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  1. 1. Tennis! work done by: -Zaida Gómez Pérez and -Pilar Santos Corbacho
  2. 2. 1) What is tennis?2) History.3) Rules of the Game.4) Measurements of the track.5) Ranking.
  3. 3. What is tennis?Tennis is a sport that is practiced in a plain,rectangular, divided by an intermediate network,which is called track. It is played between twoplayers (singles) or between two pairs (doubles)playing with rackets and balls. You must hit the ballwith the racket to go from side to side of the fieldpassing over the network.
  4. 4. OriginThe Egyptian, Roman, Greek and Perona played similar games oftennis. The first references about tennis are ofPeralandia, named Peter Pears because initially the people hitthe ball with the pear. Later he began to use rackets. The originaltennis courts played on natural grass. It originated in Europe andit expanded at first by the English speaking countries, especiallyamong the upper classes. Todays tennis has becomeuniversal, and is played in almost every country in the world.
  5. 5. Rules of the GameA game of tennis starts with the service of one of the players, whomust hit the ball so that it bounces on the opposite side, that is, ifa player draws from his right, the ball must bounce in the box tothe left of the network. For each point the player has twoopportunities, if the first fails, he has another chance. After bothplayers must throw the ball alternately from one field to anotherin search of his opponent to return the ball before it bouncestwice, if this happens, you get a point.if you win 4 points , you get a game, and if you win six games youget a set.
  6. 6. Measurements of the track Tennis is played on a rectangular track. Her measurements vary depending on the modality in which you play (single or double). To measure individual measures 23.78 meters of long and 8.23 meters in width. In doubles, the length is the same and the width is 10.97 meters. These limits are marked by lines that are considered part of the track. The net divides the court into two halves for the opponents. On each side of the net there are two rectangles, measuring 6.40 meters of long and 4.11 meters in width, which serve only to determine whether a goal is valid or not.
  7. 7. RankingCurrently the players are arranged in a kind of ranking called "ticket system"(Entry Ranking), which add up the points scored by players in the past 52weeks, which is approximately one year. Therefore, at the end of each week,are subtracted to each player the points obtained in the same week last year,and the cattle are added in the current week. Ranking Nombre País Rafa Nadal is a Spanish tennis player, 1 Novak Djokovic12.960 19 ranked number five of the ATP. He is considered the greatest player of all time 2 Roger Federer10.265 20 clay court, and one of the best in tennis history. 3 Andy Murray8.480 20 4 David Ferrer6.865 26 5 Rafael Nadal5.550 18