the owner of the bookstore where stolen butdecides to take care of the Jew through Nancy, a girlwho works for his friend Bill, he does return. At theend of the story, Oliver gets that arrestre all thegroup including Mr. Fagin becoming with Browrow.During this period kill Nancy, Bill is accidentallykilled hanged and Fagin is executed.
    • Oliver TwistFagin
    • Billy and Nancy
    • TruhanMr Browrow