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Presentacion recycle Presentacion recycle Presentation Transcript

  • Recycling and environment
  • Recycling Points In Granada, we've got one recycling point in Alhendin, where we recycle paper, plastic and glass. Also, there are many “puntos limpios” ( recycling points for electronic things and other special products).
  • We recycle, recycle you too In our village, the people normally recycle a lot, they classify rubbish at home and put each material in a different container. We've got a recycling center in the city of Granada. So, we have bins in each street and the town council takes the rubbish and changes the containers when they are broken.
  • Type of bags In other places the people normally use paper bags, but we don't use these, we still use plastic bags. One of these bags is got out by trees and, the other, by chemical products. Also, there are other types of bags called biodegradable bags.
  • Wastewater treatment We have got many different systems to protect the environment. For example, we have got wastewater treatment plants in every village and in big towns. In this place we treat the water with chemical substances.
  • Contamination in Moraleda Although we treat our water with this substances, we don't produce a lot of pollution in the village. Here the most common sources of contamination are the carbon dioxide produced by the cars and the wastes produced by a plastic factory of our village. But, really, there is not a lot.
  • Working in the factories So, the plastic factory here is more or less small, we haven't had any accident with the wastes. In the factories in Moraleda most of the work is done manually, without electronic things and without using a lot of energy.
  • Energy Plants We've got some energy solar and thermoelectrics plants in Granada. They make the most of the energy's Sun and the renewables energies.
  • E:imagesCAYP6SI4.jpg Wind Energy Wind energy is the energy from wind, so the kinetic energy generated by the effect of air currents, and it is transformed into other useful forms of human activities. At the end of 2007, worldwide capacity of wind generators was 94.1 gigavatios. In 2009, the wind generated approximately 2% of global electricity consumption, equivalent to the total demand for electricity in Italy, the seventh largest economy in the world. In Spain, wind energy produced 11% of electricity consumption in 2008, and 13.8% in 2009.
  • You decide our future We must be aware of the importance of looking after our environment and avoid these things happening We want a future like this: